Top 5 Courses in People Management

People management is a subset of human resource management and can be defined as a set of practices comprising of talent acquisition and retention, developing teams, and managing people as well as their performance. The courses mentioned below will help first-time managers as well as experienced managers to navigate through the leadership challenges of the 21st century with all the knowledge that they require.

The Manager’s Toolkit: A Practical Guide to Managing People at Work

This online course in people management is offered by the University of London and Birkbeck, University of London and can be completed in 11 weeks. This course can be taken by managers at any level and even those with no prior managerial experience. Students will be taken right from the basics of the concept to understanding the types of interviews and the efficiency of these methods. Later, students will be taught about some HR theories, components of choice, extended utility theory, performance management systems, and also learn how to appraise employees.

Leadership in 21st Century Organizations

This online course offered by Copenhagen Business School is based on the book Harder Than I Thought: Adventures of a 21st Century Leader. The course takes the case of the new CEO of Santa Monica Aerospace Jim Barton and explains the leadership challenges that the company is faced with in these changing times and while trying to transform the culture after an accounting scandal. On completion of this 28-hour course, students will be able to form their leadership strategies and will understand how twentieth-century leadership practices have become obsolete in the challenging twenty-first century.

Leading People and Teams Specialization

This is a specialization comprised of five courses offered by the University of Michigan. Each of these courses covers a specific area and helps students delve deep into it. The topics that will be covered in this specialization include motivating, communicating with and inspiring employees; selecting, recruiting and onboarding talent and influencing people in difficult situations. There will also be a focus on team building to improve collaboration along with continuous learning and development to create sustainable teams. This course can be completed in 5 months and subtitles in English, Korean, Mongolian, Vietnamese, Russian, Arabic and Chinese (simplified) are available.

People Management

This introductory course is offered by the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. Over 6 weeks students will learn how to be an effective people manager and understand the different aspects involved in managing people. The course is meant for first-time managers as well as managers with experience. New managers will be able to understand the concepts of people management and be prepared for the challenges that they may face. Experienced managers will be able to reflect on their experience and associate it with the learnings from the course and gain insights. The course will be delivered in English but Hindi subtitles are available as well.

People Management Skills

This online course offered by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development will take students along the journey of becoming line managers while honing their skills in people management. Right from different approaches to management, understanding the labor market, choosing the right candidates and conducting a smooth induction. Students will also learn how to develop their teams. Over 5 weeks, students will also study several aspects of performance management, managing conflicts and stress to manage a healthy workforce.

All these courses will be delivered in English and some of them mentioned above provide subtitles in different languages. Students can enroll in these cases for free but to earn a certificate a fee may be required. Students can also apply for financial aid if eligible.

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