Agribusiness Internships

Internships for students and aspiring professionals can provide substantial working experience and exposure to help them realize their skills and knowledge necessary for launching a career in the Agribusiness sector. Moreover, the agribusiness industry and profession is a small community where interaction with several organizations and professionals can provide you with prominent leverage in terms of job placement and advancement in your career. However, finding notable internships in agribusiness can be a challenging task. Here are listed some of such internships which can serve as a significant stepping stone in your agribusiness career:

Food and Agriculture Organization Internship Program

Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations (FAO) is one of the largest and most significant organizations working in the field of Agriculture and Food. This intergovernmental organization with 184 member nations largely relates to the sphere of agribusiness from small communities and countries to the entire globe. For students enrolled in, or graduated from courses in FAO’s domain, FAO’s Internship program offers great learning opportunities and enables them to achieve a better and wider understanding of the working principles and actual mechanisms of this sector. The duration of the internships is between 3-11 months, however, provisions for the rehiring of interns is included. Monthly stipends are included for the interns, which varies according to the internship works and location.  Nationals of FAO member nations of 21-30 age groups are eligible for the program and internships are open round the year at the FAO employment site.

IFAD Internship Program

IFAD Internship program is a six month-long learning and working experience provided to recent university graduates or students enrolled in courses that specialize in areas of work relevant to IFAD’s mission. The mission of the IFAD, International Fund for Agricultural Development, is to increase agricultural productivity for the eradication of poverty in poor and rural communities. This internship program offers students- exposure to the global agricultural economy and agribusiness industry. Candidates under the age of 31, and not based in Rome are eligible for application if they are fluent in English. The responsibilities of this internship program may include administrative tasks, research and data collection, and preparation of reports. The selected interns receive a monthly allowance and additionally, they also receive housing and travel allowance.

The recruitment process is open throughout the year depending on the openings and need of the organization.

World Food Program Internships

World Food Program of the United Nations is driven by the primary goal of achieving zero hunger, especially in developing countries. To contribute to this goal, WFP regularly offers talented, motivated and enthusiastic students in relevant fields from all around the world. Awarded with a gold standard internship host badge, one can be assured of the quality, value, and credibility of having a practical work experience as well as other internship provisions. Candidates must have completed at least 2 years of undergraduate studies or graduated in the last six months. The duration of the internships is from 2 to 8 months and the stipend can amount up to $1,000 per month.

J.R Simplot Food Company Internship

One of the leading international private companies of agriculture and agribusiness, Simplot Food Company, offers internship opportunities every year, during the summer break. The summer-long internship is a full-time position where the intern primarily works with the operation and continuous improvement team at a specified plant. For eligibility, candidates must be currently enrolled in a 4 year-long degree program, preferably in agriculture supply chain courses. An average or above skill in basic computing software like excel is also required. This internship can lead to prominent exposure of a large-scale company’s agribusiness working mechanisms.

Coe Summer Internships

As one of the prominent career prospects for Agribusiness students is consulting and accounting for agricultural firms, this next internship can provide an excellent opportunity to get familiar with this career and implement theoretical education in real-life situations. Under this internship provided by K. Coe consulting firm, Interns participate in internal activities like client and prospect visits and other special projects, attend trainings, assist official activities and work under the direct supervision of a manager. A current major in agribusiness or related fields is necessary, along with several other criteria for eligibility. This paid internship can also lead to a full-time job opportunity following successful completion of the internship and graduation from the degree program.

Agri LIDA Agriculture Internships in Denmark

Agri LIDA Agriculture internships are regularly occurring internship positions in several farms in Denmark where interns get the opportunity to work on real-life sustainable farms challenges and implement their education in solving those challenges, with the support of competent colleagues. The work is compensated by a monthly salary, meaningful experience, international certification, and support from the Agri Lida staff throughout the process. This internship can provide a successful bridge between graduation and successful international careers in the field of agribusiness and agriculture.

Youth in Agriculture Internship – Missouri State Fair

Missouri State fair is one of the largest agricultural and tourism events of the US, which mainly features many agribusiness exhibits. The fair offers students currently enrolled in agribusiness, agriculture, and other relevant programs, an opportunity to engage in real agribusiness and educational interactions. The interns are responsible for a wide range of managerial, educating to supporting activities, which requires a passion towards agriculture, communication skills, and ability to work under pressure. The entry-level position pays around $1,000 and the working hours is around 40 hours per week for a period of 11 days. The fair also offers a similar 3 month-long marketing internship. The deadline for application is around the end of every year.

AGRA Internships, Africa

If you aim to apply your educational knowledge of Agribusiness in the transformation and development of agricultural systems of poor small-scale farmers, the regular internships provided by AGRA (Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa) can be a great way to start on your journey. Working on specific targeted countries of Africa, AGRA has frequent internship opportunities in country offices and AGRA State Capability Unit. This paid internship can provide invaluable experience and exposure as you, as an intern, engage in a range of scientific, managerial, workshops official, and field activities within a country, or in coordination with other country teams and units. The internship positions are based in the AGRA target countries and open throughout the year based on the needs of the organization.

OneUSDA Internship Program

Agribusiness students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate level can apply for OneUSDA internship under the Business and Industry category. This internship is provided by the US department of Agriculture annually across numerous agencies and varied positions. Application for this internship is normally open until November every year and starts early spring. The internship position location may vary from time and need, and the salary ranges from $10 to $18 per hour. The conditions and qualifications for eligibility must be fully met, which are listed on the official job opening site. A successful completion of this internship can open several federal career prospects for US students.

Ag Operation Management Internship, Cargill

Cargill is one of the largest employers in the field of agribusiness and agriculture in the US as well as Canada. Every year, this reputed company offers current bachelor’s and Master’s level students in Ag-business related degrees, an internship position as Operation Management Internship. This internship is 12-weeks long and makes the interns familiar with the workflow of plant operations of a large agricultural company. The interns are exposed to activities that entail in them the skills of risk management, talent management, operational effectiveness, capital effectiveness, reliability excellence, and continuous improvement. This position definitely makes sure that the interns learn everything about the business and operation of a large-scale agricultural plant. One of the several Cargill plants located across the US and Canada is assigned as internship location based on demand.