5 Free courses in Sustainable Tourism

Travel and Tourism is one of the major contributors to the global economy and supports over 300 million jobs. Due to the negative impact of tourism on the environment, sustainable tourism is being promoted extensively. Through the courses mentioned below, one can gain a clear understanding of the concept, learn about new tourism developments and analyze tourism from several perspectives.

Sustainable Tourism: Rethinking the future

This course, Sustainable Tourism: Rethinking the future is a nine-week course and is provided by the Wageningen University and Research. This course will enable students to look at current tourism practices from a social science perspective and then apply them to a tourism case. Students will be familiarized with new tourism developments like Digital Nomadism, Urban Overtourism, Accessible Tourism, and Ecotourism. By the end of the course, students will also learn how they can become part of ongoing discussions on developments for the future of tourism.

Sustainable tourism – promoting environmental public health

Sustainable tourism – promoting environmental public health, a course provided by the University of Copenhagen is a continuation of the discussions raised as a part of the 2017 international year of sustainable tourism. Over eleven hours, students will learn about the global trends in tourism and their environmental impacts, policies aimed at developing sustainable tourism in low-income countries and the challenges of managing solid waste generated by tourism activities. The course will use the case of Zanzibar to help students understand the impact that tourism and solid waste generation have on environmental health.

Tourism and Travel Management

This course Tourism and Travel Management is being provided by the University of Queensland in partnership with the statutory marketing authority for tourism in Queensland. This seven-week course has been shot across several premier locations across Queensland and consists of several case studies and interviews of leading hospitality companies and industry experts. This course features eleven academicians and different public sector officials who will educate students about real-time problems and solutions in tourism giving them a practical idea about the ever-changing nature of the global tourism industry.

Sustainable Tourism: Society & Environmental Aspects

Sustainable Tourism: Society & Environmental Aspects is a course that tries to explain how complex tourism is. Over six weeks, this course provided by Wageningen University and Research aims to throw light on the connection that tourism has with changing consumer behavior, economic developments, epidemics, climate change and even with terrorism. Through systemic observations, theoretical constructs, social as well as economic implications and several social science approaches, students will be able to understand how tourism is much more than just a powerful economic force.

Managing Human Resources in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry

This course which is provided by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University is spread over 8 weeks. On completion of the course, students will have a clear understanding of the important concepts and theories in human resources and will analyze underlying contemporary issues of managing human capital in the hotel and tourism industry. Students will learn to analyze socio-economic impacts and relationships, appraise human resource functions, analyze employee motivation and identify human resource problems, all within the context of the hotel and tourism industry.

All of the courses mentioned above can be audited for free. However, to earn a certificate a fee will be required. Students can also apply for financial aid for these courses. The mode of instruction for all these courses is English but some of the courses may provide subtitles in a different language.

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