5 Unique Small Business Ideas


If you have been thinking about starting your own small business, you have many options. You want to choose a business that fits your skill set, would be popular in your area, and that is unique enough to not be replicated too easily. The following is a list of some uncommon small business ideas for budding entrepreneurs to consider.

Personalized Items

One thing that never goes out of fashion is unique personalized items for kids and adults. Whether you make clothing, jewelry, toys, or accessories, people love to buy things with their names and initials on them. The wonderful part about creating a business with items you can make is that there is a large online community, which gives you a national market to sell and ship to, with little overhead.

Consignment Store

If you love fashion, a consignment store might be the perfect small business for you. Customers sell their gently used items in the store, and in turn, the store earns a profit. It is a great model because the people selling their clothes are often the people looking to buy new ones while they are in the store.

This model is most commonly used for clothing and accessories, but you can create your own business using the same model with many different commodities, such as electronics, children’s toys, or household items.

Event Planner

Starting an event planning business is perfect if you are detail oriented, have a lot of ideas, and love to help plan parties. Clients pay you a set fee to deal with the logistics of their party, business event, or wedding.

This type of business can consist of everything from the initial stages of finding a venue to dealing with last-minute emergencies. As you can see, it is easy to hire some employees to do the more mundane tasks during the events while you focus on the big picture.

Professional Organizing

As everyone’s lives get busier and more chaotic, more and more people are turning to professional organizers for help. A professional organizer can specialize, but generally they help with de-cluttering a house and creating more organized household systems to help people in the long-term.

Some organizers will also do chores or errands. You can set up a storefront where you sell organizing supplies which brings in potential clients for your services.

Photography Studio

If you have a photography hobby, you might be able to turn it into a small business. Photographers are in high demand and get paid very well to shoot weddings, senior pictures, and babies. There may be some upfront costs for your equipment, but you generally only need a small storefront, especially if you can shoot outside much of the year.

Additionally, it is so easy to share photos digitally that you can often advertise for free just by posting your best photos on social media sites.


If you are thinking about starting a small business, there are many factors to consider. Your budget and startup cost is of course a major factor, but you also want to do something you enjoy and have a skill for. These unique small business ideas can help you think about starting your own.


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