Top 5 Python Courses You Can Study Online

Among the various coding languages that are commonly used today, Python is perhaps the most common and arguably one of the most useful. Being one of the most popular coding languages, it is used in various applications such as machine learning, web development, data science, automation and beyond. In the most recent years, Python has actually become a default language in the fields of machine learning and data science specifically, and because of this, experienced programmers and novices alike are seeing the value in learning this language, especially if you want a job in one of the aforementioned fields. Here are five of the best courses for beginners and intermediate learners to understand and implement Python.

Complete Python Bootcamp

This course is offered on Udemy and is the most popular course for learning Python. Well over 250,000 students have enrolled in this course, and they tend to like it for its straightforward but richly comprehensive information. You will learn Python 3 in a way that leaves you ready to apply it in a practical manner right from the jump start. Instructors show you live coding processes while explaining what is going on and the course is complete with notes, quizzes, homework assignments and projects to complete.

Python Fundamentals

This course is taught on Pluralsight and is designed to make learning the language fun and engaging without skimping on the content itself. The course will kick off at the very foundation of the language, building your knowledge from the bottom piece by piece, including topics, like collections and strings, modularity, files, handling errors and more. The course runs on all operating systems and will have you downloading the program in the first half hour.

Complete Python Masterclass

In this course offered by Udemy, an experienced and passionate instructor will teach you the basics of Python from the ground up, helping you build a solid foundation of knowledge to carry you through some of the more intermediate courses. It teaches you Python 3.0, which is the most updated and commonly used coding language today.

The Python Bible

You’ll find this course on Udemy that will be lead through a project-based format that asks you to work on and bring to life as many as 11 Python projects. The in-depth and comprehensive course leaves nothing out, covering all of the most important parts of Python from A to Z. It is taught by an award-winning lecturer that will leave you feeling confident in each project you create.

30 Days of Python

In this class, you’ll learn how to write both complex and simple scripts. It will show you how to apply your knowledge to things like big data, web development, machine learning and data science. The course is practical for use both by beginners and intermediate learners and will leave you full of knowledge in only 30 days.

No matter if you are just starting to learn Python or want to advance your beginner skills to intermediate, the courses offered here are sure to help you kick-start your learning journey and help you reach your goals.