10 Reasons Why Debates are Important

Debates are the very foundation of the society we live in today. Debates are generally understood as a formal discourse among people with contrasting arguments by presenting facts, logic, evidence, and emotions often conducted in the presence of audiences and a debating framework. Debates in general, are a part of our everyday life whenever we are faced with conflicting ideas and debating is an indispensable character of a person. Formal or general debate, debating is important for the progress of the individual as well the society. Here are 10 reasons why:

#1. Debates help you think critically

Most people tend to make arbitrary statements when in any disagreement, which results in an argument rather than a logical discussion. This logical discussion is the debate. Debating requires thinking critically about the ideas of other as well as your point of view. This includes questioning the arguments with the help of reliable facts and skepticism based on evidence.  The ability to think critically will help you make your own decisions in every aspect of your life and let your stand out from the crowd.

#2. Debates improve your speaking skills

No matter how good of a thinker you are and how much you know about a particular subject, none of it will be of any value if you can’t articulate your thoughts and convert them into meaningful words and express them with impressive presentational skills. Debating requires you to do all these things and more, sometimes with former preparation while other times instantaneously. A great debater must almost always be an articulate and eloquent speaker.

#3. Debates make you more knowledgeable

A person with a habit of healthy debating will always be a knowledgeable person with a grasp of ideas about varied subjects. Debating requires you to take references and information from a range of different topics to back your argument. With knowledge comes intellect and intellect is a highly valued and prized quality to have in the world we live in today. Debates are a great way to both expand your knowledge base as well as to put your knowledge to good use.

#4. Debates are a tool to resolve conflicts

Debates have been a powerful method to resolve conflicts throughout history. The courtroom debate is a perfect example of the importance of debates in solving conflicts. The conclusions derived from a good debate are an effective way of reaching a consensus. The debating society of London is an infamous movement during the Age of Enlightenment where a spectrum of topics and issues were discussed upon.

#5.Debates are means of idea extension

Since debates are normally performed in a public setting, they are prominent means of sharing your ideas with others. Not only that, through debates, you get the chance to elaborate your ideas and persuade your listeners towards your argument. The US Presidential debates are targeted at undecided rational voters where the candidates express their ideologies and plan to the general public.

#6.Debates improve your research skills.

Debates require a lot of preparation. To be a great debater on a particular topic, you need to deliver coherent arguments. For that, you must first understand as much as you can about that particular topic as well as related topics. You need to dig into the vast pool of information available on books, researches, the physical world, and the internet. To be able to extract relevant and crucial information is as challenging of a task as is necessary. So, debates help you develop good research skills.

#7.Debates make you time conscious

Most debates take place in a limited time frame. Even in informal debates, everyone has a certain and limited time to express themselves. As a result, debates give you a better sense of time and prioritize your ideas and what you say. It helps you to develop the habit of talking just what’s necessary, not too little nor too much.

#8.Debates help you construct meaning

Meaning is something that every matured person strives for in every situation of his/her life. Debating will help you use your logical arguments to see things as they are and not how they seem to be. Consequently, you will be able to construct meaning even from complex situations. The skills obtained from debates help you understand your mind and emotions better. Self-debate is in fact not very different from regular debates.

#9.Debates will broaden your view

Something that many people fail to understand about debates is that it is a two-way thing. Debates are not just mere speeches where arguments are presented and counter-arguments are attached upon. Debates are a means of understanding the different perspectives that others can have about the same topic and how those perspectives are made. This helps to develop the capacity to view the same thing from varied perspectives and sometimes, a better perspective.

#10.Debates accelerate your personal growth

Apart from the already mentioned benefits that a person can get from debates, debates are very helpful in your personal growth in many ways. Debates are done in social settings, and hence, they are important to help build better communicational skills and a perfect social circle. When you are exposed to a mosaic of topics where you discuss upon, it also lets you decide on what interests you the most and it can even guide your career choices.

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