Top 5 Machine Learning Masters in the United Kingdom (UK)

The United Kingdom (UK) is a great place to study machine learning, offering world-class universities and research facilities. There are a number of ways to study machine learning in the UK, from undergraduate and postgraduate degrees to research programmes and professional courses.

There are many reasons why the UK is a great place to study machine learning. Firstly, the UK has some of the best universities in the world for computer science and engineering, which are essential disciplines for machine learning. Secondly, the UK has a strong tradition of academic excellence and research innovation in artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive science, both of which underpin machine learning. Finally, the UK offers a vibrant and supportive environment for tech startups and scaleups.

If you want to study Machine Learning in the UK, consider our top picks:

Machine Learning (University College London)

Machine Learning is an MSc program from University College London. It is a 1-year program that costs 36,321 EUR per year. This special course is aimed at providing the students with an overview of mathematical, computational and business perspectives of how machine learning works. It is mainly designed to help learners improve their skills in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

During the program, students will take part in various lectures, discussions, seminars and research projects. The combination of these various methods will help students learn graphical models, advanced topics in machine learning, data mining and information retrieval and so on.

Machine Learning (Royal Holloway University of London)

The Royal Holloway University of London presents an MSc course that is primarily focused on offering the important skills that you need to become an expert in search and analysis technologies. Depending on your schedule, you can take part in the full-time program that lasts for just 1 year or the part-time model that stretches over 2 years. Whichever one you choose, this program will help you to develop skills that can make you useful to top-ranking companies such as Facebook, Yahoo, Google, Microsoft and others that rely on artificial intelligence.

A few of the courses in Machine Learning include Data Analysis, Software Verification, On-line Machine Learning, Computation with Data, Large-scale Data Storage and Processing, and Programming for Data Analysis. The tuition fee of the program is 24,493 EUR/year.

Machine Learning and Autonomous Systems

The Machine Learning and Autonomous Systems program is taught by experienced professors who are committed to equipping students with the relevant skills. Upon completion of this program, you should be able to create interactive systems that will feature elements of machines and humans. Also, this M.A program will teach you how you can model and develop systems that are capable of learning and sensing the things that are going on around them.

Offered by the University of Bath, this program features courses such as Machine learning, Robotics software, Statistics for data science, Autonomous systems engineering, and Humans and intelligent machines. The knowledge gained from this program can be instrumental in helping students build their careers or proceed to become a Ph.D. candidate.

Machine Learning in Science

Nottingham University Business School offers students Machine Learning in Science, which is a 1-year MSc program that is designed to provide you with the insight of artificial intelligence (AI) as well as machine learning (AI). The target of this program is to ensure that the student can apply their knowledge of AI and ML in different areas of sciences.

It is worthwhile to note learners must have obtained a university degree in computer engineering, computer science, physics, mathematics, or chemistry. Students can look forward to learning about Computational Neuroscience, Computer Vision, The Physics of Deep Learning, Quantum Information, and Quantum Computing, and Professional Ethics in Computing.

Machine Learning and Machine Intelligence

If you want to learn machine learning and machine intelligence from one of the top 5 universities in the world, this MPhil program should be one of your foremost choices. Offered at the University of Cambridge, it is a full-time program that lasts for 12 months and focuses on providing learners with the all-important skills that they require for working in the field. Notably, students with at least 70% of the total mark can proceed to study for their Ph.D. in the same institution.

Students can expect learning to come in the form of regular lectures, practical classes, seminars, reading clubs, and discussions. It has a tuition fee of 37,359 EUR per year and starts in October.