Top 10 Agtech Companies Around the World

Agtech is a modern branch of agriculture which is concerned with providing sustainable agricultural technology. Technology makes life easier and increases output when it is used in the production process. Agtech companies have emerged to provide technological products and services that will improve agricultural practices across the globe.

10 of these popular agtech companies are examined in this article.


Sensonomic is an agtech company based in Norway. This creative agtech company helps large scale farms estimate their yield and predict their harvest. With Sensonomic, nothing in the food production sector is left to chance. Farmers utilize the products of Sensonomic to understand the level of output that a certain level of input can produce. Sensonomic helps farms in benchmarking.

With Sensonomic, farmers can now estimate the quantity of farms products their farms will produce even before planting. With this knowledge, farm owners can also estimate their potential profit and know where to allocate their resources to make more profit. Sensonomic is one of the agtech companies that have revolutionized commercial agriculture.

Anuvia Plant Nutrients

Anuvia Plant Nutrients is a popular agtech company with a long-term plan of ensuring that food production satisfies the needs of the growing global population by 2050.

Anuvia plant nutrients invests in the production of nutrients that will help plants grow faster without relying on natural nutrients that may be exhausted thereby slowing the production of food for the increasing global population. Relying on natural nutrients alone for agricultural purposes will lead to a low level of production.

Anuvia manufactures plant nutrients and supplements which will result in increased output in farms and more food for Earth’s increasing population.


Cropx is a leading soil sensing and agricultural analytics firm which provides solutions to data driven farming. This popular agtech company allows farmers make science-based decisions on the use of farm inputs. One of the ways it helps farmers know the right amount of farm inputs to use is by determining the level of irrigation a particular field needs through its software application.

This information is important to farmers and helps them adapt to the changing conditions of the field they intend to irrigate. Cropx develop products which can predict water uptake patterns, detect faulty irrigation systems and damaged irrigation facilities and improve the general decision-making process on irrigation.


Bluwrap is a leading agtech company which provides technological solutions that naturally extend the shell-life of perishable proteins. It has developed an oxygen management method to provide and sustain naturally controlled atmosphere environment that suspends time to enable the transportation of fresh fish and shell proteins produced by fish farmers to anywhere on earth without the use of ice or polystyrene which could be harmful to the environment. This innovation also tackles the problem of expensive airfreight.

The technology of Bluwrap has positively modified fresh protein production, storage, and supply across the world. With its technology, BluWrap is revolutionizing fresh protein supply chains worldwide. The agtech company provides the most economical way of transporting fresh protein to distant locations without an expensive airfreight.


Bovcontrol is a popular agtech company which develops technology to help livestock farmers produce quality beef for consumption. This agtech company also provides technology to aid in the extraction of milk from cows. Bovcontrol makes it possible to estimate meat and milk production in ranches. The company also invests in genetic operations of cattle. Bovcontrol is divided into four departments for effective performance. Bovcontrol is the first department which helps livestock farmers control their ranches. Bovdiary develops technology for quality milk production, Bovbeef is concerned with beef production and packaging while Bovgenetics is the department that handles genetic operations.


Farmlead is the agtech company every grain farmer should know about. Farmlead connects grain farmers to buyers who are ready to purchase their products.

The agtech company has a mobile application, Combyne, which is a network of grain farmers and their buyers. Combyne is one of the most popular apps to easily sell agricultural products. Current prices of grains and other products are listed on the Combyne platform. Farmlead has helped many grain farmers sell their products and has greatly revolutionized trade in agriculture.


Swiim is a leading water resources management firm. The services of this agtech company are contained in its name Swiim.

Swiim stands for Sustainable Water and Innovative Irrigation Management. The company has set a new and better standard in water measurement. The products of Swiim allow growers to receive an accurate measurement of the amount of water both delivered and consumed on farm fields. Swiim products helps farms to manage water resources and accounts for water the same way an accountant accounts for finances.

The innovation of Swiim in irrigation systems enables farms make adequate use of their water resources at lesser costs.


For more than 10 decades Agcode has provided software solutions to agricultural problems. The company was founded in 2002 with the objective of creating a solution for traceability in agriculture with a user-friendly interface.

Agcode’s farm management software has helped farmers maximize efficiency by eliminating redundancy and mistakes that occur when manual entries are made on paper.

Agcode has helped many farmers manage data in their farms successfully and retrieve the data they need whenever they need it.

Full Harvest

Full Harvest has helped farmers maximize profit in ways they previously could not. The agtech company ensures that no harvested food is wasted. Full harvest connects farmers who have wasted surplus of perishable harvests to buyers who will put them into good use.

With Full Harvest, no fruit or vegetable is a waste, unimportant or too bad because the company ensures the produce are delivered to buyers who need them.


For almost a decade Granular has helped farmers to build more profitable and efficient farms through its farm management software. The software of Granular enables farmers to run all forms of farming business. Granular caters for the software needs of farmers in accounting, agronomy, input management and output data.

Granular is a complete software package that helps farms increase their productivity.

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