Top 15 Courses in Rune Casting and Reading

Oracular divination has been used as a technique for prophetic predictions since ancient times. Among many different tools psychics and mediums use today, runes are renowned for their precision and depth. By casting and interpreting randomly selected rune stones, readers can answer a myriad of questions, including those related to love, career, finances, life path, future, and more.

Visiting a rune reader to have some of your burning questions answered can be helpful. But what could be better than being able to toss and read rune stones on your own?

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to cast and read runes, here are some of the best online courses to start with. Below you can also read more about how rune casting courses work and ways to combine rune stones with intuition, shamanism, energy healing, or spiritual mediumship.

What Can You Learn in Rune Casting Courses?

Rune casting involves pulling out a few rune stones from a bag and tossing them onto a special casting cloth or board while having a specific question in mind. Therefore, most online programs focus on explaining how to cast and interpret different rune stones based on their positions and combinations.

In fact, courses cater to individuals with various levels of knowledge and experience in the field, ranging from beginner to advanced.

When taking a beginner-level course, you’ll learn more about the fundamentals of rune casting, from its origin and history to symbolism and modern uses.

Intermediate-level courses introduce the methods of interpreting runes and giving readings based on specific rune spreads.

Lastly, advanced rune casting courses build upon integrating intuition to refine and improve your interpretive skills.

In all three types of courses, you may find practical exercises and interactive tasks that take your rune casting abilities to the next level.

Top 15 Courses in Rune Casting and Reading

If you’ve always been enthusiastic about learning rune reading but didn’t really know where to start, we’ve carefully selected the top 15 online courses, ranging from beginner to intermediate and advanced levels.

#1. Dive into the World of Runes: A Beginner’s Approach | by Dr. Michele du Plessis on Udemy 

Duration: 3h 37m

If you’ve never worked with rune stones before, you should start with exploring the fundamentals of this divination practice. In this way, you’ll get a better understanding of how runes work and why they can be so insightful when used correctly. If this is the case, here’s the best online course for you.

The program shares basic information about the origins of runes, explaining how the technique was used during ancient times. The lectures also take a closer look at each rune and its meanings. Besides, you’ll learn how to create your own set of runes and give single, three, and multiple rune readings.


#2. The Viking World: An Introduction to the Vikings | by Kristen Lindbloom on Udemy 

Duration: 1h 14m

In the Roman era, Norse runes, also known as Viking runes were created to write one of the earliest forms of the Germanic language. Soon after, the runic alphabet evolved into a popular tool for divination, healing, and necromancy. That being said, having a solid understanding of the history and origin of runes is key to growing as a professional.

This course provides a brief introduction to the Viking world and the history of the Viking Age. It also explores their language and writing, including Old Norse, the runic alphabet, and Viking runestones. Lastly, the program overviews the myths and misconceptions about the Vikings by talking a bit more about Norse mythology and manuscripts from that particular era.


#3. Nordic Mythology and the Vikings | by Per Henrik Gullfoss on Udemy 

Duration: 3h 30m

Norse mythology and the enigmatic world of the Vikings grabs anyone’s attention, especially of those who’re invested in runic divination. The depth of rune stones and the scope of this occult practice are truly phenomenal. As a rune reading enthusiast, you should definitely check out this introductory course.

The lectures mainly focus on exploring Nordic mythology, their Gods, and Goddesses. The topics include Odin, Loke, Thor, the Vanir, Ragnarok, and more. Along with walking you through the world of the Vikings, the program teaches you how to find your own power based on your inner world. As a matter of fact, this is a crucial aspect of developing intuitive rune reading abilities.


#4. Runecasting: How to Read Elder Futhark Runes | by Jason England on Udemy 

Duration: 39m

There are three main runic alphabets, including the Elder Runes (Futhark), the Younger Runes, and the Anglo-Saxon Runes. When it comes to divination, Elder Futhark is the oldest (150-800 AD) yet most commonly used form of the runic alphabet. Therefore, proper knowledge of the alphabet is fundamental to reading runes for divination purposes.

By taking this course, you’ll learn how to read Elder Futhark runes when conducting a reading. The lectures briefly overview the meanings of individual runes while sharing 4 comprehension tests to check your knowledge and determine if you need more practice. As a bonus, you get a few rune layouts you can use to improve your reading skills.


#5. Runic Magic for Beginners | by Fleur De Moon on Udemy

Duration: 47m

Many psychics and spiritualists believe that runic inscriptions hold magical powers that let you predict the future, gain clarity in life, and protect you from negative influences. This is also known as runic magic, a practice that developed in the medieval and early modern periods. If you want to take a step further when learning rune reading, here’s the right course for you.

This is a beginner-friendly program that explains what runes are and mentions the meanings of each rune. You’ll also learn the basics of runic spells and ways to work with Gods by interpreting simple rune scripts. At the end of the course, you can test yourself and check if you actually understand the rationale behind runic magic.


#6. Rune Casting and Rune Magic | by Micah Blake on Udemy 

Duration: 2h 35m

This is another online course that delves into the fundamentals of Elder Futhark, provides historic meanings of individual runes, and highlights the benefits of rune magic.

Along with defining the 24 runes from the Elder Futhark, the program shares a few practical ways to cast and lay the stones for detailed information and accurate insights.

While rune stones are mainly used for divination purposes, they can also be incorporated as talismans. And this course provides step-by-step instructions on how to make your own talisman from the rune of your choice.


#7. Divination with the Runes: A Complete Course on How to Master Divination with Runes | by Bbeenhu Sc Grover on Udemy 

Duration: 2h 33m

Knowing the history, origin, symbolism, and associations of runes is essential for growing as a professional rune reader. However, there are many other aspects you should consider, especially when building a career in this field. This program is an ideal option for anyone who’s just getting started but has the willingness to master the art of rune casting.

This course offers an in-depth exploration of rune casting, equipping you with all the information you need to be able to successfully interpret different runic combinations. What makes it so helpful is that it shares unique Tarot card associations for each rune. It also teaches you how to create powerful hand mudras to control the energy flow in the body and invite enlightening runic vibrations into your life.


#8. Runes: Divination and Magick | by Astrid the Psychic Witch on Udemy 

Duration: 4h 36m

For anyone being passionate about becoming a rune reader, this course uncovers the complexities of this divination practice, ranging from the historical background to the meanings of runes used in modern society.

Many programs explain how runes work and what their meanings are, but this training course goes beyond that. You’ll learn how to choose your first set of runes by considering different material options (wood, stone, glass, etc.). You’ll also acquire knowledge of creating unique rune spreads that help you read intuitively.

In addition, the lectures provide further guidance to develop practical skills that enable you to combine runes with other types of magick and witchcraft.


#9. Witches Runes and Bones | by Linda Elliott on Udemy

Duration: 1h 23m

During the Viking Age, runes were primarily made of granite or other stone material. However, carved wood and iron pieces were also common at that time. In some cases, people would even make bone runes from cleaned, rounded, and smoothly polished animal bones.

If engraved animal bones don’t scare you, consider taking this online course to learn more about their powerful divination properties. The program not only introduces the concept of using bones as divination clarifiers but also teaches you how to create your own set of bone and witches’ runes. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to cleanse, charge, and use bone runes for divination.


#10. Complete Course in Celtic Divination: Runes and Druid Ogham | by Linda Rauch MARH RHom on Udemy 

Duration: 2h 44m

Celtic divination involves many different forms of fortune-telling, mainly the observation of weather-related phenomena and animal behavior. However, Celts, commonly referred to as Druids, also used divination systems very similar to Tarot cards and runes. The system is called a Druid Ogham, which is based on tree letter divination.

In fact, Druid Ogham can be combined with runic divination, leading to even more accurate and intricate readings. That being said, this course is designed for anyone who wants to use the wisdom of Celts and incorporate Ogham divination into rune reading services.

The lectures provide an opportunity to delve into the fascinating world of Celts who referred to the tree Ogham in times of uncertainty. To make your perception even sharper, the mentor shares channeled meditations that spark your intuitive abilities.


#11. Professional Diploma Course in Runes | by Dr. Karen E. Wells on Udemy 

Duration: 52m

If you’re fascinated by the mystical nature of rune casting and want to expand your knowledge of this ancient divination technique, this course is for you. It has been designed for both beginners and experienced rune practitioners as it provides detailed guidance about the runic system, its symbols, meanings, layouts, and more.

This training program is an ideal option for anyone who’s curious about ancient Norse wisdom and is looking forward to unlocking practical skills to cast and interpret runes. The instructor explores every aspect of rune reading, allowing you to empower yourself, even with no prior experience in this field.


#12. Awaken Your Inner Viking Shaman: Intermediate | by Yehuda Ben Jehoshua, Dario Nardi, and Avi Mamont on Udemy

Duration: 5h 40m

Shamanic work involves energy that provides guidance and insights for daily life. Viking shamanism is a powerful divination tool itself, but you can boost its potential when combined with other techniques, such as rune reading.

For anyone who’s motivated to awaken the inner Viking shaman, this course unveils the profound secrets of this practice. It walks you through the process of absorbing ancient wisdom, delving into Norse mythology, and even beyond.

The program is designed for individuals who already have a basic understanding of rune casting and want to deepen their spiritual connection. Moreover, it’s recommended to have prior knowledge of Viking shamanism to be able to comprehend the concepts discussed during the lectures.


#13. Awaken Your Inner Viking Shaman: Advanced | by Yehuda Ben Jehoshua, Dario Nardi, and Avi Mamont on Udemy

Duration: 5h 36m

This is an advanced training program, the third and final part of the series offered by three spiritual coaches. After completing the intermediate-level course mentioned above, you can enroll in this class and continue awakening your shamanic abilities.

To achieve better results, you should have adequate knowledge and experience as a shamanic practitioner, rune reader, and spiritual healer. The lectures focus on more advanced concepts, including ancient Viking rituals, connections with deities, and numerous esoteric aspects of Norse culture.


#14. The Definitive Guide to Intuitive Rune Reading | by Julian Jenkins on Udemy

Duration: 2h 9m

Rune reading doesn’t necessarily require using any psychic abilities or extrasensory perception. This explains the fact that runes are often considered beginner-friendly. However, it’s worth mentioning that combining rune stones with heightened senses can make readings even more valuable.

This training program offers in-depth guidance for those who want to master the art of intuitive rune reading. Along with learning how to choose, cast, and read different rune spreads, you’ll acquire knowledge of connecting to your rune guides and using psychic mediumship.

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to channel information from the spirit world when reading runes for yourself or clients.


#15. Ama Deus Shaman and Sacred Healing Practitioner | by Sufani Garza on Udemy 

Duration: 2h 44m

Runic divination is a powerful tool for answering questions about all aspects of life. While this technique has been widely used for psychic readings and fortune-telling, some professional healers also incorporate runes as shamanic soul healing stones.

If you want to learn more about shamanism and be able to use various sacred tools for healing, this program is for you. From the history of Ama Deus shamanism to shamanic practices involving runes, here’s everything you need to know.


Why Should You Learn Rune Reading?

Learning how to read runes can be exceptionally rewarding, allowing you to unlock a myriad of benefits on personal and professional levels.

First of all, rune reading is an ancient divination skill that promotes self-discovery. It lets you explore and examine your inner thoughts and feelings, leading to personal growth and development. Besides, you can uncover a plethora of hidden truths using rune stones. This can be especially helpful when coping with uncertainty or dealing with difficult decisions in life.

On the other hand, learning rune reading opens up numerous professional opportunities. As a psychic reader specializing in rune casting, you can offer free or paid divination services. Along with building a career as a rune reader, you can also conduct rune casting workshops, consultations, and master classes.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Below we answer a few commonly asked questions about online courses in rune reading. Keep reading!

Q1. Why Should I Take Courses in Rune Reading?

You can definitely use online resources or written divination texts to learn the basics of rune reading. However, mastering the art of rune casting requires certain knowledge and experience. This is when online courses come into play.

By enrolling in an online program, you gain access to well-structured course material that delves deeper into numerous aspects of rune stones.

Moreover, taking an expert-guided online course ensures that you make fewer mistakes throughout your transformative journey. While learning from your mistakes is an excellent opportunity, receiving professional guidance helps you achieve even better results.

Q2. How Much Do Rune Reading Courses Cost?

The price of an online course in rune reading depends on its length and complexity. On average, introductory programs cost somewhere between $10-30, whereas intermediate-level courses are usually priced at $30-50. For advanced courses, you may even have to pay approximately $50-100 or more.

Q3. How Long Does It Take to Complete a Rune Reading Course?

Depending on the type and level of the course you opt for, it may take around 1-3 hours to complete every module. However, some programs provide over 5 hours of course material, making them incredibly detailed and comprehensive.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to spend additional time practicing as this is key to fully unlocking your rune reading skills.

Q4. Can I Work as a Professional Rune Reader after Completing a Course in Rune Reading?

Absolutely! After completing a few courses and taking your time to master the art of runic divination, you can become a professional rune reader and start offering paid services.

One aspect you should acknowledge is that it takes some time to learn how to interpret rune stones, especially when using the intuitive approach. So, don’t rush yourself into reading for others unless you’re confident in your rune casting skills.