About us

Open Education Online is a platform specifically dedicated to making free and affordable educational opportunities accessible to everyone. Our freelance contributor regularly write articles about free online courses, paid internships, tuition free degrees and scholarships.

How is Open Education Online funded?

OEO maintains relationships with affiliated partners who offer educational opportunities at affordable prices. If you choose to purchase an online course certificate or other products following a link from our website, we sometimes earn an affiliate commission. This does not affect you in any way (you pay the same price) but enables us to pay our freelance writers and researchers to create quality content about free and affordable opportunities. We also run ads on our website that are served by Google.

Who is running Open Education Online?

Open Education Online is funded and operated by Human Rights Careers e.U. a registered company in Vienna, Austria. Human Rights Careers e.U. enables us to keep the platform running and supports our mission to making education more accessible.

Our freelance contributors come from all over the world. At time of writing our authors were based in South Africa, India, Austria and the United States. We aim to hire freelancers from all over the world to better be able to address the needs of a global readership.

How do you choose the opportunities published on your website?

We skim the web to find the best opportunities out there and make them accessible in short listicles and other articles. The main purpose of our content is to safe you time it takes to find these opportunities that are often buried deeply in the world wide web. We aim to condense the most important information of each opportunity, so you can quickly assess and identify which opportunity suits you best.

Can I contribute to Open Education Online?

Yes, we are always looking for voluntary contributors. If you support our mission of making education more accessible to everyone and are fluent in English, you are most welcome to send us your articles.