Top 5 Barber Courses You Can Take Online

In Norse mythology wearing a beard was a sign of goodness, wisdom, strength and manliness. Today barbering is a well-respected profession. Barbers groom, cut, dress, style and shave beards. We have compiled a list of barber courses you can complete entirely online. The courses are taught by experienced professionals who have mastered the art of barbering over the course of several years.

The DAY1 Barber Course

In this course offered through Udemy you will get a well-researched introduction to the barbering profession. You will learn about the theory of barbering and develop practical skills to put your creativity into practice. In this course you will familiarize yourself with important barbering tools, learn about scissoring techniques, the key points of the head, comb and clipper techniques and layering techniques. This course is dedicated specifically to entry level professionals who want to learn about tools and techniques in barbering. The course is entirely taught in English and contains more than 5 hours of video material with detailed and engaging instructions. Beyond that, the course contains downloadable resources that you can use after completing the course. You can start instantly and learn at your own pace.


How to become a professional barber Course

The second course in this list goes beyond barbering. Beyond learning how to do a full haircut from start to finish, you will learn how to write a barber’s resume, how to negotiate wages and how to tackle business problems. If you are looking for hands-on career advise tailored to the barbering profession this course is an excellent fit. At the time of writing this course was rated 4.7 out of 5 by previous students. The course contains more than 3 hours of on-demand video that you can re-watch anytime. The course also contains tips and useful advice on where to start your job hunt and you’ll receive a certificate of completion after passing all graded activities. In contrast to the previous course that focuses much more on tools and techniques, this course is strongly focused on career development.


Barber Training Course

This course offered by One Education is a introductory course for those looking to develop skills for becoming a qualified barber or run their own barber shops. It provides an excellent basis for starting your career as a barber. You’ll learn current techniques, in-demand skills and benefit from expert tips on grooming, cutting and shaving. The course contains a step-by-step guide on grooming facial hair from the beginning to the end. Beyond barbering techniques and sectioning, you will learn about the tools and products barbers are using. The course also includes sections on hair anatomy and managing finances when launching your own barber shop. The course is an great fit for anyone looking to secure a successful career in the grooming industry. Learners will receive a certificate of completion after finishing the course.


Hair & Beard Barbering Course

Another course offered by One Education, this learning opportunity is focused on making a living as a freelance barber. You’ll explore some of the benefits of working as a freelance barber such as flexible working hours. The main focus of the course is cutting and styling techniques, including party hairstyle, bun making, ponytail, curly style, and more. You will also explore various tools and products barbers use to achieve specific outcomes. The entire course takes roughly 3-4 hours to complete and is taught through a combination of video demonstrations and online study materials. Upon successful completion, learners receive a certificate that they can add to their CV. The course is open to everyone above 16 with no formal requirements.


Barbering-Fades, Scissors, Beard Trims & Straight Razor

This online course is focused on beard trims, fades and straight razor techniques. During the 3-hours course you will explore how to shape up, trim and line up beards. Beyond essential barbering techniques, you will familiarize yourself with the use of clippers, trimmers and combs as fundamental tools. Going beyond the basics, the course will also outline how to make a skin fade and beard work together as well as how to create sharp skin fades. While learning the basics, you will also learn how to hold, use and clean straight razors. The entire course contains almost 3 hours of video content, downloads and other useful material to kickstart and advance your barbering practice.


How to Start a Hair Salon Business

While all previous courses focused on the techniques and tools of barbering, this course equips aspiring barbers with the skills to start their own hair salon. The course deals with essential aspects of launching your own hair salon from choosing interior design to developing a business plan, from establishing your reputation to creating marketing campaigns. Beyond that, the course will teach you how to establish your own brand and logo as well as how to generate startup capital to get your salon off the ground. Among other topics the course will also provide tips on choosing a location for your barber shop. The course contains many in-depth reading resources, around 1-hour of video content and downloadable resources.