Top 10 Pendulum Courses to Help Make Important Choices

A pendulum is a small object hanging on a string, enabling you to receive spiritual guidance, answer questions, or make important choices in life. Among many other divination tools, pendulums are widely used by professional psychics.

While pendulum dowsing can be used for giving psychic readings, it’s also a common technique for tapping into your intuition. Besides, pendulums are also effective when communicating with spirit guides or connecting to your higher divine self.

If you’re curious about how pendulums work or you want to master the art of pendulum dowsing, here are some of the best online courses to start with.

What Can You Learn in Pendulum Dowsing Courses?

Depending on the type of course you choose, you’ll learn different aspects of pendulums and how they can be used for dowsing.

For example, introductory courses in pendulum dowsing focus on explaining the basics of the divination technique. You’ll learn what pendulums are, how they work, and what else you need to know to start working with a pendulum.

In the case of intermediate-level courses, you’ll continue with exploring more detailed and in-depth concepts, such as giving psychic readings using a pendulum. These programs give you all the information you need to gain insights about different situations through pendulum dowsing.

Lastly, advanced pendulum courses teach you how to advance your psychic abilities and dowsing techniques to make your readings consistently reliable.

Top 10 Courses in Pendulum Dowsing

If you’re looking for an online program to learn how to use pendulums for gaining psychic insights and spiritual guidance, here are the top 10 online courses in pendulum dowsing.

#1. How to Work with a Pendulum | by Ava Adames on Udemy 

Duration: 32m

While a pendulum is a powerful divination tool, learning how it functions and mastering the techniques of working with it are absolutely crucial. If you want to start using a pendulum for decision-making or simply as a tool that cleanses your energy field, this program is for you.

In this course, you’ll find easy-to-follow instructions on how to set up and use your pendulum. The program focuses on explaining how to make life decisions using a pendulum on an energetic level. Besides, you’ll learn how to use pendulum healing powers to balance yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


#2. How to Use a Pendulum to Know Answers from Your Mind | by Pradeep Aggarwal on Udemy 

Duration: 33m

Oftentimes, answers to a broad variety of questions are hiding deep inside our subconscious mind. While there are a few ways to access the answers, using a pendulum is one of the most effective options. However, knowing the right technique is key to achieving success.

For anyone who wants to gain access to the hidden answers, this short online course provides the basics of using a pendulum and programming it for your mind. The program also teaches you how to communicate with your inner self using a pendulum to make a decision with confidence.


#3. Pendulum Dowsing: A Definitive Guide for Beginners | by Vivienne McAlister-Geertz on Udemy 

Duration: 6h 39m

Even though pendulum dowsing may seem to be an easy divination technique, there are plenty of aspects to take into account to actually receive information using a pendulum. If you’re looking for an all-in-one course to learn how to use a pendulum for improving your everyday life, this program is for you.

To help you make the most of your pendulum, this definitive guide provides detailed information about its history and practical uses. The lectures explain how to find the most optimal way of using a pendulum to receive guidance. As pendulums can attract energies, you’ll also learn how to clear, cleanse, and energize your powerful divination tool.


#4. Introduction to Crystal Pendulums for Intuitive Development | by Sharlean Windus on Udemy 

Duration: 1h 54m

Along with offering psychic guidance and spiritual insights, crystal pendulums can be used for developing intuitive abilities. However, selecting the right crystal for you and understanding how this technique works is essential for increasing your intuitiveness.

By taking this course, you’ll get a better idea of how to find the best crystal pendulum for you. Besides, the lectures share a few ways to program crystal pendulums, ensuring accurate pendulum readings. To maximize the power of your crystal pendulum, the program also provides energy clearing techniques to cleanse and charge them when needed.


#5. The Spirit and Science of Crystals and Pendulums | by Sisters of Earth and Sky on Udemy 

Duration: 1h 14m

Understanding the spiritual aspects of pendulum dowsing is key to incorporating this technique into your everyday life. By having adequate knowledge and experience, you can receive a myriad of benefits, ranging from opening chakras, calming your mind, and spiritual grounding.

If you’re curious about the science behind crystal pendulums, this online course is for you. It explains the role of different crystals used in pendulum dowsing and highlights the importance of choosing the right one for you. The lectures also teach you how to hold, use, cleanse, and recharge your pendulum to maintain its powerful properties.


#6. Dowsing with Pendulum: All Levels in One Course | by Marko Pesic on Udemy 

Duration: 5h 30m

Dowsing with a pendulum is a divination technique that can also be used for inviting healing and protection to your life. When used correctly, pendulums can be extremely powerful tools for cleansing energy fields and promoting overall well-being.

In this comprehensive course, you gain access to basic, intermediate, and advanced levels of pendulum dowsing. The lectures share detailed information about different types of dowsing tools and ways to use them for healing, aura cleansing, and trauma removal. In addition, the program walks you through the process of combining feng shui and pendulum dowsing to cleanse your space and receive accurate information.


#7. Master Dowsing Course Using Pendulums, Rods, Wands, and Body | by Ulrike Armstrong on Udemy 

Duration: 2h 18m

While a pendulum is one of the most popular divination tools, there are a few other items you can use for dowsing. In fact, understanding how different dowsing tools work enables you to combine them when applicable. So, if you want to master dowsing using pendulums, rods, wands, and even your body, this online course is for you.

The program shares background information about dowsing and explains how this divination method can be applied to your everyday life. You’ll also learn how to work with dowsing tools, such as pendulums and rods, to receive accurate information while keeping yourself protected from negative external influences or psychic attacks.


#8. Pendulum and Chakra Reading Practitioner | by Lorea Moreno on Udemy 

Duration: 1h 11m

As you may already know, pendulums are used for giving a broad range of psychic readings, including chakra reading sessions. Whether you want to analyze your own chakras or help others understand their energy fields, a pendulum can be an excellent tool to get started.

By taking this course, you’ll gain access to step-by-step instructions on how to program your pendulum and give accurate chakra readings either for yourself or professionally. The program focuses on awakening your intuition while increasing your trust in the power of pendulums and chakras.


#9. Pendulum Healing | by Toni Puhle on Udemy 

Duration: 1h 30m

Pendulums, in particular crystal pendulums, are widely used for healing purposes. Whether we’re talking about emotional overload, physical stress, or spiritual awakening, pendulums can help you get back on track. Still, understanding how to work with pendulums is key to receiving the healing benefits.

In this program, you’ll learn more about the essentials of the healing process with pendulums. The lectures discuss different aspects of life in which you may need to heal your energy vibrations. Besides, the course explains how to program a pendulum for specific health-related concerns when healing in person or remotely.


#10. The Definitive Guide: Psychic Spiritual Pendulum Channeling | by Julian Jenkins on Udemy 

Duration: 2h 2m

Channeling, also known as mediumship, is the ability to connect with higher divine realms and communicate with spirit guides. While psychic mediumship is among the most powerful divination techniques, it requires proper knowledge and experience to not only connect to the spirit world but also be able to interpret the messages.

If you’re enthusiastic about learning channeling, this course explores an effective technique which involves the use of a spiritual pendulum. The lectures explain how to select the right pendulum for you so that you easily connect to it and take a step forward to meeting your pendulum guides. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to use a pendulum for healing or getting answers from spiritual realms.


Why Should You Learn Pendulum Dowsing?

Pendulum dowsing is a powerful divination technique that helps you seek answers to numerous burning questions. Pendulums also offer divine guidance and spiritual healing.

So, whether you want to gain clarity in life or you need to heal your mind and body, learning how pendulums work can help you get started.

Besides, learning pendulum dowsing not only makes your life more insightful but also grants you an opportunity to help others. In this way, you can even start your psychic reading business or expand the scope of your services if you already have one.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pendulum Courses

To help you get a better idea of what to expect when taking pendulum courses, let’s answer a few commonly asked questions.

Q1. Why Should I Take Courses in Pendulum Dowsing?

While using a pendulum for dowsing may sound straightforward, considering a few factors is essential for making your readings accurate.

By taking an online course in pendulum dowsing, you’ll not only learn how this divination method works but also get the hang of how to incorporate this technique in your psychic reading practices.

In fact, understanding how to interpret pendulum readings is crucial for receiving reliable answers. Therefore, taking expert-guided courses is one of the best options for pendulum enthusiasts.

Q2. How Much Do Pendulum Dowsing Courses Cost?

Depending on the complexity and duration, pendulum dowsing courses cost anywhere between $10 and $100. While beginner-level courses share basic information and are cheaper, you may have to pay more for professional courses in pendulum dowsing.

Q3. How Long Does It Take to Complete a Pendulum Dowsing Course?

Completing pendulum courses takes around 2-3 hours on average. Shorter programs are either designed for beginners or share specific techniques for using pendulums. Contrarily, courses that require 5+ hours to complete are usually meant for more advanced pendulum readers who want to deepen their knowledge in the field.

Q4. Can I Work as a Professional Psychic Reader after Completing a Course in Pendulum Dowsing?

Yes, you can start offering pendulum dowsing readings after completing a few online courses. However, keep in mind that taking courses doesn’t guarantee the accuracy of your readings. Therefore, advancing your pendulum dowsing skills is key to receiving insightful information and giving trustworthy readings.