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Qualitative Research Methods is a free online course offered by the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The purpose of the class is to teach students how to conduct qualitative research, to soothe fears about this type of research and excite students at the prospects of conducting it. Students of all academic levels who could benefit from learning more about qualitative research are invited to enroll. The class lasts for eight weeks and is taught through videos and supplemental readings and assignments.

At the beginning of the course, students will have a chance to explore the philosophy behind qualitative resource. Next, the course delves into observation, giving students an opportunity to explore its importance when conducting qualitative research. The third module examines good practices and research criteria. Then, the class moves on to examine qualitative interviewing and qualitative analysis. During the final module, students will find out more about writing about qualitative research, the challenges posed by mixing methods and research ethics. The penultimate week of the class provides students with an opportunity to complete a peer review assignment. For the final week, students are given a final exam. Those who successfully pass the exam and complete the peer review assignment will receive a passing grade in the class.

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