Top 10 Life Improvement Courses You Can Start Anywhere, Anytime

Improving one’s life is necessary for a happy and fulfilled life. To achieve that, we’ll need a good balance of emotions/state of mind, well-coordinated psychological development, and healthy relationships. Below I’ve listed 10 courses on how to improve our lives. They are available at a fee from Coursera, Futurelearn, edx, and Udemy. You can also access them for free but with limited learning materials.

1. Control Your Subconscious Mind: Neuroscience Hidden Secrets

Controlling your brain allows you to take action to shape your future and manage over-reactive strategies to protect you from failures. This two-half-hour course will teach you how to unlock and utilize your subconscious mind for practical actions towards your goals.

  • Understanding your mind power for best results
  • Creating your desired future and making it a real possibility
  • The ultimate system to take control of your brain

Going for $ 84.99, your instructors are Dr. Vijender Goel and Susmita Duta. Enroll here.

2.  Design Your Thinking for Innovation

Every professional desires to do better with less. And that’s where we need design thinking. This course prepares you to take the many ideas you’ve generated and find the ones that are more likely to produce desired outcomes. Strategic thinking and innovation management will automatically improve your life.

  • Strategic thinking
  • Innovation
  • Design management
  • Innovation management

Offered by the University of Virginia, this course takes approximately 6 hours. Enroll here and learn about its financial aid.

3. The Science of Happiness at Work

It’s a 3-month program that teaches you to boost your satisfaction, engagement, and collaboration at work. Going for $ 537.30, this program combines three courses; The foundations of happiness, mindfulness and resilience, and empathy and emotional intelligence at work.

  • Evaluating the level of happiness at work
  • Concrete strategies for boosting happiness and resilience to stress
  • How to lead with social and emotional intelligence

Enroll here and improve your work-life experiences.

4. Introduction to Developmental Psychology

Understanding how we develop throughout our lifespan while focusing on social, emotional, and cognitive traits allows us to identify major life milestones and help our younger ones overcome them. Improving our lives requires understanding what we have to go through while developing. This 8-week course goes for $ 199.

  • How babies make sense of the world
  • The importance of social attachment
  • Developmental theories
  • and many more

Enroll here and find out more about your instructors.

5. The Psychology of Emotions: An Introduction to Embodied Cognition

It’s a fascinating 5-week course that enables us to recognize others’ emotions using our mind and body. It explores the idea that our subconscious is rooted in our bodies. You will also learn to measure your ability to understand the feelings of others. It’s available for free, but you can upgrade to access more learning resources.

  • Emotional processing and social cognition research methods
  • Foundations of theories of embodied recognition
  • How the mind and the brain relate
  • How automatic and controlled processes shape human behavior

Register here.

6. The Science of Dreams and Sleep

We all understand that sleep is vital to our health and wellbeing. It’s a three-week course from New Scientist that will see you explore sleep engineering and gain strategies to improve your sleep for improved wellbeing.

  • Importance of sleep and dream
  • Engineering sleep to reduce cognitive decline, increase memory reactivation, and decouple emotions from memories
  • And many more

Enroll here and find out more about the payment plans.

7. The Path to Happiness and Good Quality of Life

After going through this course, you will be able to describe the concept of happiness and the things that influence your happiness and quality of life. In four weeks, this course will help you know how to use happiness concepts to improve your personal and professional life.

  • Differences between happiness and quality of life
  • Apply happiness and quality of life concepts to your daily activities
  • and others.

Instructed by Graciela H. Tonon, you can register here for it and determine the payment plan that will work for you.

8. Stress-Free Effective Learning for Adults

Are you a victim of procrastination? Do you desire to become a super learner? To increase your learning productivity, you need to avoid procrastination and adopt many other techniques taught in this course. It’s a one and half hour course that goes for $ 24.99 and is targeted at those individuals/students who wish to learn efficiently for life to achieve personal success.

  • Mood nutrition and exercise
  • Crafting your study guide
  • Use time and recalls effectively
  • Focus

Enroll here.

9. 10x Your Social Skills & Connect with People

A higher percentage of our success in life depends on our ability to interact positively and effectively with others. This course goes for $84.99, and it aims to see you take your social levels, charisma, and confidence to higher levels.

  • Great people’s skill
  • Secret of persuasion
  • Starting conversations confidently

It takes approximately two hours to complete. This course allows you to apply coupons. Register here and find out your instructor.

10. Let’s Get Started: Building Self – Awareness

Great leaders use self-awareness to capitalize on their strengths and work on their weaknesses. For an estimated four-week period, this course seeks to help leaders learn how to use their self-awareness to enhance their management and leadership skills. It’s available for free, but you will access extensive learning materials such as the UMD power lab at a fee.

  • Self-awareness as key to making change
  • Baseline as leaders/managers
  • Setting goals and making plans
  • Working with personality type

Your instructor is Jocelyn S. Davis. Enroll here.

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