Organizations Offering Entry-Level Jobs in Environmental Protection, Rights, Law

Are you looking for a job in environmental protection, rights, or law? There are many organizations that offer entry-level jobs in these fields. This blog post will introduce you to some of these organizations and provide information about the type of work they do. So, if you are interested in making a difference in the world, read on.

UN Environment

United Nations Environment Programme aims to provide leadership and encourage establishing partnerships which will protect the environment. It depends on all of us if the environment will stay healthy. This UN organization gathers experts from all around the world to work in developing and developed countries on environmental preservation. UN Environment inspires, informs, and enables nations and people to improve their quality of life, while at the same time, thinks about future generations.

Similar to other UN organizations, UNEP also offers opportunities for those beginning to build their careers. They encourage young people to work and learn from experts, as well as to become future change makers. On the official website of the United Nations Environment Programme, you can find open job positions. Not all of them are entry-level, but you can start working as a Junior Professional Officer in several units which can be perfect for your career jump.

Environment Agency 

Environment Agency is a governmental organization in the United Kingdom. Their teams offer a great place to work for people with little experience or recent graduates. Working in one of the departments: Flood warnings, river levels, and flood risk maps, Flooding and coastal change, Waste including waste carriers, Environmental permits, and exemptions, Boating, and waterways, Fisheries and rod licensing, you will be provided with support to grow professionally and achieve significant results in your career. In the same time, you will have an opportunity to work with their professional partners and communities which will influence your professional and personal development.

What do they expect from you? You need to demonstrate an understanding of topics related to departments within the organization. Also, you should demonstrate the ability to work on your own initiative and as a part of a team. Good organizational skills and the ability to manage multiple priorities and competing demands, make you a good candidate for this organization.

World Land Trust

Working for an international charity, which strives to protect the world’s most biologically significant and threatened habitats, can be amazing and challenging at the same time. But definitely, it is a priceless experience that you can get as a member of such an organization. World Land Trust can provide you with such an opportunity since some of their job applications are open for entry-level applicants.

At World Land Trust, you can work as a writer and help the promotion of campaigns intended for nature conservation, contribute to social media channels and spread the word about efforts this organization makes. Its activities are created to educate people worldwide and protect nature, so you can also, be in charge of fundraising in order to enable the organization to implement its activities. Also, if you are good at organizing events related to nature conservation, you should check if there is an open position and apply without hesitating.

Climate Policy Initiative 

Are you aware of the impact of climate changes? Would you like to use your knowledge and help governments, businesses, and financial institutions that drive growth while addressing climate risk and researching problems related to it? If your answer is affirmative to this question, then you should check on open vacancies at Climate Policy Initiative.

Climate Policy Initiative is an organization dealing with policy and finance in order to improve the most important energy and land use practices around the world. Their job positions are open for those with progressive experience, but also for recent graduates. If your degree is related to international or domestic policymaking, finance and international development, business administration, urban planning, or another relevant related discipline, you should follow their Vacancy page and grab the right opportunity.  Often, there are job positions for people having some experience that you could apply for.

Brunel University in London 

If you want to work as a researcher in the area you are interested in, then staying within educational institutions can provide you with life long learning opportunities. Brunel University is situated in London, and it has diverse positions for those who want to stay engaged within it.

Brunel University hosts some of the world-leading scientists in environmental chemistry, toxicology, and ecotoxicology. Job tasks at this University may include working alongside leading researchers, assisting with the preparation and submission of high-quality research proposals, helping stimulate increased research grant submissions, as well as support proposals to a range of (mainly UK) research funders and contributing to improving success in grant applications.

Hampshire County Council 

Hampshire County Council delivers services to the people of Hampshire and beyond in an open and cost-effective way. Its job is to implement policy as determined by the Cabinet.

Within its departments, there are usually attractive entry-level job positions which provide great opportunities for building career paths. The institution offers to individuals who have no experience a rewarding career with great developmental opportunities. Positions for environmentalists are diverse, from legal adviser to project support officer related to waste. If this sounds interesting, check available job positions on the official website of Hampshire County Council.

CHA Consulting, Inc.

With more than 25 years of experience and the mission “Responsibly Improving the World We Live In.”,  CHA Consulting offers assistance to clients with environmental services.

You join offices in Albany, NY or Syracuse, NY and be responsible for conducting phase I Environmental Site Assessments, subsurface site investigations, overseeing the installation of soil borings, monitoring wells and water supply wells, collection of soil, wastewater and groundwater samples. For more information about available opportunities and eligibility criteria, visit the official website of CHA Consulting.


This company believes in the potential and new approaches and creative problem-solving that young individuals can bring to the organization. Therefore, AECOM is delightful to offer entry-level positions for enthusiastic young people.

The aim of the global network is to deliver clean water and energy to people worldwide. Also, they plan new cities, design parks and restore damages to the environment. They also connect people by roads, bridges, and tunnels.  In 2019, AECO is ranked as No.1 organization in Transportation and General Building within Engineering News-Record’s 2019 “Top 500 Design Firms”.   As a young employee working on the entry-level position in this company, you can take an opportunity to participate in Graduate Development Program (GDP) which is designed to support assimilation of the young employer into the organization and assist with creating a foundation of knowledge for a successful career at AECOM.

Partner Engineering and Science, Inc

With over 90 years operating, this company offers full-service engineering, environmental and energy consulting and design services throughout the Americas, Europe and around the globe.

For recent graduates and young people without experience, they offer interesting positions. Diverse job tasks such project management tasks, project research, data compilation,  site reconnaissance, including sampling activities, technical report authoring, preparation of quality supporting report documents/files and many more can be a starting point in your career and contribute to your professional growth.


Offering opportunities that are focused on delivering the best technical solutions to a diverse global customer base, Wood attracts young professionals who want to join this global leader in the delivery of project, engineering and technical services to energy and industrial markets. With offices in more than 60 countries it employs more than 60,000 people.

Marathon Petroleum 

If you are a holder of bachelor degree in a technical track, such as environmental engineering, chemical engineering, geology, chemistry, etc, then you are eligible to look for job opportunities on entry-level positions within this company. By grabbing a chance to work here, your tasks could include evaluation compliance with federal, state, and local environmental statutes and regulations by conducting data collection and analyzing for environmental regulatory reporting, as well as preparing and distributing reports, performs and records inspections, and many more.


Engie is a global reference in low-carbon energy and services with ambitions to become the world leader in the zero carbon transition “as a service” for their customers.

For those interested to pursue a career in the energy industry, Engie has a lot to offer. Each year, this company employs thousands of technicians, engineers, sales staff and others for its multidisciplinary teams, experienced and recent graduates.

If you would like to work in this company, you should check their open vacancies on their official web page. No matter if you obtained a degree in engineering, law or other related to Engie’s area of work, they are ready to provide you with the opportunity to join their experts.

Great Basin Institute 

Founded in 1998 at University of Nevada, the Great Basin Institute is an interdisciplinary field studies organization. Having several programs such as the Conservation Corps, the Research Associate Program it promotes environmental research, education, and conservation throughout the West.

From archaeological, aquatic, biological, engineering, and finance, there are high chances to find the job matching your skills and that you have always wanted. We encourage you to visit their website and take a look at some of the interesting job positions they offer for young people.

The Clear Lake Township Land Conservancy 

Working to preserve, protect, and manage the natural environment, this small organization is situated at Clear Lake in Fremont of Steuben County, USA, This natural corner has been defended and protected by the Clear Lake Township Land Conservancy for more than 25 years. Its Board of directors works on a voluntary basis led by enthusiastic people who strive to accomplish the mission of The Clear Lake Township Land Conservancy- “Preserving, protecting, and managing the natural environment within the watershed and township for future generations.”

Through a diverse program that it conducts, the Clear Lake Township Land Conservancy also provides opportunities for motivated individuals who share the same enthusiasm to join their team. You can contribute to their work by researching available grants for other programs, developing of informational website materials and social media content, managing community conservation programs and volunteers and land stewardship and educational events enabling the organization’s continued growth and capacity building into the future.

Fred Phillips Consulting (FPC) 

Fred Phillip Consulting is an ecosystem restoration company. Their projects include multidisciplinary wetland/aquatic/riparian restoration, commercial and residential landscape design, natural resource planning, and fundraising/eco-business development projects for Native American Tribes, nonprofit organizations, and public and private agencies.

Usually, during summer, they are in search of persons who will take an entry-level position and help them in the implementation of the activities. These remote jobs include tasks such as completing design concepts and construction documents for wetland and riparian restoration, trails, and parks, performing site analysis on restoration sites including wetland delineation, functional assessments. Also, you can work as an assistant in project management where you can provide assistance with completing technical wetland restoration and functional assessment reports.

The Hurricane Island Center for Science and Leadership 

This non-profit organization is founded in 2009 with a mission “to integrate science education, applied research, and leadership development through year-round educational programs and a seasonal, environmentally-sustainable island community.” The center conducts educational activities and research on focusing on marine sciences, STEM education, human ecology, sustainable living technology, citizen science initiatives, and leadership in environmental stewardship for all ages from middle school to adults.

The Hurricane Island Center for Science and Leadership organization provides opportunities for young people who like teaching and leading experiential programs for youth and initiating to identify and complete projects and work independently or as part of a team with minimal supervision. Each year in November, this organization offers diverse job positions for those who will use their creativity to design and lead structured evening programs with student participants as well as document lesson plans, program schedules, and program note, or to join the science and research team, helping them to conduct their work in the Field Station.


Considering the land a foundation of the health, this organization puts the focus on the intersection of the land trust and urban agriculture movements. Its goal is to create a future where land is the foundation of health and well-being.

This innovative national service program is a relatively new organization, founded in 2009 and they accept individuals’ applications who share the enthusiasm about promoting the importance of healthy land and who would like to work on empowering and educating landowners, farmers, and community groups. Jobs tasks include conducting workshops aimed primarily at priority landowners in a particular town, but which are open to the general public, emphasizing a community-based approach to conservation, or promotion focusing on different land management and/or land conservation techniques. Also, you can join them as an organizer and be responsible for holding SVT’s annual legislative breakfast or researching relevant legislation and pending legislation.

The International Council on Clean Transportation

As a non-profit international research organization that supports effective design, the International Council on Clean Transportation, also, implements policies addressing the impacts of the global transportation sector on climate change and public health. In order to achieve their goals, this organization conducts research at multi-levels of government, starting from local, national, regional to the international level. Target groups that it strives to connect with are civil society and the media.

With offices in Washington, DC, San Francisco, Berlin, and Beijing, the International Council on Clean Transportation created a working space where intelligence, flexibility, transparency and good humor are highly valued among employees. Starting at an entry-level position and getting a chance for a competitive salary including an excellent benefits package, this place is definitely something to consider.

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