Top 5 Masters in Digital Innovation

A Master in Digital Innovation is a degree that prepares students for careers in the digital economy. The program focuses on the latest trends and technologies in the digital world, and teaches students how to apply these innovations to create new products, services, and businesses. Here are some of the best masters in digital innovation that are currently available:

Management of Information Systems and Digital Innovation (University of Warwick)

The University of Warwick in London, England, United Kingdom, offers a Master of Science degree program in Management of Information Systems and Digital Innovation. The program allows students to gain real world work experience through partnerships with top corporations like EY, Barclays, PA Consulting,, Google, and Deloitte. All students have the opportunity to specialize in IT consultancy or programming/analytics or to opt for a blended program. With either track, students take the following classes: Programming Solutions for Enterprise; Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence; Cybersecurity in Business; Digital Business Strategy; Global Sourcing & Cloud Technology; and Knowledge, Work & Innovation. The program involves 12 months of full-time on-campus study.

Digital Information Management and Systems Innovation (University of Leeds)

The University of Leeds in Leeds, England, United Kingdom, offers a Master of Science degree program in Digital Information Management and Systems Innovation. Faculty and industry experts teamed up to create this program that brings together the disciplines of informatics and information systems, business intelligence and analytics, and business information system. All students in the program take classes in Information Tools for Organisations, Challenges in Information Management, Business Analytics and Decision Science, Designing Information Systems, Managing Digital Information Projects, Social Media and Knowledge Management in Organisations, and Digital Transformation Management. Most students are able to complete all of the degree requirements with one year of full-time on-campus study.

MBA Digital Transformation and Innovation Management (IPAG Business School)

IPAG Business School in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom, offers a Master of  Business Administration degree program in Digital Transformation and Innovation Management. Graduates of the program will have the knowledge and skills needed to embark on careers as     Consultants in Digital Transformation, Chief Digital Officers, Innovation Consultants, and Innovation Managers. To receive the degree, students must pass the following classes: Digitalisation of the Economy and New Business Models, Digitalisation of the Value Chain and Associated Tools, Digital Strategy, Innovation Management, Consulting Approach and Jobs of Tomorrow. All coursework can usually be completed with 12 months of full-time on-campus study.

Digital Fashion Innovation Arts (University Bournemouth)

The Arts University Bournemouth in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom, offers a Master of Arts degree program in Digital Fashion Innovation. All students in the program complete a course in Strategies for practice as well as electives related to their areas of interest. Students then complete a two-part master’s project that involves researching a contextual issue in the fashion industry and then executing a creative design project to address this issue. With full-time study, students can typically complete all of the degree requirements within one year. Students may also choose to study part-time. Under this option, the program usually takes 24 months to complete.

Digital Business and Innovation (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in Amsterdam, Netherlands, offers a Master of Science Degree program in Digital Business and Innovation. Students choose from one of three areas of specialization: Information systems, Innovation management, and Digital transformation. The program begins with a series of required classes. Among the offered courses are Research Design and Methodology, Ethics in a Digital World, Digital Business & Information Systems, Management of Digital Information, Working and Organising in a Digital Age, and Digital Innovation Lab. During the second half of the one-year program, students participate in real world work placements or conduct research and compose a thesis to present their findings.