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Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Textbooks

Neural Networks for Beginners

Give yourself a comprehensive introduction to artificial intelligence and neural networks with Neural Networks for Beginners. This book exposes the reader to the main concepts behind neural networks and how artificial intelligence units are taught to learn, including the guidelines and rules that are set in order to accomplish this learning and the basic architecture of such lessons. The technical fields that utilize artificial intelligence are discussed, and you will learn how they are applied and used in everyday lives in a way that the reader may not have considered before. This is an eye-opening book backed with diagrams for easier understanding.

Responsible Artificial Intelligence: How to Develop and Use AI in a Responsible Way

Artificial intelligence has nearly endless applications and possibilities, but unlike most books on the topic, Responsible Artificial Intelligence: How to Develop and Use AI in a Responsible Way explores not only what these machines could contribute to society, but the ethics that come with using them in modern day society. Issues surrounding the integrity of technologists, researchers and even manufacturers as they construct, design, use and maintain these systems are discussed, as well as the need for moral decision making when it comes to teaching artificial intelligence different concepts and skills. Artificial intelligence is approached in a rather philosophical way in this intriguing book.

AIX: Designing Artificial Intelligence

Learn for yourself the processes and procedures that go into designing artificial intelligence with AIX: Designing Artificial Intelligence, a comprehensive book exploring the gap between business considerations of the use of AI and the technical algorithms that are needed to teach and train them, helping you understand the best way to design and build your AI machine with the market in mind. In this book, you will learn everything from Augmented Reality to Machine Learning, how to use the data of your company to train the AI to solve customer problems and everything in between.

Artificial Intelligence Engines: A Tutorial Introduction to the Mathematics of Deep Learning

Through neural networks, the way that computers operate and think are beginning to rival the natural power of the human brain, and Artificial Intelligence Engines: A Tutorial Introduction to the Mathematics of Deep Learning will explore just how this new generation of algorithms for artificial intelligence are able to accomplish this. Deep neural networks are capable of using algorithms that help with cancer diagnosis and speech recognition to more mundane tasks such as smart games of Go and chess. In the book, you’ll be given access to these sophisticated learning algorithms through comprehensive explanations and rich illustrations.

Machine Learning

Indulge in and encourage your budding interests in artificial intelligence and complex neural networks with Machine Learning, a book designed to introduce absolute beginners to the concepts that interest them the most. The book not only shows just what kind of science comes with artificial intelligence, but shows all of the basic themes of AI in a way that gives you a comprehensive introduction to all of the key elements involved in actually implementing and using these technologies. The book is easy to understand for those who are just starting out but is entertaining and informative for those of any level who want a refresh.