Top 20 Aura Reading Courses to Uncover Hidden Powers

Auras are regarded as invisible energy fields surrounding living beings and some people can actually see their colors and patterns as well as feel the energy. This is how psychics read auras to gain insights about your personality, strengths, weaknesses, and other aspects of your life.

Although some people are born with aura reading abilities, others learn how to uncover their hidden powers and see auric colors. So, if you’ve noticed that you’re sensitive to energies or you can easily identify the personality of people you communicate with, you might actually have aura reading skills that need to be unlocked and strengthened.

If you need professional guidance, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best aura reading courses you can take online. We also provide further information about aura reading and answer commonly asked questions to help you get started.

What Can You Learn in an Aura Reading Course?

In a typical aura reading course, you can learn how to prepare yourself to develop the psychic power. It’s all about having the right mindset and being both physically and mentally relaxed. Therefore, many beginner-level aura reading courses focus on meditation and balancing chakras.

In intermediate-level courses, you’ll learn more about auras, different auric colors, their patterns, and energies. At this point, you get a better idea of what factors to pay attention to when reading auras. Such courses usually provide definitions and general descriptions of the phenomena linked with auras.

Lastly, advanced courses offer in-depth guidance and step-by-step instructions on how to unlock your third eye and be able to see, read, and diagnose auras. By enrolling in these programs, you can master different aura reading techniques and learn how to become a professional aura reader.

Top 20 Courses in Aura Reading

Searching for some good aura reading courses might be overwhelming. And if this is the case, here are some of the best online courses in aura reading to choose from.

Below you can find introductory courses that allow you to prepare for psychic development as well as beginner-level programs that share general information about aura reading. To help you further advance your psychic skills, the list also includes more advanced courses that focus on strengthening your aura reading abilities.

#1. Discovering the Relaxed Mind | by Dza Kilung Rinpoche on Shambhala

Duration: 11-12h

Being relaxed is one of the most important steps in developing psychic abilities. And unlocking aura reading skills is no exception. To uncover your full potential as an aura reader, you should first gain calmness, clarity, and wisdom.

This course provides a seven-step deepening meditation practice that helps you release tension on both physical and mental levels. The program also teaches you how to maintain harmony with your subconscious mind while increasing your own awareness and spiritual wisdom.


#2. Higher Chakras | by Lisa Grail on Alison

Duration: 3-4h

Chakras are the energy centers found in our body and many experts believe that individual layers of an aura correspond to specific chakras. Therefore, understanding how chakras work is essential for reading and analyzing different auric colors.

To teach you how to harness the power of energy centers of your body and be able to balance your chakras, this course guides you through the process of creating a sacred space for meditation. The program also explains how to chant mantras and connect your physical body to your higher consciousness.


#3. Chakra Activation | by Anodea Judith on Sounds True

Duration: 10-12h

Along with learning what chakras are and how they work, it’s absolutely crucial to keep your energy centers balanced in order to develop aura reading abilities. And it applies to not only the third eye chakra but all the lower chakras of the body.

This course explains why the seven chakras of your body are considered the blueprint of your soul. The program also describes a few proven techniques for awakening your psychic gifts by unlocking and balancing your chakras.


#4. Attuning to the Unseen World | by Marie Manuchehri on Sounds True

Duration: 9-10h

Developing psychic abilities, in general, requires understanding that there’s much more happening in our mind than we can perceive through our consciousness. We’re talking about our subconscious mind that hides all the powers we actually possess.

By connecting to your subconscious mind and accepting the existence of the spiritual forces in your life, you take a huge step forward to developing aura reading abilities. This course is exactly what you need to learn how to access your innate gifts of perception and expand your intuition.


#5. The Wisdom of the Body | by Various Experts on Sounds True

Duration: 32-35h

Trusting and surrendering to our body while regarding it as our guide is often both challenging and overwhelming. Unfortunately, we often ignore the wisdom our body offers us, leading to disconnection and confusion. In fact, trusting your own body is something that truly helps you grow as a psychic.

If you’re looking for some guidance to develop an intimate relationship with your own body, this in-depth course is for you. Over 30 leading experts in psychology, spirituality, and medicine share tips and guided practices to align yourself with your body’s wisdom of healing and spiritual awakening.


#6. All About Auras

Duration: 2h 33m

After preparing yourself physically and mentally to develop aura reading abilities, you should focus on learning more about auras in general. Understanding how auras work in the first place is crucial for reading and analyzing them.

In this course, you’ll explore the basics of auras, including different types and colors. The lectures also explain how to see, read, analyze, and heal auras as a beginner psychic.


#7. Exploring Auras | by School for Witches on Udemy

Duration: 2h 41m

While auras are energy fields around living things, they can be further characterized by their size, position, color, and more. Therefore, gaining knowledge of how auras work should be one of the first steps to take when learning aura reading.

This course offers around 20 lectures, each focusing on a specific characteristic and aspect of an aura. From aura sizes and positions to cleansing and opening/closing the aura, you’ll find everything you need to know to get started.


#8. Elevate Your Knowledge of Chakras: Aura Colors and Meanings | by Crystal Tummala on Udemy

Duration: 1h 59m

As an aura reader, you don’t just read and analyze auras. Rather, you heal auras and use different techniques to fully uncover the information the auras tell. Oftentimes, psychics use their clair senses to gain insights about the energy fields surrounding a given person.

In this course, you’ll learn how to use clairsentience and clairvoyance to feel and see auras. To help you make your reading sessions more accurate and insightful, the lectures also discuss different auric colors and ways to perform aura color and healing therapies.


#9. Complete Course on Aura Cleansing and Chakra Clearing | by Dr. Tanseem H. Ibrahim on Udemy

Duration: 3h 33m

To successfully read other people’s auras, you should first take care of your own. This is exactly why it’s so important to cleanse your energy field and clear chakras on a regular basis, especially when dealing with lots of different energies as a psychic.

If you’re enthusiastic about learning aura cleansing and chakra clearing techniques, this program is for you. The lectures cover the ways to determine what blocks your chakras and the methods used for understanding other people through reading their auras.


#10. Learn How to Ground and Protect Your Energy Body and Aura | by Kaine Stromberg on Udemy

Duration: 3h 13m

As a psychic or someone working on developing extrasensory abilities, you’ll most likely have to deal with lots of different energies. This often leads to anxiety, confusion, and even health-related problems. To keep yourself healthy and safe, consider grounding and protecting your energy body.

This course includes around 20 lectures and explains how to reconnect yourself to the earth through grounding, also known as earthing. Along with sharing these therapeutic techniques, the program provides guided mindfulness meditation sessions to keep yourself relaxed as you learn how to read auras.


#11. Aura and Chakra Energy Healing Level-1 | by Dr. Himani Sharma on Udemy

Duration: 4h 23m

People are often curious about how their auras look or what the auras of their friends and partners say about their personalities. Besides, clients also commonly ask for aura healing and cleansing sessions to get rid of negative energies around them. And this is when the healing techniques come into play.

In this beginner-level course, you’ll take a closer look at the basics of chakra cleansing and aura healing techniques. Here are a few general principles and concepts of removing negative energy and healing yourself and your clients.


#12. Activate Your Third Eye: Learn to Perceive Energy and Auras | by Marc Abrams on Udemy

Duration: 1h 10m

While balancing all seven chakras of the body is important, the third eye chakra is responsible for granting you vision beyond normal sensory perception. Therefore, opening your psychic eye is what allows you to see the different colors and patterns of auras.

If you’re new to the psychic field and need some guidance to activate your third eye chakra, this course is for you. It shares one of the most powerful third eye activation techniques through breathing and describes signs that your psychic eye is opening.


#13. How to Read Auras to Obtain More Information about People | by Pradeep Aggarwal on Udemy

Duration: 35m

Even if you’ve unlocked your extrasensory perception and can now see auras, knowing how to read them is key to becoming a professional aura reader. Without understanding the technique of analyzing auras, you’ll keep seeing random colors around people that simply don’t make any sense.

This program focuses on explaining some of the most potent techniques to seeing and reading auras with confidence. After completing the course, you’ll be able to easily identify different characteristics of auras and their meanings.


#14. Advanced Aura and Chakra Color Energy Healing Level-3 | by Dr. Himani Sharma on Udemy

Duration: 4h 8m

After taking a few beginner-friendly aura reading courses, you can continue with more advanced programs that will help you grow further as a professional. This advanced-level course is an excellent option if you’ve already unlocked your aura reading ability and you want to strengthen it.

The program shares professional techniques for cleansing, healing, reading, and analyzing auras based on 6 different color energies. It also explains how to use rapid aura healing to treat certain health conditions, such as headaches, wounds, burns, and more.


#15. Clairvoyant Aura Reading for Beginners | by J.D. Rockefeller’s Learning Club on Udemy

Duration: 32m

Aura readings can be done through different psychic abilities and divination methods. Still, clairvoyant aura readings are some of the most popular options. It involves clearly seeing aura colors and other characteristics through extrasensory perception.

If you want to read auras through clairvoyance but you are not quite sure what to begin with, this is an excellent course for you. The lectures cover the basics of clairvoyance and how clairvoyant abilities can help you see the seven layers of the aura. Along with explaining auric colors and their meanings, the course shares some tips on how to cleanse and heal the aura.


#16. Aura Reading and Analysis | by Astrid the Psychic Witch on Udemy

Duration: 3h 44m

For those who already know how clair senses and auras work, this course provides in-depth training sessions to master the art of aura reading through clairvoyance. Along with providing meanings of different color families of the aura, the lectures walk you through the ways to analyze the brightness and thickness of auric colors.

In addition, the program provides some tips for feeling the aura with your hands. To keep yourself and your clients safe, Astrid the Psychic Witch also teaches you how to protect and repair the energy fields.


#17. The Definitive Guide to Intuitive Aura Reading | by Julian Jenkins on Udemy

Duration: 2h 5m

Aura readers often specialize in specific aspects of life, including love, career, finances, pets, and more. This is because reading auras isn’t enough to interpret them based on the questions asked by the client.

To learn how to answer different questions about health, love, finance, and well-being, you should check out this course. It not only explains how to read auras but also provides detailed guidance on how to interpret the meanings of auric colors based on the questions asked during the psychic reading session.


#18. Clairvoyance and Psychic Development | by Astrid the Psychic Witch on Udemy

Duration: 4h 8m

Psychics read auras through many different supernatural skills. While clairvoyance is one of the most widespread abilities used for reading auras, there are a few more common powers to learn more about. These are remote viewing, intuition, and mediumship.

If you’re passionate about using your intuitive or remote viewing skills to read and analyze auras, this course is for you. It shares detailed instructions on how to read auras through psychometry or communicate with your spirit guides to gain access to auric colors. The program also overviews the role of remote viewing in aura reading and analysis.


#19. Fully Accredited Certification in Clairvoyant Aura Reading | by Prof. Krishna N. Sharma on Udemy

Duration: 1h 41m

This is another aura reading course that focuses on using clairvoyant abilities to see auric colors. Along with discussing the ways to see energy fields, the lectures explain how to diagnose and treat auras through clairvoyance.

This course highlights the importance of cleansing and healing auras to get rid of negative energies and emotions that cause problems in life. It also provides a few tips to start a consulting business and grow as a professional aura reader.


#20. Learn Clairvoyant Aura Reading: See and Understand the Aura | by Jason Baigent on Udemy

Duration: 1h 20m

If you want to learn more about the techniques and practices that allow psychics to see and read auras, this is the right course for you. It explains how clairvoyance, clairsentience, and intuitive abilities enable you to gain insights about energy fields and their characteristics.

After completing the course, you’ll be able to identify auric colors and shapes while incorporating clairvoyant and clairsentient practices into your reading sessions.


Why Should You Learn Aura Reading?

There are two main reasons to learn aura reading. First of all, being able to read auras allows you to learn about people’s personalities, characteristics, and energies. In this way, you can decide who to keep in your life and whether it would be better to let go of someone.

Another reason to learn aura reading is that you can guide other people through the challenges they encounter in life. Having the ability to read auras means that you can see or feel the energy field surrounding a given person. In this way, you can identify physical and emotional blockages in the person’s energy field while gaining insights about his/her personality, strength, and weaknesses.

Frequently Asked Questions about Aura Reading Courses

To help you get a better idea of what to expect from aura reading courses, we answer some of the commonly asked questions about the topic.

Q1. Why Should I Take Aura Reading Courses?

Taking aura reading courses instead of attempting to develop psychic abilities on your own can make the overall process much more effortless and enjoyable. Besides, you gain knowledge of different phenomena and aura reading techniques from professional psychics and expert aura readers, making it easier for you to advance your extrasensory skills.

Q2. How Much Do Aura Reading Courses Cost?

Aura reading courses cost anywhere between $10 and $150. However, some advanced programs may cost hundreds of dollars while there are introductory aura reading courses available for free.

Q3. How Long Does It Take to Complete an Aura Reading Course?

The duration of aura reading courses ranges from 30 minutes to 10-15 hours. Some courses offer a basic overview of main concepts and can be completed in under an hour. On the other hand, aura reading courses that provide in-depth guidance often require up to 10 hours or even more to be completed.

Q4. Can I Work as a Professional Aura Reader after Completing the Course?

Yes, you can offer professional aura readings after successfully completing beginner, intermediate, and advanced-level courses. However, taking courses isn’t enough. You’ll need to practice to make your readings both insightful and accurate. And it may take weeks, months, or even years to fully unlock your aura reading skills.