5 Affordable Masters Degrees in Business Law

When it comes to choosing a masters degree in business law, there are many affordable options available. In fact, many online and distance learning programs offer very reasonable tuition rates. Here are our top picks:

European Business Law (University of Malta)

The University of Malta offers a Master of Laws degree in European Business Law. This program is intended for individuals who already hold bachelor’s level law degrees and wish to refine their practice with a specialty. Lasting for 18 months, the program is offered only on a full-time basis. Among the courses required for the degree are: European and Comparative Company Law; EU and Comparative Competition Law and Policy; E-Commerce Law and Policy in the EU; European Union Tax Law; EU and Comparative Consumer Law; and EU Information Technology Law. Students also complete a dissertation based on independent research.

International Business Law (University of Helsinki)

The University of Helsinki, Finland, offers a master’s degree program in International Business Law. To be considered for the program, students must hold a bachelor’s degree in law from an accredited Finnish or international institution. Required coursework gives students exposure to the following topics: contract and consumer law, company law, securities markets law, competition law, intellectual property law, commercial dispute resolution and international arbitration and law, technology and digitalization. A dissertation is mandatory for all students. Most students who enroll in the program can complete all of the requirements with 24 months of full-time study.

Business Law in an International Context (Berlin School of Economics and Law)

The Berlin School of Economics and Law in Schoenberg, Germany, offers a Master of Laws degree program in Business Law in an International Context. To succeed in the program, students must be fluent in both German and English as classes are taught in both languages. A bachelor’s degree in law or a bachelor’s degree in another field with significant coursework in law is required for admission. Every student in the program takes the following classes: Corporate Management and Governance; International Contract Law and Contract Design; Corporate Employment Law; Corporate Transactions; Restructuring and Risk Management; Contract Design in Labour Law; and European Competition and Intellectual Property. The full-time program lasts for 18 months.

European Business Law (Lund University)

Lund University in  Sweden, offers a Master of Laws degree in European Business Law. Students have the option to complete the degree with one of the two tracts. The first involves two years of full-time coursework. With the second, students take classes for one year and then complete a master’s thesis. Required courses for both tracts include: EU Constitutional Law, Business Negotiations, Internal Market Law, EU Competition Law, and Argumentation and Methodology. In order to be considered for admission to the highly competitive program, students must have a bachelor’s degree in law and a proven history of academic excellence.

International Business and Law (MCI)

MCI The Entrepreneurial School in Innsbruck, Austria, offers a Master of Arts degree in International Business and Law. Unlike many other international law master’s programs, the course of study does not require a law degree for admission. All individuals who hold bachelor’s degrees in any related field like economics, business administration or management will be considered for admission to this two-year full-time, on-campus program. Some of the mandatory courses for the degree include: Contemporary Research and Practice, Fundamentals Of Digital Management; Intellectual Property; International & Global Marketing; International Private Law; Introduction to International and Global Management; Introduction to International Economics; Legal Terminology; Management Strategy; and Organizational Behaviour.

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