Top 15 Past Life Reading Courses to Unlock Life Experiences

Many philosophers, psychics, and spiritualists believe that living beings start a new life after dying biologically. This is the concept that we usually call reincarnation or rebirth. According to the theories, the non-physical or spiritual essence of us can live many different lives continuously, learning from the mistakes and events from previous incarnations.

While our past life experiences are regarded as critical sources of information that could potentially change our lives for the better, not everyone is capable of accessing this resource. However, you can learn how to unlock your past life experiences and benefit from them.

Below you can find the best online courses in past life regression. The text also explains what you can learn in past life reading courses and why it’s so important to receive guidance from professional psychics and mentors.

What Can You Learn in a Past Life Reading and Regression Course?

In past life reading and regression courses, you’ll learn how to unlock your memories from past lives and use the information to improve the overall quality of your current one.

Past life regression courses also offer guided meditation sessions that help you heal your past life traumas to reduce stress and anxiety you face at the moment.

In addition, some past life readers share step-by-step instructions on how to heal yourself on a spiritual level through past life regression. Such courses often focus on meditation, hypnosis, Akashic Records, and psychic mediumship.

Top 15 Courses in Past Life Regression

If you have no idea what your past lives looked like, you still have a chance to unlock some of the most important memories and life lessons. As a beginner, you may feel a bit confused and this is why you should consider taking an online course in past life reading.

Below you can find expert-guided online courses in past life regression. While some of the programs are beginner-friendly and walk you through the basics of past life regression, others are more on the advanced side and aim to improve your psychic reading skills.

#1. Past Life Mastery Mini Course | by Myla Ivers on Udemy

Duration: 53m

Before you actually develop your past life reading abilities, you should learn more about what reincarnation is. Knowing how past lives work and why they’re so important is crucial for uncovering your hidden talents. And if you’re a beginner, this is an excellent online course for you.

This program briefly overviews the basic concepts and techniques for seeing past lives. The lectures discuss meditation and breathwork as two primary methods for accessing your past lives. Besides, you’ll learn what “regressed memories” are and how to recover them using your psychic powers. The mentor also provides an optional past life journal book that will help you keep track of your progress.


#2. Past Life Regression Meditations | by Joseph Drumheller on Udemy

Duration: 1h 53m

Meditation is an ideal way to relax and calm your body and mind. And releasing physical and emotional stress as well as negative energy is essential for awakening your psychic abilities. Past life regression is no exception. If you’re feeling anxious or stressed, the chances are that you’ll have trouble recovering your past life memories.

This course gives you access to some of the best guided meditation sessions to optimize your past life experiences and take you into a deeper realm. The meditations are helpful for exploring your past lives, healing your traumas, and gaining wisdom. The lectures also provide a contemplation exercise that allows you to gain insights into your past lives.


#3. Uncover the Mysteries of Past Life Regression and Spirituality | by Sarah Riley on Udemy

Duration: 1h 30m

Our past lives can be extremely mysterious and, therefore, many people still don’t understand how they can affect our present and future. In fact, the memories from our past lives can help us find purpose in life and simply change things for the better.

If you’re curious about what you’ve experienced in your past life, this course is for you. The lectures explain what happens after we leave the planet and how Akashic Records work. The class also describes the rationale behind astral projection and its uses. By the end of the course, you’ll gain a better understanding of how the spirit world works and why past lives are so important.


#4. Release Life Blocks with Past Life Regression | by Mary Collings on Udemy

Duration: 6h

Oftentimes, certain blockages prevent us from being full of joy. This is usually caused by problems in our relationship or challenges we face at work. Whatever the case is, removing these blocks is important to start living a more enjoyable and stress-free life. While there are several ways to get rid of the barriers, past life regression therapy is among the best ones.

This course will walk you through a few effective and powerful past life regression techniques that help you improve different aspects of your life. The program focuses on discovering karmic debts from your past lives and solving the problems while keeping yourself protected.


#5. Advanced Past Life Regression | by Dr. Karen E. Wells on Udemy

Duration: 42m

If you already know the basics of reincarnation, you can now continue with more detailed and in-depth online courses that focus on specific aspects of past life regression. In this way, you can not only advance your psychic abilities but also learn how to guide other people through the challenges as a professional past life reader.

By enrolling in this program, you’ll gain access to a few powerful past life regression techniques, including DNA healing, past life regression therapies, and karmic debt cleansing. The course also shares tips and instructions on how to become a successful PLR therapist and heal your clients based on their past life experiences.


#6. Past Lives: Exploring the Past to Heal the Present | by Dr. Karen E. Wells on Udemy

Duration: 1h 52m

Certain blockages often stop us from developing in life. If you’ve ever felt stuck and it seemed like you were unable to move forward, exploring your past life experiences and receiving healing accordingly may actually help. Believe it or not, healing the traumas from your past lives lets you heal yourself in the present.

This course explains some of the factors that may be holding you back in this lifetime. The lectures not only teach you how to release the blockages but also demonstrate how to become a qualified past life regression therapist to assist other people as well. That being said, this program is an excellent choice if you’re passionate about making past life reading your full-time career.


#7. Healing Your Past Life Fears | by Ainslie MacLeod on Sounds True

Duration: 4-5h

Your phobias in this lifetime are often connected to your experiences from past lives. Even if you have no idea who you were before reincarnating into this body, events that happened in your past lives still affect different aspects of your health. Therefore, if you have random fears that you cannot really explain, past life regression therapy could be an answer.

In this course, you’ll learn how to heal your past life fears and reconnect to your soul’s core values. Along with curing your phobias, the program ensures that you grow both spiritually and personally. Here’s everything you need to know to access your past incarnations and live a more joyful life.


#8. Past Life Regression: A Guided Process for Soul-Level Healing | by Ainslie MacLeod on Sounds True

Duration: 1h

While healing some of your past life traumas is key to achieving success in this lifetime, soul-level cleansing has even more benefits. In fact, any unhealed experience from your past life can obstruct your potential today. Luckily, you can easily lift the burden by performing the past life regression therapy.

As a beginner, you may find it challenging to access your experiences and memories from past lives. And here’s an online course to help you get started. This program explains how past life fears hinder your abilities in this lifetime and provides a few proven ways to resolve the traumas from previous incarnations.


#9. Past Lives for Healers: Spiritual Regression | by Mark Beale on Udemy

Duration: 5h 38m

After healing yourself and accessing your past life memories, you may decide to become a professional healer and guide other people through the process as well. If this is the case, you’ll need a mentor to walk you through the core principles of working as a professional past life regression therapist. And here’s the best course for you.

In this program, an expert healer provides tips to become confident when working on past life regression and develop psychic abilities to boost your healing powers. The lectures also teach you how to deliver insightful and trustworthy past life readings as a professional psychic advisor.


#10. Past Life Regression Therapy: Practitioner Training | by Mark Beale on Udemy

Duration: 7h 18m

If you have never worked as a professional psychic before and you’re passionate about helping others, learning how the past life regression therapy works will help you grow as an advisor. However, you’ll need expert guidance to make the overall process less challenging and boost your psychic potential.

This course shares in-depth information about 3 past life regression sessions that will change your clients’ lives for the better. The program is over 7 hours long and covers everything you need to know to become a professional past life reader.


#11. Remove Blocks to Psychic Power with Past Life Therapy | by Sal Jade on Udemy

Duration: 2h 20m

Developing psychic abilities can be an exciting journey. However, certain blocks may prevent you from awakening your true powers. Although there are several different ways to release the blockages, past life therapy is one of the best methods to heal yourself and keep moving forward.

If you’re curious about awakening and strengthening your psychic skills using the past life regression therapy, this course is for you. The lectures teach you how to balance your karmic debt and release blockages coming from your past lifetimes to develop as a professional psychic and healer.


#12. Guided Hypnosis to Visit Past Life or Lives | by Alan Kirwan on Udemy

Duration: 1h 20m

The ways psychics and mediums access past life experiences may differ. Although some refer to meditation and use their clair senses, others rely on hypnosis. This technique has been used for many years, allowing people to visit their past lives while being in a highly relaxed and focused state.

In this course, you’ll learn how hypnosis can be used during past life regression therapies. The program shares information about learning more about yourself in past lives, enabling you to look at your current life from another perspective. You’ll also gain access to the emotional freedom technique (EFT) that lets you overcome some of your life’s limitations.


#13. Past Lives: Healing Emotional Wounds and Repeating Patterns | Dr. Karen E. Wells on Udemy

Duration: 1h 18m

As someone who has no access to his/her past lives, it’s hardly possible for you to tell whether some of the events occuring in this lifetime have also happened in your previous incarnations. As a matter of fact, identifying the repeating patterns makes it easier for you to overcome the challenges you face. And if this is something you need, here’s the best past life reading and healing course for you.

By enrolling in this program, you’ll gain a better understanding of how your past life experiences affect you today. The lectures also discuss the ways to heal your emotional wounds through hypnosis and past life regression therapies.


#14. Your Past Lives through the Akashic Records | by Derek Jameson on Udemy

Duration: 3h 30m

Akashic Records can be regarded as the library full of the details about your spiritual journey. They include your memories, events, actions, feelings, and thoughts. No matter how many times you reincarnate, your Akashic Records remain unchanged, meaning that they carry all the information about your and your soul’s core values.

That being said, accessing Akashic Records during the past life regression therapy is one of the most powerful ways to heal yourself and overcome some of your past life fears. This course not only explains how Akashic Records work but also provides a detailed guide on how to practice past life regression safely.


#15. Psychic Mediumship: Spiritual Past Life Regression | by Julian Jenkins on Udemy

Duration: 1h 24m 

Psychic mediumship is the ability to communicate with the spirit world. In fact, mediumship is a powerful way of receiving messages from your spirit guides. Besides, some psychics and mediums access their past lives through spirit realms. If this sounds exciting, then this guide is for you.

In this course, you’ll learn the basics of meeting your spiritual guides and communicating with them. The program also focuses on deepening your understanding of healing traumas by reconnecting with your past life experiences. After completing the training, you’ll be able to clear the energy blocks and explore your previous incarnations through the art of mediumship.


Why Should You Learn Past Life Regression?

We often face challenges in life that don’t really make sense and finding solutions is sometimes hardly possible. Whether you’re experiencing mental and emotional symptoms or you just want to reconnect with your inner self, recovering some of your past life memories can guide you through the transformation process.

That being said, learning past life reading lets you grow as a person. What could be better than living a more fulfilled life, right?

In addition to that, taking courses in past life regression will help you develop your psychic abilities. Being able to read past lives will not only benefit you but also those around you. So, learning past life regression is an excellent option if you’re willing to become a professional psychic reader.

Frequently Asked Questions about Past Life Regression Courses

To help you understand how past life regression courses work and why they’re so valuable, here are the answers to commonly asked questions.

Q1. Why Should I Take Past Life Regression Courses?

Not many people manage to access their past life memories on their own. And this is when online courses come into play. By enrolling in a past life regression training program, you gain access to detailed guides and step-by-step instructions provided by expert psychics and professional past life readers.

Moreover, taking past life regression courses prevents you from wasting time and ensures that you reach the goal with minimal effort. Note that developing past life reading abilities still requires patience and commitment, even if you’re being guided by an expert in the field.

Q2. How Much Do Past Life Regression Courses Cost?

Past life regression courses typically cost anywhere between $15 and $120. Depending on the type of guidance you want to receive, you may have to pay either less or more. You may also get lucky and find free past life reading programs that are ideal for beginners. If you’re looking for a course to advance your skills, you should aim for more in-depth training programs that may cost over $100.

Q3. How Long Does It Take to Complete a Past Life Regression Course?

Completing a beginner-level past life reading course may take somewhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours. You’ll learn more about the theoretical aspects of past life regression and get a better idea of how it works.

Intermediate-level courses focus on explaining how to unlock past life reading abilities and require 2-5 hours to be completed.

Lastly, advanced past life regression courses are usually longer and it may take you 5+ hours to successfully finish the program.

Q4. Can I Work as a Professional Past Life Reader after Completing the Course?

Yes, you can work as a professional past life reader after completing a few courses. Keep in mind that beginner-level courses won’t be enough to develop the psychic ability. Instead, you should focus on professional past life regression programs that teach you not only how to recover past life memories but also how to deliver readings and offer your clients further guidance.