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Top 10 Cloud Security Courses You Can Take Online

The cloud is one of the key drivers of the fourth Industrial Revolution: making skills in the field among the most in-demand. Building expertise in the cloud begins by taking the best and industry-recognized courses. Below are the top 10 best online cloud security courses for anyone seeking a cloud security certification. They are available at a fee but with a shareable certificate from edx, Coursera, Futurelearn, and Udemy. Edx, Coursera, and Futurelearn offer free lessons with no graded assignments and the course certificate.

1. Microsoft 365 Cloud Security Administration

Building a cloud security expertise begins by developing the right Hands-on-administration skills through installing and configuring your Virtual machines. It’s one of the best cloud security courses that brings on board cloud security administration via windows 365 Cloud-based subscription.

It requires no previous Microsoft experience, and its syllabus covers concepts such as autopilot, using PowerShell and a CSV to create many users, and protecting endpoints using Safe Links, Antivirus, and an Attack Surface Reduction Policy.

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2. AWS Getting Started with Cloud Security

Get a comprehensive understanding of cloud security, compliance, and the AWS shared responsibility model using this cloud security course online. Two of Amazon Web Service’s Solution’s Architects take you through the most practical examples of security controls such as identity and access management services.

Expect to learn concepts such as network isolation, data types and encryption in transit, protecting compute resources, and many more.

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3. Jumpstart: Cloud Security

During this one-week course, learn about Check Point CloudGuard – a comprehensive cloud security portfolio that prevents Gen V(multi-vector) cyberattacks. Their practical demonstration helps you understand how to use a CloudGuard Network Security Solution in the Azure cloud.

Topics covered include cloud security challenges, suitable Checkpoint CloudGuard product lines for your cloud environment, and an analysis of how CloudGuard Network Security product solutions secure your cloud posture.

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 4. Cyber Security Foundations: Reinforcing Identity and Access management

Identity and access management ensures data security by regulating how we can access restricted data. With this top cloud security course online, you get to unpack identity and access management in terms of single sign-on, cloud models, and AI. Case studies are there to see you understand how the theory applies to enterprise and B2C integration and other real-life practices.

Developed by EC-Council, its syllabus entails standards and best practices for identity and access management, cloud management and implementation, and others.

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5. Microsoft Future Ready: Azure Cloud Fundamentals

Are you looking for an online cloud security course for beginners? Well, explore this one and equip yourself with foundational level knowledge of cloud services and how they collaborate with Microsoft Azure. It’s your first step toward understanding cloud computing and Artificial Intelligence.

The syllabus covers cloud models, core Azure services, and Azure pillar services i.e. security, privacy, compliance, and trust.

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6. Security in Google Cloud Specialization

It’s a self-paced specialization covering four courses to give you a broad study of security controls, best practices, and techniques on Google cloud. Participants use recorded lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on labs using Coursera’s Qwiklabs platform to explore and deploy the components of a secure Google cloud solution.

For approximately 6 months, you will cover the four courses, which include; Google cloud fundamentals, managing security in Google cloud, security best practices in Google cloud, and mitigating security vulnerabilities on Google Cloud.

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7. Advanced System Security Design Specialization

Equip yourself with the state of art techniques and tools for designing, analyzing, and implementing critical cyber systems with this cloud security course online. It’s offered by the University of Colorado and requires learners to have basic programming skills and cybersecurity knowledge beforehand.

It covers four courses i.e. cloud computing security, DDos Attacks and defenses, security and privacy in TOR network, and advanced security system topics. Learners get to apply the knowledge and skill of cloud computing to create high available secure systems using AWS load balancing cluster projects.

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8. Preparing for Google Cloud Certification

Build your credibility as a cloud security engineer by gaining skills in Google compute engine, Google App Engine, and Create and Configure network peering. Completing this 9-month course earns you a professional certificate as a cloud security engineer. It’s a professional industry-recognized program with eight courses for a comprehensive study on Google cloud.

The syllabus will cover units such as managing cloud security access, defining organizational structure/policies, and analyzing logs.

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9. AWS Advanced Security: SecOps Automation for the Cloud

Cloud security is more about protecting data and managing infrastructure securely. It’s offered by top companies such as box and Eventbrite and instructed by AWS experts with over 16 years of experience in cloud and security. It further requires one to have a good knowledge of AWS cloud and the desire to explore cloud security.

Expect to learn how to automatically respond to security threats, and use AWS security services to comply with frameworks. You’ll explore AWS compliance controls using automation and defends against DDos Intrusions vulnerabilities.

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10. Check Point Jump Start: CloudGuard Posture Management

Check Point CloudGuard Posture management solution is a global leader in cloud protection. Through this best cloud security course, learn what posture management entails and what makes Check Point CloudGuard Posture Management a global leader in cloud protection.

From the excerpt is the definition of posture management, Check Point CloudGuard Posture Management, how they work, and cloud security challenges. The final lecture provides a posture management demo lab for examining the CloudGuard Console interface.

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