5 animal careers that can pay very well

For animal lovers, few careers compare to ones involving animals. However, many of those do not pay all that well. Of course, your focus is on the animals, but you would like to help them without struggling financially, especially since that added stress will take away energy that you could otherwise devote to the animals that you love. Fortunately, several animal-related careers do pay quite well.

Fish and game warden

If becoming a police officer has always intrigued you but you would rather protect animals, this just might be the job for you. Fish and game wardens are law enforcement officers whose focus is on ensuring that people are complying with all laws related to hunting, fishing and boating. They also spend time educating people about the laws that they’re enforcing. A master’s degree is generally not required to become a fish and game warden, but a bachelor’s usually is. Those who serve as fish and game wardens generally earn $50-$60,000 per year.

Farmer or rancher

Farmers and ranchers work closely with animals on a regular basis as they oversee all aspects of the lives of the animals that live on the property, ranging from their housing conditions to what they eat and drink. These individuals also must take care of related duties such as ensuring that all fences are secure and making sure that all water pipes are providing safe water to drink. Although no degree is generally required for this position, note that it’s expected to experience negative job growth in the years to come. Those who work in this field earn approximately $70,000 on an annual basis.


Those who want to care for animals in need should also consider becoming a veterinarian. The ways that veterinarians tend to animals’ needs is numerous as they’ve been known to prescribe medication, perform surgery, treat wounds, vaccinate against diseases and, when the situation unfortunately calls for it, euthanize animals. Some medical research can be involved too. The variety of animals that are helped varies too as some focus on cats and dogs, others on cattle and some on wildlife. Becoming a veterinarian involves a long educational path that culminates in a doctorate. The average salary for veterinarians is about $90,000 while job growth is expected to be high.

Wildlife biologist

Wildlife biologists study wild animals in their natural settings. Their focus is more on the sociological impact that animals have with each other, within their immediate social groups and within their species as well as how they interact with other animals. This includes how they move from place to place, their breeding patterns and how diseases are transmitted amongst them and between them and other species. Wildlife biologists also develop conservation plans. Depending on the exact position, a bachelor’s degree may suffice, or you might need a doctorate. On average, wildlife biologists earn between $60-$65,000 per year.

Animal scientist

Animal scientists differ from wildlife biologists in that their study is narrowed in on animals that are being overseen by people. Their focus is often on livestock although the animal scientist field has recently expanded to also include animals that are kept as pets. Regardless of the animal being studied, these types of scientists look at their genetics, growth, development, reproduction, nutrition and any diseases that it has or might contract. They want to improve the overall health of these animals. This is another vocation that includes those with bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees and doctorates. Although there is some variety in salary, its average settles at around $60,000.

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