Top 5 Crystal Healing Courses You Can Study Online

Crystal healing is a holistic approach to health that uses crystals or gemstones to promote balance and well-being. The practice is rooted in the belief that these stones possess unique vibrational properties that can interact with the body’s own energy field, or chakra system, to encourage physical, mental, and emotional healing. While crystal healing is not recognized as a mainstream medical treatment, many people believe in its ability to support overall health and wellness. Proponents claim that different crystals can be used to target specific areas of concern, such as anxiety, stress, pain relief, or insomnia. If you’re interested in trying crystal healing, it’s important to work with a qualified practitioner. A trained therapist will be able to help you select the right crystals for your needs and provide guidance on how to use them correctly.

Best Crystal Healing Online Courses

There are many reasons why you might want to take an online course in crystal healing. Perhaps you’re interested in learning more about this alternative healing modality, or maybe you’re looking for a way to heal yourself or others using crystals. Whatever your reason, taking an online course is a great way to learn about crystal healing and how to use crystals effectively. One of the benefits of taking an online course is that you can learn at your own pace. You can revisit lessons as often as you need to and review materials as often as you like. This allows you to really absorb the material and make sure that you understand it completely. Here are our top picks for online courses in crystal healing:

#1 Crystal Healing Certificate Course – Energy Healing Stones

In this course, you will learn why and how crystals can be used for healing purposes. You will also understand which crystals are best to use for different types of healing, and how to create effective crystal grids. Additionally, you will learn about the basics of chakras and their associated crystals, as well as how to choose the right crystals and place them correctly. Finally, you will also learn why and how to cleanse your healing crystals. By the end of this course, you will be able to select and use crystals confidently for a variety of healing applications.


#2 Crystal Healing: The Complete Certified Practitioners Course

This Crystal Energy Training Course is the perfect way to learn everything you need to know about crystal healing. In this course, you’ll understand how crystal healing works and learn 8 popular crystal healing formations & what they’re best used for. You’ll also know how to properly cleanse, program and store crystals. Plus, you’ll discover 10 popular crystals and their healing benefits. By the end of this course, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to start offering crystal healing sessions.


#3 Certification in Crystal Healing – Accredited Masterclass

This course is an introduction to crystals and crystal healing. It covers practical techniques for using crystals in healing, as well as the theory behind why these techniques work. The course also covers common ailments that can be treated with crystal healing, and how to make crystal elixirs, oils, and lotions. Finally, the course addresses professional, ethical, and legal issues related tocrystal healing. Upon completion of the course, students will receive a personalized certificate from the Crystal Healing Academy.


#4 Advanced Crystal Healing Certificate Course – Energy Healing

This course is designed to give you a deeper understanding of the intricacies and complexities of crystal healing. You will learn about the different properties of crystals and how to use them for specific purposes, including grounding, manifesting, space clearing and more. You will also learn which crystals and grids are best suited for each of the 7 main body chakras and higher chakras. In addition, you will receive a certificate Upon completion of this course, you will be an accredited Advanced Crystal Healer.


#5 Professional Crystal Healing Course With The Crystal Fairies

This course will teach you how to run crystal healings with the help of the crystal fairies. You will learn how to connect with these powerful beings and use their energies to heal yourself, your friends, and your family. You will also be able to offer readings and healing services as a certified Crystal Fairy Card reader. This is a great way to experience a reconnection with the magical fairy and crystal kingdoms while also providing valuable services to others.