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Top 5 Minute Taking Courses To Prepare You For Meetings

Minute Taking at Meetings

Minute Taking at Meetings is an online communications course offered by Udemy. The purpose of the course is to help individuals take accurate minutes that comply with privacy regulations during corporate meetings. To enroll, students pay a fee of $94.99. There are no educational or work experience requirements for enrollment. Coursework is presented through 2.5 hours of online video instruction, one supplemental reading, and 11 downloadable resources accessible on a computer, mobile device, or television. The class is divided into seven sections: Introduction, What Every Minute Taker Needs to Know, Organizational Tips, What to Include and What to Ignore, Writing Tips, Additional Aids, and Handouts.

Better Virtual Meetings: How to Lead Effective Meetings

Better Virtual Meetings: How to Lead Effective Meetings is an online business management course offered through Udemy. The course teaches students how to run more effective virtual meetings, covering a number of topics including what to do before, during, and after the meeting to ensure success. An introductory course, the class has no enrollment requirements beyond a fee of $19.99. After enrolling, students receive lifetime access to one hour of video instruction, one supplemental article, and two downloadable resources. Students can view the videos on a computer, mobile device, or television. At the end of the class, students are presented with a certificate of completion.

Minute Taking Training Course

Minute Taking Training Course is an online course offered by John Academy. The class can be beneficial for individuals in a wide range of job positions as well as for those who wish to seek employment as a Stenotype Operator, Personal Assistant, Secretary, Journalist, or Reporter. Prospective students must be at least 16 years of age to enroll and must pay a fee of $507.26. The course includes 1 hour and 50 minutes of online instruction broken down into nine units. After finishing the last unit, students take a quiz. Those who successfully pass the quiz can receive a certificate of completion for an additional fee.

Minute Taking and Executive Secretarial Diploma

Minute Taking and Executive Secretarial Diploma is an online course offered by John Academy. Individuals who wish to gain employment as an executive secretary or executive assistant can benefit from the class. Aside from a minimum age requirement of 16 years and an entry fee of $363.82, the class has no other enrollment requirements. The class includes 49 hours of video instruction that covers topics such as Minute Taking Basics, Taking Minutes with OneNote, Secretarial Interpersonal Skills, and Administrative Management Skills. Students have one year to watch all of the video lectures and take the final examination. A certificate of completion is available to those who pass the course for an additional fee.

Business English: Meetings

Business English: Meetings is a free online language-learning course offered by the University of Washington in the United States. Individuals who have basic English speaking, listening, and writing skills but need to learn how to communicate more effectively in meetings will benefit from the class. The class includes 24 hours of online video instruction that covers topics such as arranging meetings by email and phone, listing expectations to meeting venues, stating figures and other information correctly, and writing proposals. Students can complete the course on its own or as a part of the university’s Business English Communication Skills Specialization program.

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