Top 15 Clairvoyance Courses to See The World Clearly

You’ve probably heard that some people see things that others don’t. And it’s not about delusions or hallucinations. We’re talking about having visions beyond normal visual perception. This is what we call Clairvoyance, meaning “clear seeing.”

While it may sound ridiculous, clairvoyance is a psychic ability that some people are born with and others may develop later in life.

But how to unlock your clairvoyant skills or strengthen your extrasensory perception? Taking expert-guided courses is one of the best options to choose from.

To help you get started, below we’ve compiled a list of the top online courses in clairvoyance. For additional guidance, the text discusses the reasons to learn clairvoyance and answers frequently asked questions about clairvoyance courses.

What Can You Learn in Clairvoyance Courses?

Generally speaking, clairvoyance is all about gaining insights about objects, people, or physical events through visions beyond normal sensory perception. So, clairvoyance courses focus on teaching how to unlock and enhance your clair senses as well as help you become a professional clairvoyant.

While some clairvoyants use divination tools to complement their readings, others don’t. Therefore, courses in clairvoyance sometimes offer further guidance about using cards, gems, or other tools for more accurate and in-depth readings.

So, what you can learn in a clairvoyance course depends on the type of program you choose. As a beginner, consider opting for introductory courses that overview clairvoyant abilities in general and then continue with more advanced programs that focus on unlocking and developing your extrasensory perception.

Top 15 Courses in Clairvoyance

Although some people manage to uncover their innate abilities independently, others require professional guidance to get started. And if you have trouble identifying your true psychic potential, it’s totally okay. By taking a few online courses in clairvoyance, you can take a step forward unlocking and strengthening your supernatural skills.

Here you can find some of the best courses in clairvoyance. These include beginner-friendly programs that focus on explaining basic concepts and more advanced courses that aim to develop clairvoyant abilities. In addition, some of the courses mentioned below teach you how to use different tools and divination techniques to enhance your clairvoyant powers and increase the accuracy of your psychic readings. Note that the meditation courses provided below are essential for gaining wisdom and accessing your hidden powers with an open mind.

#1. Modern Meditation: Discover Your Potential, Power, and Purpose | by Justin Michael Williams on SkillShare

Duration: 3h 40m

Developing clairvoyance is all about tuning into yourself and learning how to connect with your innate powers. And one of the best ways to focus on your subconscious mind and uncover your true psychic potential is through daily meditation practices. While some can meditate on their own, others require professional help and this is when guided meditations come into play.

This modern meditation class aims to teach you how to listen to yourself and make daily choices that transform your life for the better. The 10-day program includes introductions to different tools and ideas as well as audio-guided meditation sessions. After completing the course and making meditation a daily practice, you’ll be able to discover your natural powers, taking a step forward to unlocking clairvoyant abilities.


#2. How to Practice Mindfulness Meditation | by Zachary Phillips on SkillShare

Duration: 25m

Since clair abilities involve heightened senses, unlocking these powers requires becoming aware of your physical sensations and emotional feelings. By reducing stress and relaxing your body and mind, you can increase your awareness of where you are and what you’re feeling. This can be done through mindfulness meditation, which involves mindful breathing, concentration, guided imagery, tension release, and other relaxing techniques.

If you’re looking for a guided mindfulness meditation program to develop clairvoyance, this class might be the right choice. A professional mental health advocate and mindset coach explains what mindfulness is and how to meditate mindfully with the aim to tap into your inner abilities.


#3. Beginner’s Guide to Meditation: Tap Into Your Inner Awareness | By Eunice Chan on SkillShare

Duration: 21m

Undoubtedly, meditation is key to unlocking your psychic abilities, including clairvoyance. For some reason, people often find it overwhelming to meditate as they easily get distracted by random thoughts. This usually occurs when you’re not quite sure what to focus on or how to manage your thoughts and emotions while meditating. If this is the case, you’ve just found the best program for you.

This introductory course briefly overviews the basics of meditation, allowing you to understand how to meditate properly. The program also discusses some proven techniques to connect with your inner thoughts, emotions, and feelings. After taking the class, you’ll be able to tap into your subconscious, leading to increased self-awareness. And this is exactly what you need to unlock your clairvoyant skills.


#4. Fundamentals of Parapsychology | Alison

Duration: 3-4h

Preparing yourself to develop clairvoyance involves not only meditative practices but also gaining knowledge of different psychic phenomena. Being aware of how psychic abilities, specifically clair senses, work is pretty much essential for uncovering your clairvoyant skills. While there are plenty of online resources that share theoretical aspects of clair senses, taking a course offered by a professional psychic might be a better option.

If you’ve decided to learn more about extrasensory perception and paranormal experiences, this course is for you. This is an introductory program that discusses the fundamentals of parapsychology, including the basics of clairvoyance. After taking the course, you’ll be able to tell whether you possess clairvoyant abilities or you should work on developing other psychic powers instead.


#5. Your Unseen Power: Real Training in Western Magic | by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki on Sounds True

Duration: 11-12h

Developing clairvoyance is not something you can achieve overnight. It requires patience and commitment as well as following specific steps to get started. Learning how to focus your intention and being able to access your unseen powers are crucial for enhancing your clairvoyant skills. While there are a few ways to achieve the goal, taking the course in Western Magic is one of the options.

This training program in Western Magic shares proven techniques for inner exploration and explains how to unlock your unique skills. No matter what your natural abilities are, this course is an excellent choice if you want to amplify your extrasensory powers, such as clairvoyance.


#6. Discovering the Relaxed Mind | by Dza Kilung Rinpoche on Shambhala

Duration: 10-12h

Keeping your body and mind relaxed is fundamental to developing clairvoyance and any other supernatural abilities. While some people manage to relax themselves pretty easily, others often have trouble achieving the goal. And this is when deepening meditation comes into play.

In this course, you’ll learn how to meditate to achieve a genuine relaxation state of your body and mind. The program includes 7 videos that explain meditation and post-meditation practices to gain clarity and wisdom while increasing the sense of harmony with your inner self and mind. After completing the course, you’ll be able to stay connected to your subconscious mind and uncover your hidden clairvoyant abilities.


#7. Mindfulness in Action | by Carolyn Rose Gimian on Shambhala

Duration: 6-7h

Being open-minded means that you are open to accepting new ideas and aspects of life that don’t really seem to be relevant to your current lifestyle. And this is exactly what you need when developing clairvoyant abilities. Having visions is not something you can adapt to in a day or two. Therefore, keeping an open mind is actually key to growing as a clairvoyant.

In fact, meditation is one of the proven ways to increase your open-mindedness while reducing stress levels and improving your concentration. This course offers mindfulness meditation instructions as well as tips to integrate your meditation practices and teachings into your day-to-day life.


#8. Introduction to Developing the Clair Senses | by Sharlean Windus on Udemy

Duration: 2h 17m

After preparing yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally, you should continue with developing your clairvoyant abilities. Ideally, you should get familiar with clair senses in general and then work on clairvoyance specifically. This will help you understand how different clair abilities work and whether any of them seem relevant to your innate powers.

This introductory course defines the four main clair senses, including clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, and clairsentience. The program also shares some activities to balance your third eye chakra and techniques to awaken your psychic eye. In this class, you’ll also learn the basics of vibration and frequency as well as the ways to raise your vibration through self care, meditation, grounding, and awareness.


#9. Clairvoyance for Beginners | by Barbara Watson on Udemy

Duration: 1h 44m

The sixth chakra in the body, also known as the third eye chakra, is linked with the perception beyond normal human sight. Therefore, opening your third eye is what facilitates psychic development. To open your psychic eye, you should balance your chakras and this course is what you actually need to get started.

In this program, you’ll learn more about clairvoyance, the third eye, and the mystical gaze. The lectures also offer guided meditation sessions for grounding and developing your third eye seeing. To take your clairvoyant abilities to the next level, the course also explains how to open your third eye and get visions as the mystics do.


#10. Develop Your Clairvoyance: Beginners-Intermediate | by Daniella Divine on Udemy

Duration: 5h 2m

For those who already have a general understanding of what clairvoyance is, there is no need to take individual courses for preparing and developing clairvoyant abilities. Instead, you can select a suitable program that briefly overviews the concept of clairvoyance and focuses on developing and strengthening the psychic power.

If you want to take a single course that covers everything you need to know to develop clairvoyance, then this program is definitely for you. In 25 lectures, you’ll not only gain knowledge of what clairvoyance is but also get a better idea of how to prepare for clairvoyant work. The course also explains the rationale behind different clairvoyant gifts and provides some ways to strengthen your clairvoyant abilities.


#11. Clairvoyance and Psychic Development | by Astrid the Psychic Witch on Udemy 

Duration: 4h 8m

Developing clairvoyance is not only about having random visions. It’s all about knowing how to use your psychic gift to make your visions more accurate and insightful. Growing as a psychic involves completing several stages, such as enhancing your intuition and getting better at using your abilities.

To unlock your clairvoyant gifts and strengthen your powers, this course answers some of the frequently asked questions about clairvoyance and psychic development. The program also covers the basics of psychic intuition, self protection, and other clair senses. By completing the course, you’ll learn how to read auras, master remote viewing, and develop your intuition.


#12. Psychic Readings Intermediate: Clairvoyance, Cards, and Guides | by Sal Jade on Udemy

Duration: 8h 23m

Even if you’ve managed to uncover your clairvoyant gifts, it’s not enough to deliver readings or have clear and accurate visions consistently. You should keep working on strengthening your clairvoyance to constantly grow as a psychic. While there are many ways to enhance your psychic gifts, many experts recommend using cards and communicating with spirit guides.

In this course, you’ll learn how to control your clairvoyant abilities while mastering meditation, using oracle cards, and working with spirit guides. These are some of the techniques to deliver accurate psychic readings and simply improve as a psychic. The lectures also include guided meditation sessions to awaken or improve your clairvoyant powers and make your spiritual journey more enjoyable.


#13. The Complete Professional Psychic Course | by Prof. Krishna N. Sharma on Udemy

Duration: 2h 41m 

Awakening and strengthening clairvoyant abilities allows you to incorporate other reading techniques in your psychic practices. Whether it’s card reading or mediumship, you can take your psychic skills to the next level if you keep working on improving your innate powers. If you’re looking for an advanced psychic development program that focuses on clairvoyance, this course is for you.

The program includes almost 50 lectures, each explaining a particular aspect of psychic development, ranging from chakra activation and clairvoyance development to safety measures and starting a psychic business. Since the lectures cover a broad range of psychic abilities linked with clairvoyance, you can easily find the one suitable for you.


#14. Develop Clairvoyance and Grow in Psychic Awareness | by Tom Llewellyn on Udemy

Duration: 8h 54m

While clairvoyance means being able to clearly see things, it’s much more than having simple visions. Along with developing clairvoyant abilities, you should also learn how to enhance your intuition and control your sensitivity to energy. Besides, growing in psychic awareness and balancing your energy centers are also important to grow as a professional psychic.

This course not only gives you general information about clair senses but also explains how to develop clairvoyance to be able to access your intuitive abilities and see auras around people. By deepening your sensitivity, you can make your clairvoyant readings more insightful and accurate.


#15. Aura Reading and Analysis through Clairvoyance | by Astrid the Psychic Witch on Udemy

Duration: 3h 44m

While some people can feel auras, others can visualize them by seeing different aura colors around living beings. Therefore, training your clairvoyance can help you read and analyze auras. However, developing clairvoyance is simply not enough to be able to accurately read auras. There are a few more aspects to consider to become an actual aura reader.

If reading auras is something you’re passionate about, this course is for you. The lectures explain what auras are and how clairvoyance helps you read them. Along with seeing auras, you’ll need to analyze the colors, brightness, and thickness to receive further information about the given person. And this program shares pretty much everything you need to know to read auras for fun or as a full-time career.


Why Should You Learn Clairvoyance?

But what are the benefits of learning clairvoyance? Here’s what you need to know.

While clairvoyant abilities allow you to gain clarity into different aspects of your life, these powers also enable you to guide people through the challenging crossroads.

So, along with giving you insightful visions about your own life, learning clairvoyance can help you become a professional psychic, allowing you to develop clairvoyance as a career.

Frequently Asked Questions about Clairvoyance Courses

If you want to have a few of your questions answered before taking a course in clairvoyance, here’s the FAQs section for you.

Q1. Why Should I Take Courses in Clairvoyance?

Some people are born with psychic powers and they manage to develop clairvoyance pretty much effortlessly. On the other hand, people may also have trouble unlocking their hidden clairvoyant abilities. And if this is the case, professional guidance usually comes to the rescue.

By taking a clairvoyance course offered by a professional psychic, you gain access to detailed guides and instructions on how to develop and strengthen your supernatural skills. This not only makes the overall process much more straightforward but also ensures that you’re on the right track for continued psychic development and growth.

Q2. How Much Do Clairvoyance Courses Cost?

It depends on the type of course you choose and the level of experience of the selected instructor. While some introductory courses are available for just a couple of dollars, others are more expensive. However, these expensive courses are usually more advanced, sharing detailed information and step-by-step instructions. In addition, some psychic development courses are available completely for free, meaning that you don’t necessarily have to spend hundreds of dollars to unlock and strengthen your clairvoyant skills.

Q3. How Long Does It Take to Complete a Clairvoyance Course?

While some clairvoyance courses offer around 30 minutes of guidance, there are more in-depth guides available that require a few hours to be completed. However, even if the actual course can be completed in an hour, it doesn’t mean that you’re done there. You’ll need to keep working on your clairvoyant abilities on a daily basis to ensure consistency and growth.

Q4. Can I Work as a Professional Clairvoyant after Completing the Course?

Yes, you can definitely work as a clairvoyant after completing the course. Keep in mind that you’ll need to take multiple courses to unlock your true potential as a psychic. Along with completing courses, consider attending workshops and masterclasses to improve your clairvoyant abilities even further. Don’t forget to constantly work on enhancing your extrasensory abilities if working as a professional psychic advisor is something you’re truly passionate about.