Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Masters (USA)

If you want to study Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the United States, there are many excellent universities to choose from. Here are some of the top AI programs in the US:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

As the world is shifting towards smart cities, smart cars and so on, AI is gradually becoming a solid part of our community. So, if you want to build the skills needed to create intelligent machines and algorithms required for the functioning of smart devices, consider joining this program. It is an MSc program with a duration of 1 year and a tuition fee of 5,535 EUR per year.

With the skills developed during this program, students can work in companies where the following technologies are important: Data mining and Big Data, Diagnosis and quality control, Information technology, Biometric systems, and Intelligent systems.

Artificial Intelligence

The University of Georgia provides an Artificial Intelligence MSc program to interested and qualified students. Foremost, this program will introduce the students to fundamental principles in linguistics, computer science, philosophy, logic, and other important courses. With the aid of seminars, lectures, and other resources, the learners will understand everything about natural language, knowledge-based platforms as well as logic programming.

This program is only open to students with graduate courses in symbolic logic, computational intelligence, pattern recognition, artificial intelligence, logic programming, and other related courses. It lasts for a year and costs 23,236 EUR.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence aims at preparing graduates to have the important skills needed to work professionally in their chosen fields. It is an MEng program from the University of Cincinnati and is all about equipping students with the expertise they need. Hence, it does not have a thesis or research requirements. Also, students will go through a lot of practical works before the course ends.

Before the conclusion of the course, students would have learned about Intelligent Systems, Organizational Behavior for Technical Professionals, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and Intelligent Systems Theory.  This one-year master’s degree program requires a tuition fee of 11,800 EUR every year.

Artificial Intelligence for Leaders

For anyone looking for a short course that teaches artificial intelligence, this program is one of the best choices. Provided through the collaboration of Great Learning and the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas, this program lasts for just 4 months and focuses on showing leaders the importance of data. It also shows them how they can apply AI in deciding important strategies for their businesses.

To guarantee the understanding of the learners, this program combines many structures including learning through video tutorials, projects, interaction with industry leaders, and lots more. Costing 2,306 EUR, the students will learn 8 different courses within 4 months.

Artificial Intelligence MicroMasters Program

This is a 1-year pre-MSc program from Columbia University – ColumbiaX and is provided via edX. Targeted at advancing the knowledge of students in artificial intelligence, this program will touch professional, advanced and other areas of the subject and allow the students to know the principles of AI. After completing this program, the student would have done 25% of the coursework required to complete a master’s degree in Computer Science at the same university.

During the course of the program, the students will learn Artificial Intelligence, Animation and CGI Motion, Machine Learning, and Robotics. To take part in this program, each student has to pay an annual tuition fee of 1,176 EUR.

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