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Academic English: Writing Specialization is an online program offered by the University of California Irvine Division of Continuing Education. The program is intended for recent secondary school graduates and adults who are planning to return to college. By the end of the program, students will have the ability to conduct academic research and write well-organized, fluid papers for all types of college-level courses.

The Academic English: Writing Specialization begins with a series of four online courses. Each one lasts for four weeks and will require roughly 3 to 5 hours of study time each week. All of the classes are taught in English through a series of videos. For some classes, foreign language subtitles are available. The four courses required for the program are: Grammar and Punctuation, Getting Started with Essay Writing, Advanced Writing and Introduction to Research for Essay Writing.

After completing the final class, students in the Academic English: Writing Specialization program will complete a Capstone Project. For the project, students conduct research on any academic topic of their choosing and then compose an outline and an annotated bibliography. Then, students compose a 7 to 8 page research paper with correct citations in MLA format.

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