Top 5 online courses on Sports Management

Amongst all other online courses available today, these are some courses that students with an interest in sports management could enroll in. From becoming a sports coach to an agent, these courses even teach students about sustainable sport events.

#1. Becoming a Sports Agent

Becoming a Sports Agent is a thirty-three-hour online course provided by the Case Western Reserve University, a private University in Cleveland, Ohio. With the help of several teaching tools and industry experts, this course aims at guiding sports agents through the four stages of a professional athlete’s life. This course will familiarize students with the duties of an agent, managing and monetizing their client’s brand, the evolution of publicity rights, while also learning how Major League Basketball teams function. Students will learn how to build an agency, manage their clients, and will receive updates about the rapidly changing sports arena.

#2. Sports Marketing

Sports Marketing is a self-paced online course provided by Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism and Integrated Marketing Communications. By the end of this thirteen-hour course, students will have a clear understanding of sports marketing and its components, how it differs from other forms of marketing, areas where it overlaps with the other forms and the primary areas of communication in sports marketing. Students will learn about different ticket pricing strategies, sports promotions, and sponsorships as well as predicting crises in sports. The language of instruction is English but one can utilize the English as well as Portuguese (Brazilian) subtitles as per their convenience.

#3. Sports Sponsorship. Let them Play.

Sports Sponsorship. Let them Play is a short eleven-hour, self-paced introductory course provided jointly by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and the Johan Cruyff Institute. With the help of a cross-sectional case study, students will understand the basics of sponsorship events, various stakeholders involved in sponsorships and the relationship between a brand and the event. Students have an option to participate in a competition run by the Johan Cruyff Institute and win a scholarship grant towards enrolment in the Postgraduate in Sport Sponsorship course.

#4. Professional Certificate in Sustainability & Major Sport Events

Professional Certificate in Sustainability & Major Sport Events is a dual course provided by Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Qatar, spread over 4 months. In the first part, students will have the opportunity to learn about sustainability in the context of major sport events and five pillars of such events. During these 8 weeks, students will also gain an understanding of the human, social, economic, environmental and governmental aspects of sustainability. In the second half, students will learn how to strategize, implement, procure and monitor a major sustainable sport event. Students can opt for the two certificates individually as well.

#5. Sports Coaching

Sports Coaching is a micro-credential provided by Deakin University that spreads over 10 weeks. Students can learn to improve their strategies to become better sports leaders, understand the psychology of leadership, learn ways of building an effective culture and study the impact of a coach or player-centered approach on a player’s performance. Students can enroll themselves for $1,069. Post successful completion of the course, students earn a certificate as well as a digital badge.

The mode of instruction for all these courses is in English unless mentioned otherwise. All the courses, except the one mentioned, can be audited for free but to earn a certificate one would have to pay a fee. Those who qualify can also avail financial aid for these courses through the respective providers.

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