Top 15 Telepathy Courses to Gain Clear Visions

While some psychics gain insights through clear visions and feelings, others can use their extrasensory abilities to receive information from one’s mind. And this is what telepathy is all about. Telepathic abilities enable psychics to read what other people have in mind. Therefore, telepathy is often described as the communication of thoughts.

If you’ve noticed that you can easily pick up on whatever is going on in other people’s minds, the chances are that you possess the extrasensory ability of telepathy. Besides, if developing telepathic abilities is something you’ve always been enthusiastic about, you can actually make that happen.

To help you awaken your telepathic powers or strengthen your extrasensory perception to make your readings even more accurate, here are some of the best online courses in telepathy.

What Can You Learn in a Telepathy Course?

Telepathy courses, in general, typically focus on explaining how extrasensory perception works and what you should do in order to unlock and activate your true psychic powers. However, the specific topics covered during an online course largely depend on the type of telepathy program you opt for.

If you decide to take an introductory course, you should expect a bit more general lectures about psychic abilities, extrasensory perception, your third eye chakra, and psychic awareness. This will give you the foundation you need to actually develop your telepathic skills.

In the case of intermediate-level online courses in telepathy, you’ll gain access to step-by-step instructions and recommendations to awaken your third eye and activate your telepathic powers. These courses are key to developing your psychic skills.

Last but not least, advanced telepathy courses aim to teach you how to use your telepathic abilities to deliver reliable readings and interact with your clients to improve your services. This is pretty much essential for either starting or growing your psychic reading business.

Top 15 Courses in Telepathy

Whether you already have some telepathic powers or you’re just getting started in the field, selecting the right online course for you is key to unlocking, activating, and strengthening your mind reading abilities.

To help you find the best program for you, below we’ve listed the top 15 online courses in telepathy offered by expert psychics, mediums, and healers.

#1. Purify and Activate Your Psychic Channels | by Demian Haye on Udemy

Duration: 2h 30m

Purifying and awakening all 8 of your psychic channels is one of the proven ways to open the doors of your subconscious mind and extrasensory perception. Therefore, knowing how to locate these channels and understanding the ways to activate them is key to uncovering your telepathic powers.

In this online course, you’ll learn more about the 30 DNA activation codes to unlock and increase your psychic abilities. The lectures also explain how the psychic channels, also referred to as your clair senses, work and why they are so important in developing telepathy. The program also teaches you how to deepen your psychic skills while keeping your awareness centered in your heart.


#2. How to Open the Third Eye: Awakening Your Inner Vision | by Mark Keane on Udemy

Duration: 7h 29m

Your third eye chakra is connected to your awareness, perception, and spirituality. As the third eye chakra is linked with extrasensory abilities, it’s also commonly referred to as the psychic eye. While balancing your chakras is essential for developing or enhancing your psychic abilities, awakening your third eye is even more important.

So, if you’re passionate about unlocking your telepathic skills, you should first work on your third eye. And here’s the best online course for you. In this program, you’ll take a few steps forward to awakening your second sight to develop and strengthen your inner subconscious vision. This in-depth guide to activating the pineal gland is an excellent option for any beginner psychic out there.


#3. Develop Clairvoyance and Grow in Psychic Awareness | by Tom Llewellyn on Udemy

Duration: 8h 54m

When developing psychic abilities, one of the very first steps is to increase your psychic awareness and unlock your sixth sense. By activating your intuition and increasing your sensitivity to energy, you make it much easier to access your true potential and further advance your natural abilities. And the same applies to uncovering your telepathic powers.

If you’re a beginner and this is your first time working on your innate abilities, here’s a suitable online course for you. This is a comprehensive guide to awakening your sixth sense and growing in psychic awareness to increase your skills of telepathy.


#4. The Complete Professional Psychic Course | by Prof. Krishna N. Sharma on Udemy

Duration: 2h 39m

While psychics possess different supernatural abilities, you cannot randomly choose the right one for you. In fact, it may take quite some time for you to identify your natural abilities. However, knowing what you’re capable of is essential for strengthening your psychic skills.

To help you get started, this online program provides basic information about different psychic powers, including but not limited to clair senses, intuition, telepathy, lucid dreaming, aura reading, and spirit communication. After completing the course, you’ll be able to determine if telepathy is actually for you and whether you should work on strengthening your powers.


#5. Professional Psychic Development Course | by Dr. Karen. E. Wells on Udemy

Duration: 1h 9m

Successfully developing your psychic abilities requires patience and commitment. However, you can make the process much smoother by using the right tools and techniques to uncover your hidden powers. To do so, you should consider receiving professional guidance from psychic mentors.

For any beginner psychic reader out there, this online course briefly overviews the tools and methods you should incorporate into your psychic development exercises. These include intuition, psychometry, aura reading, telepathy, spirit contact, and more. By taking this course, you’ll make it much easier to tap into your sixth sense and use your supernatural skills to help yourself or others.


#6. Develop Clairvoyance, Telepathy, and Intuition Psychic Gift | by Crystal Tummala on Udemy

Duration: 1h 53m

Before you even continue with the exercises that enhance your psychic abilities, you should learn how to identify your powers. This is because recognizing the signs that you have certain supernatural skills helps you set the psychic development goals while using the right tools to achieve success.

In this online course, you’ll take a look at a few widespread myths about psychics. The lectures also explain how to identify the signs that you actually have been gifted with sharp intuition. Last but not least, the program shares several easy exercises to focus your mind and unlock your telepathic abilities.


#7. Psychic Power: Develop Your Telepathic Skills | by Pradeep Aggarwal on Udemy

Duration: 1h 18m

While there are many different ways to develop psychic abilities, self-hypnosis is one of the most effective techniques. By reducing stress, anxiety, and negative emotions, you not only relax your body and soul but also increase self-awareness. Believe it or not, improving your physical and mental health plays an important role in uncovering your supernatural skills.

This program is for anyone who wants to unlock, activate, and strengthen telepathic abilities through self-hypnosis. The lectures explain how conscious and subconscious minds work and provide general instructions on sending and receiving information by means of telepathy.


#8. How to Be Your Own Wizard or Witch and Reclaim Your Magic | by Mark Keane on Udemy

Duration: 7h 36m

Getting in touch and staying connected to your magical powers is fundamental to uncovering and increasing your psychic abilities. While this may sound a bit overwhelming, it could help you transform your life into a much better one. In fact, acknowledging your psychic gifts is key to accessing higher dimensions of perception and communication.

In this course, you’ll learn how to trust your gut feelings and intuition while using magical tools to open energy portals inside you. The program also explains the basics of shamanic journeying and how astral projection could help you develop telepathic abilities.


#9. Hypno Telepathy: Develop Your Telepathic Skills | by Pradeep Aggarwal on Udemy

Duration: 3h 26m

What could be more exciting than being able to read people’s minds, right? While developing telepathic skills is totally possible, knowing how to approach the process is essential. Besides, you should also master the technique of communicating with strangers to be able to accurately read their thoughts.

This training program in telepathy focuses on unlocking telepathic skills through hypnosis. The course also teaches you how to direct thoughts from or to your body when sending or receiving messages through your mind. After completing the course, you’ll be able to understand strangers’ thoughts with ease.


#10. Telepathic Healing 101 | by Bill Haberman on Udemy

Duration: 5h 7m

Psychic healing is a process during which non-medical healers perform spiritual healing procedures. While some psychics rely on physical contact, others can offer healing sessions from a distance. In such cases, psychics often use their telepathic abilities to connect with their clients.

If you’re curious about developing telepathic healing abilities, this online course is for you. The lectures not only provide general information about telepathy but also share the practical uses of healing telepathy. For intermediate to advanced-level psychics, the program explains the fundamentals of Chinese QiGong organ-emotion healing and how you can incorporate telepathic healing in this process.


#11. Spiritual Healing Advisor and Medium | by Sufani Garza on Udemy

Duration: 4h 43m

Spiritual healing can be performed using many different psychic abilities. And on many occasions, these powers are utilized in tandem with each other to increase the effectiveness of healing sessions. While you can rely solely on your intuitive abilities, you can also incorporate telepathy and spirit communication to make your services even more beneficial.

In this online course, you’ll learn how to use different divination methods and tools when providing spiritual healing services as a professional. The program discusses the importance of spirit guides, crystals, pendulums, telepathy, channeling, trance writing, and astral projection in psychic healing.


#12. Telepathy Communication to Heal Relationship | by Dr. Kapil Dev Sharma on Udemy

Duration: 2h 8m

Getting separated from someone you love, whether it’s just a friend or a romantic partner, can be quite painful and stressful. Along with losing the person you truly admired, you may also get disconnected from your inner self. If this sounds familiar, there’s nothing to worry about. You can easily get back on track by healing your traumas.

To learn how to heal relationships, either your own or your clients’, this online course describes the ways to use telepathy for healing purposes. The lectures also teach you how to become a more spiritual person to be able to easily access your friends’ family members’, or romantic partner’s minds.


#13. Exploring Dreams: Dream Work Facts and Cool Case Studies | by Ron Masa and Debbie Hart on Udemy

Duration: 2h 27m

Our dreams can often be quite mysterious or even terrifying. However, understanding how our dreams work or what the possible meanings of our dreams could be makes them more insightful rather than scary. And believe it or not, our dreams even enable us to use telepathy to communicate with another person through the mind.

If you’re curious about uncovering the magical and mystical nature of our dreams, this online course is for you. The lectures not only explain how dreams contribute to pretty much every aspect of life but also provide further guidance about using dream telepathy to communicate with others while being asleep.


#14. Animal Communication for Beginners | by Claire Bloomfield on Udemy

Duration: 1h 10m

While telepathy is often involved in traditional psychic readings, it can also be used as an excellent tool to communicate with animals. Although it may sound ridiculous, our beloved pets have a lot to say and being able to interact with them is truly amazing. But how do you get started? Here’s the answer for you.

In this beginner-friendly program, a qualified animal communicator and energy healer shares exceptionally useful techniques for connecting with animals and receiving messages telepathically. The course also provides further information about communicating with animals via photos instead of having actual physical contact with them. Finally, the lectures share a few tips and tricks to initiate successful telepathic communication sessions while being ethical and respectful toward pets and their owners.


#15. Animal Reiki Practitioner | by Prof. Krishna N. Sharma on Udemy

Duration: 2h 28m 

As someone who can communicate with animals telepathically, you can also develop animal healing abilities and help them live a happier life. While there are a few different approaches to psychic healing, reiki healing is one of the most popular options.

This online course walks you through the different aspects of animal communication, including telepathic communication through clair senses. The program also covers five essential reiki principles and provides some practical exercises to enhance your healing abilities. Last but not least, the lectures share tips and recommendations to start and grow a successful animal reiki business as a professional psychic specializing in animal telepathy.


Why Should You Learn Telepathy?

While telepathy allows you to literally read other people’s minds, there are a few other potential benefits that learning telepathy may offer.

First of all, uncovering your telepathic powers and learning how to use them increases your intuition. As strong intuitive abilities make it much easier to read people’s energy, emotions, and thoughts, learning telepathy is one step forward to becoming a reliable psychic advisor.

In addition, telepathy is another tool you can incorporate in your psychic readings to make them more insightful and accurate. Therefore, learning telepathy is among the ways to improve the overall quality of your psychic services.

Finally, learning telepathy makes your personal growth and development journey much more adventurous and enjoyable as it’s a pretty challenging and rewarding process at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions about Telepathy Courses

To help you understand how telepathy courses work, here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions.

Q1. Why Should I Take Telepathy Courses?

While some people manage to develop telepathic powers along with other extrasensory abilities independently, others may require professional guidance to stay on the right track. If this is the case, taking an expert-guided course is the best option for you.

Besides, by enrolling in a telepathy training program, you make the overall process much smoother. This is because you receive step-by-step instructions, recommendations, and tips to avoid making mistakes and promote your growth and development as a psychic reader.

Q2. How Much Do Telepathy Courses Cost?

Typically, online courses in telepathy cost somewhere between $20 and $200. However, the price of a program depends on its length and the content covered in the lectures.

If we’re talking about an introductory course with general information about telepathy, it’ll most likely be on the cheaper side. Contrarily, advanced telepathy courses that provide in-depth guidance are usually more expensive.

Q3. How Long Does It Take to Complete a Telepathy Course?

You’ll need around 2-3 hours on average to complete an online course in telepathy. Still, the duration of a telepathy course depends on how detailed the program is. Typically, advanced or professional training courses in telepathy take 5+ hours to complete.

Keep in mind that you should spend additional time practicing to strengthen your telepathic powers. Otherwise, you won’t be able to unlock your full potential and deliver readings that are both informative and reliable.

Q4. Can I Work as a Professional Psychic after Completing a Telepathy Course?

Yes, you can definitely work as a professional psychic and incorporate telepathy into your services after completing a few courses in telepathy. However, taking courses isn’t enough to actually master the art of telepathy. Rather, you should focus on enhancing your telepathic abilities and improving the way you interact with your clients to grow as a professional psychic reader.