Top 10 Diversity Courses You Can Take Anywhere, Anytime

Organizations that value diversity and inclusion are more likely to be successful in today’s global economy. A diverse workforce allows organizations to tap into a larger pool of potential employees, customers, and suppliers. Additionally, research has shown that companies with diverse workforces are more innovative and adaptable.

Diversity and inclusion are also important for creating a positive work environment. Employees who feel respected and included are more engaged in their work and less likely to leave the organization. A workplace that values diversity can also attract top talent.

There are many ways to study diversity and inclusion. One great way are online courses you can take anywhere, anytime from home or on the move. Below we have collected our top 10 diversity and inclusion picks.

How the LGBT Movement is Expanding Collective Consciousness

This web based course features two hours of video learning, which can be accessed at the convenience of students, one informative article and three downloadable resources. Participation in this course also entitles students to lifetime access to course materials.

Topics in this certificate course feature non-judgment of others, learning about healthy love, embracing differences, and cultivating an open mind. This spiritually based journey only requires students to be willing to learn about sensitive subjects. Students are encouraged to have open forum discussions without feeling vulnerable or judgmental.

Creating a Healthcare Practice Welcoming to LGBT Seniors

This online certificate course is divided into five lecture series, featuring a pretest and final exam. In addition to the on-demand video, five additional resources are available for download by the instructor. Participation in the course comes with full lifetime access for students.

Main topics discussed in this interactive course include the importance of making LGBT seniors feel welcome and safe in their community, along with best practices for creating this necessary environment. Common health conditions and issues among the LGBT community will be discussed, along with the treatment options, and social stigmas associated with each.

This course is recommended for students who currently work or are planning to adopt a career in the healthcare field. The LGBT population in clinics, hospitals, hospice, and long term care facilities will be reviewed. Students are required to have a willingness to learn, passion for service, and an open mind.

Gender and Sexuality: Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

This online course was developed and is being offered by the University of Pittsburgh via Coursera. It features about 13 hours of instruction with flexible start dates and deadlines for busy students. In seeking to understand the diverse communities represented in the modern workplace, this session helps students answer questions about the LGBTQIA identities and the related movement.

Motivated students will discuss many facets among gender, sexuality, women’s studies, and more. A variety of learning methods will be introduced and coupled with interdisciplinary ideology and comprehensive tools to enhance the learning experience. The course covers the history of gender and sexuality in the workplace, modern changes, the current climate and various movements associated with advancing the causes of particular groups of individuals.

Health Across the Gender Spectrum

This non-certificate online course was developed and is being offered by Stanford University via Coursera. Learning videos are available in four languages and feature flexible start dates to accommodate the schedules of working students. Four language subtitles are available for enrolled students. The course structure is spread out over a three week period and discusses gender identity, the gender spectrum, and the creation of a gender inclusive society.

Motivated students will gain transferable skills in patient care, public health, mental health education, and general medicine. These fields are discussed by Stanford professors, primary and secondary education professionals, and transgender faculty members. The unique delivery of course information comes in the form of storytelling by six transgender children and their families.

Managing a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace for Public Libraries

This professional certificate course developed and offered by the University of Michigan focuses on management skills for the creation of diversity in public libraries. The four week class includes video and resources available in the English language and a certificate of completion is available for a fee.

Main topics include understanding the needs of of women and underrepresented minorities in public library settings. Students will learn about the impact of employment practices in these areas and how to create a mutually diverse and interdependent workplace environment. The two-fold approach seeks first to understand the diverse needs needs of these groups and then implement organizational change to achieve agreed up goals.

Understanding Gender Identity: Trans People in the Workplace

This Open University online course is offered through Future Learn at a reduced cost of $34 for the two week session. This premium course features best practices from noted industry professionals, and current solutions oriented trends in the healthcare field as it relates to trans people.

A dual instructor approach allows students to fully understand and embrace the unique challenges of trans individuals in the workplace and provide appropriate support. A general overview of discrimination and other challenges faced by specific groups will be reviewed. Students will learn how to produce viable positive outcomes in their own places of employment and become an activist for change. A brief discussion of current legislation and legal avenues will also be discussed.

What Does it Mean to Identify as Transgender or Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC)?

This intensive seven week online course was developed by faculty at the University of Minnesota and made available through Coursera. Students will learn how to identify and interact with members of this underrepresented community in a knowledgeable and understanding way.

Each of the lessons provide a unique and interesting aspect of daily life challenges for transgender and gender non-conforming individuals. A look at the history of this movement through changing cultural and social norms will be discussed. This is course on personal enrichment and understanding with a focus on positive cultural change.

Understanding Diversity and Inclusion

This interactive three week online course was developed by faculty at Purdue University and is offered through Future Learn. The goal is for students to strengthen positive attitudes and develop tools and resources to encourage an inclusive environment in social and professional circles.

The instructor challenges students to uncover potentially hidden or subconscious, learned behaviors that are biased toward specific individuals or groups. Revealing these thoughts can turn to action based change for the greater good. The initial version of the course is free and available for a total of five weeks, allowing flexibility for course completion.

Sexing the Canvas: Art and Gender

This online course was developed by faculty and staff at the University of Melbourne and is being offered through the Coursera platform. This four week interactive course features a host of online learning tools for students and is available in four language options. Students will learn key terms, a brief history, and current trends in art as it relates to gender issues in this personal enrichment course.

Topics for discussion include a general overview of how sex and gender conditions are represented in art. The course will discuss specific pieces in detail, such as Thomas Gainsborough’s portrait of St. George Mansergh, an officer of the Fourth Regiment of Foot. Through the exploration of various works of art, students will learn the nuances that impact and affect the audience and the society at large.

Doing Gender and Why it Matters

This six week online course was developed by professors at the University of Hong Kong with the support of professionals throughout Asia who are committed to advancing the understanding of gender differences with a focus on inclusive communities.

A certificate of completion is available to students who successfully complete the course. Each session focuses on a unique topic and discussions range from key theories about gender identifications, historical challenges, current advancements, and likely future trends. Students are encouraged to develop widened understanding of gender issues and the ability to express the implications of these issues to others.

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