Top 10 Genomics Courses You can Take Online

Genomics is a booming career that pushes data revolutions in medicine and aids in identifying disease variants to treat them. Below you can find the best genomic online courses to boost your profession in genomics. They are available at a fee with a shareable certificate from edx, Coursera, Futurelearn, and Udemy. You can access free and audited versions from edx, Coursera, and Futurelearn without a shareable certificate and graded assignments.

1. Professional Certificate in Data Analysis for Genomics

How do you become a genomic data scientist? Well, this is one of the genomics online courses that help you analyze and interpret data generated by modern genomics technology. It’s no secret that genomic data sets are driving the next generation of discovery and treatment in medicine.

Therefore if you’re seeking to become a genomic data scientist, this Harvard genomics course is perfect for you because it allows you to use the open-source software, R and Bioconductor, to analyze genomic data.

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2. Genomic Medicine: Harnessing the Power of the Human Genome

The medical technology world is constantly evolving, with the development of more powerful genomics technologies for effectively analyzing an individual’s entire gene set- and even the whole genome- and that helps in identifying pathogenic DNA variants.

You’ll learn about genome variants, genomics from molecule to medicine, and how genetic variants can cause diseases.  You’ll also sharpen your skills in using sophisticated online tools and databases to analyze the latest human genomic datasets.

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3. Medical Genomics

This online genomics course will help you explore key genomics concepts and their influence on health care. It’s a Continuing Medical Education (CME) course for Physicians, Physician assistants, and Nurse practitioners seeking CME credit, who also must be registered with the Charlotte Area Healthcare Education Center.

It contains six modules that cover various aspects of medical genomics, such as variation, Microbiome, and Pharmacogenomics. Each module allows you to interact with practicing healthcare workers with first-hand experience in the field.

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 4. Bioinformatics Specialization

It’s one of the best online genomics courses in Coursera that answer many questions in modern biology that are inseparable from the computational approaches used to solve them. You will access a toolkit of existing software built on these computational approaches. Thousands of biologists in genomics have used the software for their research.

It’s a specialization curriculum with seven courses in bioinformatics: bioinformatics I to bioinformatics VI and bioinformatics Capstone. Through a hands-on project, you’ll practice what you’ve learned.

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5. Decoding the Universal Language of Life

Through this online genomics course, learn how scientists use the language of genomes to develop sustainable food and fuel supplies and improve disease treatment and prevention. Alongside the principal instructor, you will interact with other guest instructors from various fields such as biology and computer science to give you a comprehensive view of genomics.

It’s also an introduction to genomics course, whose syllabus covers the structure and functions of the first genomes, using genomes to fight diseases, and other topics.

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6. Whole Genome Sequencing of Bacterial Genomes

Whole Genome Sequencing technology (WGS) is becoming more relevant in the medical sector and will soon replace the classical methods used for medical research. It allows scientists in the industry to analyze data and generate results that can be interpreted and used for various purposes, for example, bacteria surveillance.

Through this 7-hour genomics Coursera course, learn about the general principles in typing bacteria, applications of the Whole Genome Sequencing to Surveillance of bacterial pathogens, online tools for WGS, and other concepts.

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7. The Power of Genomics to Understand the Covid-19 Pandemic

Is genomics a good career? Yes, it is because it’s crucial in understanding and responding to pandemics such as the Covid-19 pandemic. This online genomic course syllabus will help you use genome sequencing, and data sharing to learn how to track, treat, prevent, and prepare for pandemics, including the Covid-19 pandemic.

You will cover topics including SARS-CoV-2 genomics and variants, COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutics, genomics surveillance and epidemiology, and differences between pandemics, epidemics, and outbreaks.

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8. Essentials of Genomics and Biomedical Informatics

The ability to sequence individual genomes at diminishing costs, mine huge datasets of medical records and collect medical data using non-conventional resources are some of the driving forces behind the data revolution in medicine. You will learn those through this genomics course online.

This Gabi course is part of an extended curriculum in genomics and biomedical informatics. The syllabus covers biological sequence analysis, next-generation sequencing, and artificial intelligence in medicine and other concepts.

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9. Interpreting Genomic Variation

This online genomics and precision medicine course will guide you through the best practices in genomic testing. Health professionals should know how to differentiate the clinically relevant and disease-causing variant from its background normal genomic variation to safely manage patients.

Therefore you will explore the vital principles of genomic variant interpretation in-line with the American College of Clinical Genetics and Genomic (ACMG) and The Association for Clinical Genomic Science (AGCS) guidelines.

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10. Kickstart Your Journey to be Bioinformatician

This course will give you the key to starting your journey as a bioinformatician through fundamental concepts in genomics that define bioinformatics. It’s one of the best genomics short courses for beginner students and academic professionals seeking to peruse their genomics careers.

You will learn about bioinformatics – their history and applications, alignment methods and representation, Plant genome databases, and other concepts. You will also be able to design your first CRISPR project.

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