Top 10 Dowsing Courses to Locate Almost Anything

Dowsing is a divination technique that enables psychics and mediums to locate pretty much anything and everything, ranging from groundwater and buried ores to missing objects and people. In some cases, dowsing is even used for finding any blocks in a person’s energy.

Whether you’re curious about locating objects without the use of scientific equipment or you’d like to help people find their missing loved ones, taking online courses in dowsing is the way to go. By doing so, you’ll gain knowledge of how to use dowsing tools when locating materials, objects, or people.

If you’ve decided to take an online course to develop and grow as a dowser, here are some of the leading expert-guided programs in dowsing.

What Can You Learn in Dowsing Courses?

Based on the type of course you select, you can learn many different aspects of dowsing, including the use of various dowsing tools and the process of divining information. Still, specific topics discussed during the lectures depend on the depth and complexity of the program.

When taking beginner-level courses in dowsing, you should expect to learn more about the general aspects of dowsing, such as how it works and why psychics use it.

In the case of intermediate-level programs, you gain access to practical exercises and recommendations to master the art of dowsing and be able to incorporate this divination technique into your psychic readings.

Lastly, advanced courses in dowsing give you access to information that you need to further develop as a professional dowser and build a successful psychic reading business.

Top 10 Courses in Dowsing

If you’re not quite sure which dowsing courses to take to learn the divination technique, here are some of the best programs to start with.

Below you can find introductory, intermediate-level, and advanced online courses in dowsing that help you become a professional dowser.

#1. Practical Dowsing for Everyday Life | by Michiko Schneck on Udemy

Duration: 2h 13m

Understanding what dowsing is and how it can benefit you in everyday life is key to further developing your abilities. So, if you’re passionate about becoming a professional dowser, consider starting with the basics and then move your way toward more advanced concepts and ideas.

For any beginner out there, this is a great online course to start with. The lectures explain how dowsing works and share ways to incorporate this divination method into your daily life. The program also describes several dowsing tools and practical techniques for using them.


#2. Master Dowsing Course Using Pendulums, Rods, Wands, and Body | by Ulrike Armstrong on Udemy

Duration: 2h 18m

After understanding what dowsing is and how it works, you should continue with practical exercises to learn how to actually dowse. This includes being able to use different dowsing tools, charts, and more.

In this course, you’ll gain access to the history behind dowsing and its uses in daily life. Besides, the lectures share additional information about dowsing tools, such as pendulums, wands, and rods. To make the program even more useful, the mentor walks you through the process of using dowsing tools and charts while protecting yourself during the session.


#3. Certificate in Professional Dowsing | by Prof. Krishna N. Sharma on Udemy

Duration: 2h 21m

While dowsing is typically used for locating water, objects, and people, it’s also commonly incorporated into various psychic, healing, and spiritual sessions. In fact, dowsing is a popular technique used for making psychic readings more detailed and accurate.

So, if you want to use dowsing in tandem with other psychic reading methods, this course is for you. By enrolling in this program, you’ll learn how to search for hidden items, water, and even energies through dowsing.


#4. Pendulum Dowsing: A Definitive Guide for Beginners | by Vivienne McAlister-Geertz on Udemy

Duration: 6h 39m

Pendulums are among the most commonly used tools for dowsing. As there are a few different types of pendulums and dowsing techniques, choosing the right tool and method for you is essential for becoming a professional dowser.

This program is designed for any beginner who wants to master the art of dowsing using a pendulum. The lectures cover the history of dowsing and explain how it’s connected to religion. In addition, the course provides a detailed guide on how to receive and interpret guidance obtained through a pendulum. To make the most of your pendulum, you’ll also gain access to tips to cleanse, clear, charge, and energize your dowsing tool.


#5. Dowsing with Pendulum: Expert Level | by Marko Pesic on Udemy

Duration: 6h 43m

After acquiring knowledge of the basics of pendulum dowsing, you should consider advancing your abilities by learning the techniques on a professional level. And if you’re passionate about becoming an expert dowser, this program is for you.

In this online course, you’ll explore several advanced techniques for dowsing, including the Raymon Grace dowsing method. The lectures also teach you how to use pendulum dowsing for various purposes, such as closing detrimental portals, seeing external circumstances, treating systemic illnesses, working with spirits, and removing energy blocks.


#6. Dowsing with Pendulum: All Levels in One Course | by Marko Pesic on Udemy

Duration: 5h 30m

If you want to learn pendulum dowsing on a professional level from scratch, here’s the best online course for you. This program shares beginner-friendly concepts and more advanced ideas to give you everything you need to unlock and strengthen your dowsing abilities.

By taking this course, you’ll get a better idea of what dowsing tools are and how they differ from each other. The program also teaches you how to use dowsing in tandem with other divination and psychic reading methods, including healing, energy cleansing, Feng Shui, and more.


#7. Dowsing with the Lecher Antenna: Geobiology Basic Level | by Dame Anne-Marie Delmotte on Udemy

Duration: 1h 5m

While the Lecher antenna is a scientific tool, it may also be involved when divining information through dowsing. The Lecher antenna enables dowsers to detect the energy vibrations while measuring the vitality of various tissues and organs.

In this course, you’ll learn how to measure and improve the energies in different rooms, offices, or even homes. The program explains how to handle the Lecher antenna correctly to successfully detect geopathic energies that negatively affect our health. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to enhance the energetic quality of your environment or even offer Lecher antenna dowsing services to your clients.


#8. Learn Tarot Reading and Pendulum Dowsing | by Priyanka Sharma on Udemy

Duration: 1h 14m 

Pendulum dowsing can be combined with many other divination methods and Tarot card reading is one of them. By incorporating several divination techniques into your psychic readings, you can make them even more insightful and consistent.

If you’re curious about learning how Tarot reading and pendulum dowsing work, this course is for you. From the history of these divination tools to their uses and applications, here’s everything you need to know as a beginner.


#9. The Complete Professional Psychic Course | by Prof. Krishna N. Sharma on Udemy

Duration: 2h 39m

Typically, psychics use a few different divination methods and tools to make their readings always on point and ensure that the clients get whatever they’re looking for. Besides, mastering different psychic reading techniques also contributes to your development and growth as a professional psychic.

So, if you want to advance your psychic reading abilities, here’s the right online course for you. The program explores the most commonly used divination techniques, including dowsing, lucid dreaming, astral projection, Tarot and angel card reading, aura reading, past life regression, and more. The lectures also explain how these tools can be incorporated or even combined when giving professional-level psychic readings.


#10. Quantum Crystal Healing through Authentic Dowsing | by Sonya Wilkins on Udemy

Duration: 6h 27m

Crystals are widely used for receiving healing and blessing from nature. While crystals are truly powerful, knowing how to use them is key to receiving the benefits.

For anyone who wants to master the techniques of crystal healing, this course provides an introduction to using and taking care of different crystals. The program continues with exploring the uses and importance of dowsing by means of crystal pendulums and how this method can help you access your inner and intuitive wisdom.


Why Should You Learn Dowsing?

Dowsing is one of the most commonly used divination techniques for finding locations, materials, objects, pets, and people. Therefore, learning how to dowse enables you to offer a new service to your clients when working as a psychic reader.

Along with locating objects and people, mastering the art of dowsing enables you to protect and heal your energy field. Therefore, learning dowsing can also be beneficial for energy healers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dowsing Courses

If this is your first time taking an online course in dowsing, here’s what else you need to know.

Q1. Why Should I Take Courses in Dowsing?

While some people associate dowsing with a pair of L-shaped rods, this divination method involves much more than that. And dowsing is not only about holding a rod or pendulum. Without certain knowledge and experience, you can’t just randomly gain insights about different locations, objects, and people.

While dowsing may seem to be a pretty straightforward process, there are a few factors you should consider when divining information. And this is exactly when professional dowsing mentors come into play.

By taking an online course in dowsing, you’ll not only learn how to perform the technique but also gain access to tips and recommendations to make your readings more accurate and consistent.

Q2. How Much Do Dowsing Courses Cost?

Online courses in dowsing may cost somewhere between $20 and $100, depending on how detailed or advanced the lectures are. When programs focus on generally overviewing divination using dowsing, they’re usually cheaper. On the other hand, courses teaching you how to develop dowsing abilities while using various tools will most likely cost more.

Q3. How Long Does It Take to Complete a Dowsing Course?

Completing an online course in dowsing typically takes anywhere between 2 and 4 hours. However, some beginner-level programs are shorter while it may take you over 5-6 hours to finish advanced courses in dowsing.

Bear in mind that you’ll need to spend additional time to fully unlock your potential as a dowser.

Q4. Can I Work as a Professional Psychic Reader after Completing a Course in Dowsing?

Yes, you can work as a professional dowser after successfully completing a few courses in dowsing. However, taking courses isn’t enough to develop psychic reading abilities. In addition to that, you should take your time to practice dowsing to make your extrasensory perception even sharper.