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Top 5 Online Courses on TOEFL Preparation

TOEFL® Test Preparation: The Insider’s Guide

TOEFL® Test Preparation: The Insider’s Guide is an online course offered by ETSx. The course helps students improve their English language skills, so that they can excel at the TOEFL test. There is no fee to enroll; however, students who require a verified certificate of completion must pay a fee of $49. In addition to reviewing important grammatical tips, the class covers the four parts of the exam, provides test-taking tips, and explains how the test is scored. Students even receive guidance on how to enroll for the test. The course lasts for six weeks and requires two to four hours of study time weekly.

TOEFL Examination Prep

Magoosh offers an online program to help students prepare for the TOEFL examination. The class is backed by a guarantee; students who have previously taken the test before who do not score four points higher after finishing the course will receive a full refund. Students pay a flat fee to receive access to the test prep material. For one month, the cost is $79. A three-month subscription costs $99, and a six-month subscription costs $149. In addition to comprehensive test prep materials, the service provides 140 online video lectures, more than 420 practice tests, a study schedule, and a full-length practice test with an accurate score predictor feature.


TOEFL iBT is a program offered by Kaplan. The program included 190 video lessons to help students master the most important skills required for receiving a passing score on the TOEFL exam. Students also gain access to four full-length practice examinations. Each practice test includes a writing section that will be graded and critiqued by an instructor. In addition to the online coursework, students receive a course book with more than 100 additional practice questions. The course lasts for six months and is completely self-paced, allowing students to study according to their own schedules. Enrollment costs $349.

Complete TOEFL iBT Success Course

The Complete TOEFL iBT Success Course is a test prep course offered through Udemy. The course is presented in English with subtitles in Indonesian, Portuguese, and Spanish. To enroll, students must pay a fee of $129.99. After enrollment, students receive access to 10 hours of on-demand video that covers the four parts of the exam and provides test-taking and study tips. The videos can be viewed on a computer, television, or mobile deice. In addition, students receive assignments and 25 downloadable resources. Two full-length practice tests are also included in the course material.

TOEFL iBT (26+) Complete Preparation

TOEFL iBT (26+) Complete Preparation Course is a test prep course offered through Udemy.  The class is taught in English with subtitles in Portuguese and Spanish. For a free of $59.99, students receive 43 hours of on-demand video instruction accessible on a television, mobile device, or computer. The instructor also provides seven supplemental readings, 91 downloadable resources, and assignments that deepen knowledge of the course material. To succeed in the course, students should have intermediate-level English scores. A previous score of 79 or higher on a practice or previous official TOEFL exam is recommended.