Top 3 Artificial Intelligence Masters in The Netherlands

If you’re interested in studying artificial intelligence (AI), there are plenty of great programs to choose from. In the Netherlands, three stand out in particular:

Artificial Intelligence (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam presents a 2-year MSc program that is primarily based on teaching students about the processes that are involved in human functioning. The tuition fee is 14,500 EUR per year. This program considers this subject from two independent areas which are computational modeling and empirical work. Experienced and skilled researchers in cognitive science will come together to offer a wide range of perspectives on this topic. Many of these researchers have a background in computer science, neuroscience, philosophy, psychology, mathematics, artificial intelligence and other disciplines.

During the course of this study, students will go through courses such as Social Robotics, Data Mining, Evolutionary computing, Natural Language Process Technology, Cognitive psychology, and its applications, and Knowledge Representation. To be a part of this study, each learner must be a graduate with a background in computer science or artificial intelligence. Also, the students should have a good understanding of Prolog, Java, logic, natural language processing, mathematics, and computer science.

Upon completion of this MSc program, the learners can go ahead to study for a Ph.D. or build a career at different companies.

Artificial Intelligence (University of Groningen)

The Artificial Intelligence program is a Master’s degree that is offered by the University of Groningen to Bachelor’s degree holders in artificial intelligence, industrial robotics, electrical/electronic engineering, production automation, and other related courses. Starting in September 2020, this MSc program will show students the methods involved in designing and implementing intelligent systems. The students are assumed to have previous knowledge of autonomous systems, statistics, knowledge systems, programming, mathematics, logic, and data structures.

It is a full-time program that lasts for 2 years and costs around 15,500 EUR per year. Its core courses are Machine Learning, Design of Multi-Agent Systems, Cognitive Robotics, Handwriting Recognition, Pattern Recognition, and Robotics for AI. The classes for Artificial Intelligence hold on campus and are entirely held in English. After completing the degree, learners can work in research institutes and companies where innovative and intelligent technologies are applicable. Also, they could become Ph.D. students at a research institute or university.

Artificial Intelligence (University of Amsterdam)

Committed to helping various students to develop intelligent machines and algorithms, Artificial Intelligence is a unique MSc program that is provided by experts from the University of Amsterdam as well as Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. As a result of this topnotch collaboration, this course covers an array of subjects. Costing 15,510 EUR per year, this Master’s degree program is targeted at equipping students with the knowledge that they need to apply different world-class technologies. These technologies can be used for creating internet searches, self-driving cars, product recommendations, smart cameras and other technologically advanced products.

This 2-year program is taught in English and delivered on campus to both local and international students with Bachelor degrees in computer science, artificial intelligence or other courses related to them. The courses covered by the Artificial Intelligence program include Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Knowledge Representation, Multi-Agent Systems, Information Retrieval, Evolutionary Computing, and Machine Learning. Although this program starts in September 2020, the application ends in April 2020.