Top 10 Recruitment Agencies in DevOps

DevOps is a very commonly used term in the IT and development industry. If we break down the term, then it would be Dev + Ops (Development + Operations). DevOps is a set of tools, techniques, and practices that combines the development and IT operations teams to reduce development time. By using DevOps companies can test, build, and release the software in the market earlier than expected.

Besides other things, it also improves your software quality, reduces cost, improves efficiency, and productivity as well. Due to the benefits, it provides to an organization’s DevOps specialist there is a high demand and shortage of employees. Most of the time companies acquire help from recruitment agencies to hire DevOps specialists. So, we’ve listed below 10 recruitment agencies in DevOps which will help both companies and professionals.

#1. Nexus IT Group

The headquarter of Nexus IT Group is based in Overland Park, KS. Operating since 2010 in IT staffing services and specializing in DevOps recruitment. It is one of the best DevOps recruitment agencies in the World. They’ve helped in the recruitment of employees for DevOps in Amazon, and Capital One. They only deal with highly committed candidates as 92% of the candidates from Nexus IT group will accept your offer within the expected salary range and will meet more than 90% of the specified skills.

#2. Consortia

Consortia started is a UK-based recruitment agency that started in 2010 and now has offices in New York, London, Hamburg, Amsterdam, and Bristol. Now they provide their services worldwide across Finance, Sales, Digital Marketing, and IT industry. Their recruitment agency specializes in DevOps, Product Manager, User Experience, and Data Science. Consortia is one of the best in business as they create targeted job alerts to attract the best talent for your company.

#3. Next Ventures

Next Ventures is another top-of-the-line recruitment agency in DevOps and has been operating since 2001. Next Ventures provides global technology staffing solutions that operate internationally, and its head office is based in London. They have made their mark as one of the best DevOps recruitment agencies over the past two decades and got several accreditations. Next Ventures is considered the best recruitment agency in niche technology that delivers the best results.


When searching for top DevOps recruitment agencies you must come across NDC TEK which has an experienced team of recruiters. They specialize in the cloud, front end, back end, mobile app development, and DevOps recruitment. Although they are based in London, UK but they operate globally and most of their clients are from Nordic countries including Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Sweeden. NDC TEK provides talent in both contract and permanent positions.

#5. Salt

Salt or WeLoveSalt is another great recruitment agency in DevOps. It is an award-winning agency that operates around the world to create the best team of professionals based on your needs. The team of recruiters at Salt has expertise in HR, Sales, Marketing, and Technology. Some of their clients include IBM, Infosys, Unilever, and Babylon. Since 2012 they have won hundreds of awards in terms of being the best recruitment agency.

#6. Prism Digital

When it comes to providing the best opportunities for both companies and candidates, Prism Digital is the name that comes to mind. They are the go-to option for many high-end tech companies for hiring DevOps talent. They are also based in London and operating since 2012. Prism Digital team is also co-organizers of WinOps and London DevOps conferences/meetups due to which they can build long-lasting connections.

#7. Evolution

If you want to take your DevOps career to the next level, then the Evolution recruitment agency can help you with placement. Evolution is one of the leading IT recruitment agencies since 2000 with the presence of international offices in six different locations around the globe. They specialize in DevOps, AWS, Java, and mobile development.

#8. Intapeople

INTA People is also a UK-based recruitment agency operating for the last 25 years. We can easily say that it is one of the most experienced recruiting agencies, and have expertise in the field of engineering, IT (including DevOps), cybersecurity, and development. INTA People also work closely with different universities to find the best talent. They have connections with small, medium, and large-scale organizations as well which is beneficial for applicants.

#9. Harrison Clarke

Harrison Clarke is a US-based recruitment agency that specializes in hiring DevOps and SRE experts. One of the best things about Harrison Clarke is that you both client and candidate won’t be charged a single penny if they don’t get hired. They handle everything from CV writing, and interview preparation, to job placement. They have connections with many start-ups and tech leaders across the US.

#10. Third Republic

Another addition to our list of top 10 recruitment agencies in DevOps is Third Republic which specializes in DevOps and SRE. By choosing them companies can reduce the time to hire by 50% and that also while having a fill rate of 90% on vacancies. It is one of the fastest-growing recruitment agencies and has worked with prestigious clients like Amazon, ASOS, and eBay among others.

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