5 Affordable Masters in Peace and Conflict studies

When it comes to finding a job after graduation, students with a master’s degree in peace and conflict studies have an edge over their peers. With the help of this degree, graduates can find work in a variety of fields, including government, education, NGOs, and the private sector. Here are our top picks for affordable masters in Peace and Conflict studies.

M.A, Conflict Studies (Southern Federal University, Rostov-on-Don, Russia)

Covering the thorny issue of social conflicts, the Southern Federal University, based in Russia, offers candidates the opportunity to obtain their Master’s degree in Conflict Studies. The program touches on domestic violence, group violence and any other type of violence that influences today’s society. The program structure comprises of language conflict models: analysis, management and resolution.

The program commences in March 2019 and is a full-time course. Interested students are required to either be fluent in English or must have passed the TOEFL test. The tuition fee is 1 114 EUR per year. Students can also search online for independent or external scholarships that will help to fund their studies. Most scholarships are either merit-based or needs-based.

M.A. Sustainable Peacebuilding (University of Wisconsin Milwaukee)

A full-time programe offering a Master of Sustainable Peacebuilding degree at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, gives candidates the opportunity to learn more about the politics of sustainability and holistic peacebuilding. The College of Letters and Science at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee is a prestigious institution, home to a diverse range of courses in the humanities, natural sciences, and the social sciences. The Sustainable Peacebuilding course covers topics such as: The Politics and Policy of Sustainability, Complex Human-Environmental Interactions, Preparing for Sustainable Peacebuilding and Social Change, Holistic Peacebuilding Practice, Research Literacy for Sustainable Peacebuilding, Negotiation and Conflict Management for Sustainable Peacebuilding, Information Technology for Sustainable Peacebuilding and Project Management for Sustainable Peacebuilding. Interested candidates must be in possession of a bachelor’s degree in social sciences, humanities or another related field. Related work experience is a benefit. The candidate must be able to speak English fluently.

M.A. Peace and Justice (University of San Diego California)

Public research university, The University of California, San Diego, is the seventh oldest of the 10 University of California campuses. This campus hosts more than 200 undergraduate and graduate degree programs, and enrolls approximately 28,000 undergraduate and 8,000 graduate students per year. The institution offers a two year, full-time Master of Arts degree program in Peace and Justice – a course that includes a compulsory internship and an independent study research project. All candidates take courses in Religion: Peacebuilding’s Missing Dimension; International Negotiations; Environmental Justice; Transitional Justice and Responding to Mass Atrocities; Human Rights Advocacy and Special Topics in Peace and Justice Studies. Interested candidates must hold a bachelor’s degree and submit satisfactory graduate admission test scores. Submissions must also include a personal statement and letters of recommendation.

M.A, Religion and Diversity – Conflict and Coexistence (University of Oslo, Norway)

The University of Oslo in Norway offers students the opportunity to obtain their Masters through their Religion and Diversity – Conflict and Coexistence program. With religion being a great source of conflict historically, candidates will begin to research and uncover oppressive systems, confrontational identity politics and gender discrimination that will help to give them a greater understanding of the topic. The course includes in-depth training through the following classes:

  • Theory and Method in the Study of Religion and Diversity
  • Religion, Migration and Citizenship
  • Sacred Scriptures and their Complex Receptions
  • Interreligious Relations: Defining Moments, Current Encounters
  • Religion, Gender and Sexuality
  • Religion, Lived Experiences and Diversity
  • Interreligious and Inter-contextual Theology
  • Religious Diversity and Multi-faith Counseling
  • Comparative Ritual: Early Jewish, Christian and Muslim Worship
  • Space, Art, and Identity in Synagogue, Church and Mosque

At the end of the course, students will be able to work in fields that require a firm handling of diverse groups of people, for example in teaching contexts, in the media, faith communities, NGO’s and public administration. Students must be able to speak English in order to study at this university.

M.A, Peace and Conflict studies (Philipps-Universitat, Marburg, Germany)

The Philipps-Universitat in Marburg focuses on the dangerous conflicts that arise within or between states and government houses. The program focuses on the transnational and global contexts of these conflicts. The course touches on topics such as

  • International Humanitarian Aid
  • Participation and Positive Peace
  • Migration Und Human Rights
  • Gender and conflict
  • Multilateral Diplomacy
  • Islam as a Political Challenge

The course commences in October 2018 and is a two year, full time program. Tuition costs are 500 EUR per year. Interested candidates must hold a Bachelor or equivalent university degree and have sufficient knowledge of the methods in empirical social science research, English and German. Applicants must have sufficient knowledge of German, since most of the courses are presented in German.

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