Best Books in Animal Welfare and Animal Rights

‘Animal Oppression and Human Violence: Domesecration, Capitalism, and Global Conflict’ by David A. Nibert, published by Columbia University Press 2013 Jared Diamond and other leading scholars have argued that the domestication of animals for food, labor, and tools of war has advanced the development of human society. But when David …

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5 Artificial Intelligence Textbooks You Can Download for Free

Knowledge about artificial intelligence should be available to everyone. This will create equal opportunities and encourage people from different backgrounds to take part in advancing AI. Through the digital transformation of our societies, we will change the future of learning, healthcare, public administration. The digitalization of the labor market will …

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Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Textbooks

Neural Networks for Beginners Give yourself a comprehensive introduction to artificial intelligence and neural networks with Neural Networks for Beginners. This book exposes the reader to the main concepts behind neural networks and how artificial intelligence units are taught to learn, including the guidelines and rules that are set in …

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