Masters in Agribusiness

The study of Agribusiness is an ideal example of interdisciplinary education as it combines ideas and knowledge from a wide variety of sciences including Agricultural Science, Plant and Food Science, Business, Economics, and Social sciences. Master’s programs in Agribusiness careers may cover specializations in some disciplines to produce professionals in those specific disciplines. On the other hand, some degrees have a holistic approach to the subject and embrace an aggregation of all the sciences to train the students in becoming managers, planners, and entrepreneurs.  The selection among those programs has to depend on the scope of the degree, the credibility, and authenticity of the course as well as personal interest and affiliation. Listed below are 10 Agribusiness degrees from around the world that you can enroll in for a successful career in the field of Agribusiness.

Master’s Program in Agriculture, Environmental and Resource Economics (AGERE) | University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland

This Master’s program reflects the quality of education Finland offers, by its focus on linking evidence-based research with education. The University of Helsinki, which is one of the leading universities in natural sciences, has tailored this program to deliver skilled and capable graduates. The graduates can positively address the needs of the present and the future in the field of agricultural and food security, as well as environmental and natural resource economics. Agribusiness aspirants will have to choose the study track of Agricultural economics which prepares them through lectures and trainings on policies, business models, food markets, agriculture, and rural enterprise. A Master’s thesis project at the end of the program will ensure the application of the knowledge gained.

The tuition fee per year equals 15,000 EUR and the program runs for 2 years with 120 ECTS credits.

Master of Science and MBA in Food and Agribusiness Management | Audencia Business School, France and FECAP Business School, Brazil

This unique and exciting double degree in Food and Agribusiness Management is offered jointly by two universities from France and Brazil, which are some of the leading countries in the agribusiness industry. The specialty of this program is that the students are exposed to the latest trends in the field and they can simultaneously relate their theoretical knowledge with practices from all around the world. This program entails in its student the ability to look at agribusiness from several perspectives. The career prospects of this degree are largely amplified due to the connections made with the industry professionals from two countries during the study.

This is a compact course that runs for just over one year and carries 90 ECTS. The tuition of the entire program is 16,000 EUR.

Master of Business Administration in Agribusiness and Food Enterprise Management | University of Nicosa, Cyprus

The main feature of this program is that it aims to provide top quality contextual knowledge while staying close to the real agribusiness industry currently in practice. This enables the graduates to quickly establish a career in agribusiness and also adapt easily to the rapidly changing industry accordingly. Recognized as one of the leading universities of the Mediterranean, the University of Nicosa provides an excellent platform to launch your career in international senior managerial positions.

The duration of the course is 1.5 years with a minimum of 90 ECTS credits while the tuition fee is about 9200 EUR/year.

Master of Agribusiness | University of Adelaide, Australia

Master of Agribusiness at the University of Adelaide is a dynamic and flexible course that perfectly integrates academic knowledge with industry application. The large agribusiness value chain of the rapidly advancing country, coupled with its endorsement for international students adds a significant advantage to students entering this program. The program has been developed by joint researches with Australia’s leading agribusiness firms. So, the employability of the graduates exists in all parts of the value chain from food retailers to service providers.

The cost of the one and a half year-long program is around 25,000 EUR/year.

Master of Management in Agribusiness | Lincoln University Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand

Lincoln University Canterbury of New Zealand has more than a century-long history in agricultural science education. Through this program, the university aims to impart in its students; a clear understanding, analysis, and management of agribusiness products and services along with other bio-economic systems. The program uses its technical expertise in the subject to explore innovation in land agriculture, agribusiness, and agricultural economy.

The full-time program runs for a total of 18 months and costs around 22,000 EUR per year.

Master of Agribusiness | Texas A&M University, United States

The renowned research-intensive Texas A&M University offers this intercollegiate degree with the affiliation of the College of Agricultural and Life Science with Mays Business School. The peculiar attractive feature of this program is the faculty, which is made up of experts in individual fields of Agricultural Economics, Management, Accounting, and Marketing. Case-based researches, integration of business analysis with food and agribusiness sectors, and developing decision-making and problem-solving skills are the strengths of this program. Graduates are offered a range of career opportunities with this reputed degree and more importantly, the college also offers state of the art higher education curriculums after graduation.

The program runs for a period of 1 year and 4 months and costs around 22,367 EUR/year.

Master of Science in Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics | University of Manitoba, Canada

The University of Manitoba is a public research university in Canada and offers opportunities to national and international students to conduct transformational research in technical subjects including Agribusiness. This specific Master’s program is a thesis-based program under the Department of Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics with a combination of coursework and research components. The program includes subjects like market organization, regulation, econometrics in food and agribusiness sectors, and simulation models. Students can either continue their education in the university under the Department of economics or choose from several career paths and job opportunities in all parts of the agribusiness value chain related to economics.

The expected duration of the course is 2 years and the tuition fees of about 7,300 EUR/year for international students and 3,300 per year for Canadians.

Master Program of Agricultural Economics and Management | Northwest A&F University, China

China has always been a leading nation in terms of agricultural productivity and innovation. This Master’s program of Agricultural Economics and Management in the Northwest A&F University of Xi’an, China offers a unique environment and perspective of the agribusiness field. By combining basic theories with systematic knowledge of agricultural economics, the course develops the ability to conduct economic analysis and management in its students and also makes them familiar with the latest advancement in the subject through innovations and technology.

With 4 majors and several potential research areas, the program runs for a period of 2-3 years and costs around 2,600 EUR/year in tuition fees.

Master of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development | Seoul National University, South Korea

This Master’s program offers a study in the advanced theories of applied microeconomics, agricultural production economics, decision analysis, market analysis and policies, mathematical programming, marketing, agricultural development, and rural & regional development. Delving much deeper into all of these essential disciplines, the program offers students, the knowledge and the opportunity to work on all aspects of developing rural communities through agribusiness promotion and enhancement.

The tuition fee of the degree program is 2,390 EUR/year which extends for a period of 2 years.

Master of Science in International Agri-business and Food Chain Management | Harper Adams University, United Kingdom

Reputed as a specialist institution for agricultural and rural sector higher education, Harper Adams University is also the UK’s top-rated modern university for consecutive five years. This standard of education also reflects in the Master of Science program in International Agribusiness and Food Chain management as the program has produced professionals and international planners in several agro-food sectors like supply industries, consultancy companies, co-operatives, trade industries, governments, and national and international NGOs.

The short 1-year program has a tuition fee of 14,385 EUR/year and provides higher value for money and time in terms of career and personal development of the students.