Top 10 IT Recruitment Agencies in Poland

The IT (Information Technology) industry is growing day by day and IT has become a need for every business. Every company has a dedicated team of IT specialists which has increased the demand for IT professionals. Hiring is not an easy process especially when you are hiring someone for technical skills in the IT industry. It requires expertise which makes the hiring process complex.

Companies don’t have enough resources and time to spend on the hiring process. So, they get help from IT recruitment agencies to find the best candidates. Poland is one of the best destinations for boosting your career in IT as a candidate. Here are the top 10 IT recruitment agencies in Poland that can help bridge the gap between IT companies and candidates.

#1. Team Up IT Recruitment

Team Up IT Recruitment is one of the best recruitment agencies in Poland and was founded in 2019. They create a team of IT professionals based on the company’s requirements. Their services include IT recruitment consulting, IT permanent recruitment, training on IT recruitment, and IT body leasing. They are the experts when it comes to hiring IT professionals in Poland and central Europe, but they also hire employees from other regions. Team Up IT Recruitment works with companies of all sizes in the IT and financial industries.

#2. Dot Linkers IT Recruitment

Dot Linkers is the next IT recruitment agency on our list which is also based in Kraków, Poland, and providing its services since 2016. Their services are specifically dedicated to software product companies and startups. They have one of the biggest talent pools and a network of qualified engineers and programmers. Their areas of specialties include Blockchain, big data, Cloud Infrastructure, and programming. Some of their prestigious clients include Gabi, Code Wise, and Lotto mart.

#3. Ntiative IT Recruitment

Ntiative is another IT recruitment agency in Krakow, Poland, and was founded in 2018. It might be the only recruitment company that only focuses on hiring IT professionals which makes it stand out from the rest of the agencies. They specialize in hiring IT engineers, DevOps engineers, developers, and data scientists. Some of their past clients include Fandom, Shell Energy, Humtap, and NetEnt. They use innovative marketing techniques to attract the best talent.

#4. Talenger IT recruitment agency

Talenger is one of the leading IT recruitment agencies in Poland operating since 2017 with vast connections in the IT industry. They specialize in hiring developers who are the best match for the company’s requirements. Their services are trusted by many big IT companies like SAP, ITM Dev Labs, mindz, and All in one mobile. Their recruitment process is very effective which makes gives them a competitive edge.

#5. BeeTalents

BeeTalents is the next IT recruitment agency in Poland that has a proven track record of success and was founded in 2015. They have great knowledge of the IT sector in Poland and the ability to create an IT team from scratch. Their average time to hire is around 3 weeks which is 6 times faster. Some of their previous clients include allegro, call page, and Nord cloud.

#6. Next Technology Professionals

Next Technology Professionals is an IT recruitment agency located in Warszawa, Poland, and providing its services since 2015. Their services include team building, IT outsourcing, Executive search, IT recruitment, and external labor (B2B services). They would charge you only if a candidate is hired and give you 3 month employment warranty. They have a very streamlined hiring process that is transparent and identifies the best candidates.

#7. RemoDevs

RemoDevs is another experienced IT recruitment agency in Poland and has been successful in providing companies with the best talent. They are the fastest recruiting agency because they can find the right candidate for you in just 3 days. It takes them around 72 hours to provide you with the first candidate with 95% efficiency. Their pool of candidates has more than 25k applicants and most of them have more than 5 years of experience.

#8. GES IT

Next on our list is the GES IT recruitment agency providing its services since 2017. It is based in Warsaw, Poland, and provides recruitment services around the globe. They also follow the success fee model and offer IT recruitment services in Poland and Europe. They work with both startups and established businesses.


It is one of the best risk-free options for an IT recruitment agency in Poland because they also follow a success fee process and have vast experience. Their services include candidate search, candidate verification, and consulting. Within the IT sector, they specialize in product designers, frontend developers, backend developers, DevOps, and support engineers.

#10. ITSelecta

ITSelecta is also one of the best IT recruitment agencies based in Krakow, Poland, and helped businesses in team building. They believe in building a long-lasting relationship with their clients. ITSelecta will create a diverse team of IT specialists, workers, and engineers for you which increases efficiency. If you want to build an IT team for your company that has diversity, then ITSelecta is a good option.

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