Who was Maurus C Logan?

Maurus C Logan was an American businessman and entrepreneur. He is best known for his work in the oil industry, as well as his philanthropic efforts. Logan was born in 1849 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His father, John Logan, was a successful businessman who owned a number of businesses, including an iron foundry. Maurus Logan followed in his father’s footsteps, and by the age of 21, he had already started his own business.

Logan’s first foray into the oil industry came in 1873, when he partnered with a man named James W. Paige to form the Paige Oil Company. The company was successful, and within a few years, Logan had become one of the richest men in America. He used his wealth to invest in a number of different businesses, including banks, railroads, and steel companies. He also became involved in politics, and served as a delegate to the Republican National Convention in 1876.

In 1884, Logan formed the Standard Oil Company with John D. Rockefeller. The company quickly became the largest oil producer in the world, and made Logan even wealthier. He retired from business in 1889, but remained active in philanthropy and politics. He died in 1901 at the age of 52.

Logan was a generous man, and donated large sums of money to charities and causes he believed in. He was also a strong supporter of education, and helped to fund the construction of several schools and colleges. His most lasting legacy, however, is the Logan Award, which is given annually to a business leader who has made significant contributions to the community. The award was established in his honor in 1902, and continues to be given out today.

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