How to monetize an opportunity or scholarship website


Opportunity or scholarship websites are in demand. They are useful for study applicants, current students and recent graduates and there is plenty of content that can be collected by webmasters to save their readers time. Compared to other websites it is easy to gauge traffic and reach high numbers of visitors in a relatively short amount of time. Traffic is not the problem. More often the problem is a lack of knowledge about the proper monetization. Adsense alone does not pay enough, especially not from developing countries where opportunities and scholarships are most in demand. But there are other ways to monetize your content and people rarely speak about them to avoid competition.

Free online courses

For many, opportunity website webmasters this is the best way to generate revenue. Coursera, edX and FutureLearn, the biggest MOOC providers in the world, offer an affiliate program through Viglinks. All you need to do, is insert a code from Viglinks into the body tag of your website. It takes you 2-3 minutes. Plugins are available as well and a very simple tutorial. You can check your implementation with a special tool on Viglinks, that confirms that your implementation does work. After you have successfully implemented the code viglinks will convert all your links into trackable links that earn you an affiliate commission.

So how does the monetization work? 

Courses on edX, Coursera and FutureLearn are free but certificates are not free. They cost between $29 and $300, i rare cases even more than that. If people follow your link and purchase a certificate you will earn between 10 and 20 percent of the sales price. If your opportunity website has high traffic and you do not yet monetize online courses, you may be sitting on a gold mine. Sign up now!

And how do i promote courses? 

You should not just copy and paste the course description. This will be seen as duplicate content by google and you will never rank in organic search. It is much more efficient to go to fiverr and hire one of the writers for $5 to rewrite the course descriptions. In your promotion focus on courses that are useful to all students and not only those in a specific field. For example, a course on how to write a thesis is more useful than a course on bioethics, that is only interesting to a very small group of your visitors.

Mine Cryptocurrency 

This method is fairly new and not yet an established way to earn money online. JSEcoin is a cryptocurrency webmasters can mine through website visitors. The more people visits your website, the more you will earn. JSEcoin is an eco-friendly cryptocurrency and does not require much energy for mining. Also, users have to opt-in if they want to mine cryptocurrency for you. Therefore the coin is much more ethical than for example bitcoin (which needs a lot of energy causing environmental damage) and it has no negative impact on the environment because JSEcoin mines only with your excess computer power.

So how does the monetization work? 

Once again, you will need to embed a short code on your website. It’s easy and tutorials and plugins are available on the website. Once the user opted in, their computer will start mining for you for the entire duration the person stays on your website. The JSEcoin you earned will be credited to your account. Then you can send your JSEcoin to an cryptocurrency exchange like latoken. There you can change the JSECoins into USD.


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