Scholarships in Agribusiness for International Students

The Agribusiness sector essentially makes sure that the entire world population is well fed, so the study of Agribusiness is considered a vital field of study and is a well-reputed education. As a result, international organizations, countries, companies, universities, as well as private personals provide generous scholarships at all levels for prospective students trying to pursue their higher education in the field of Agribusiness and also to professionals already in the agribusiness industry to improve their skills and knowledge. Below are listed 10 scholarships from around the world for the study of Agribusiness at various educational levels.

Audencia Business School – The Food for Thought Scholarship

The Master’s program in Food and Agribusiness Management offered on the collaboration of Audencia Business School, France, and FECAP Business School, Brazil offers its candidates, university as well as external scholarships. The most prominent of them is the Food for Thought Scholarship offered by Audencia Business School which is a project-based scholarship for innovation in agribusiness. The scholarship amounts to 50% off in the tuition fee of the Master’s program as well as added benefits and supports in the research program. For applying to this scholarship, candidates must prepare a proposal for a project that deals with the advancement in agribusiness and food management. The proposal must be prepared in the provided structure and submitted during the application for the program.

Newcastle University – Vice Chancellor’s Global & International Scholarships

Newcastle University sponsors 5 global scholarships of £4,000 on tuition waivers for international students of many countries pursuing their honors bachelor’s degree in Agribusiness Management. These global scholarships are awarded to eligible international students and start from September for the full duration of the degree program. Similarly, the university also offers 200 international scholarships of £1,500 to £5,000 in tuition fee awards for candidates on bachelor or master’s courses in the university, including the aforementioned agribusiness program for students from India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, or Vietnam. However, students from these countries, along with a few more are not eligible for the global scholarships.

All applicants are automatically considered for both these scholarships as part of their academic program application.

University of Saskatchewan | University of Saskatchewan International Excellence Awards

University of Saskatchewan offers a wide range of attractive scholarships for students pursuing their higher studies in agricultural sciences. While many scholarships are assigned for indigenous students, there are prominent scholarships for international students as well. The University of Saskatchewan International Excellence Awards is one such scholarship that amounts to $10,000 CDN for non-Canadian citizens paying differential tuition. The selection criterion is the academic achievement of the applicants while all international students are considered for the scholarship. This scholarship is in addition to the guaranteed Entrance Scholarship of up to $3,000 which is also based on your academic achievements. The deadline for application is February 15.

University of Sydney | Roy Frederick Turner Scholarship (Agriculture)

Roy Frederick Turner Scholarship is a $7,500 scholarship awarded to international undergraduate students starting or currently undertaking studies in the agricultural field at the University of Sydney. This is a financial need scholarship and is tenable for one year only. The courses that support this scholarship are bachelor of science/bachelor of advanced studies in Food and Agribusiness and Agriculture, bachelor of food and agribusiness, and bachelor in agriculture. The selection criteria are the academic merit of students and supporting documentation and personal statement reflecting the need for financial assistance. The opening date for the scholarship is August of every year and closes in January.

SEARCA’s Full Master’s and Ph.D. Scholarships

SEARCA stands for Southeast Asian Regional Centre for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture and has been active in promoting higher education and research in the field of agriculture and related sciences in the region. It provides master’s, Ph.D., and research scholarships and grants for students of the member countries to pursue advanced studies leading to Master’s and doctoral degrees in this field. The age limit of applicants is 35 for Master’s degree and 40 for PhD degree. The scholarship benefit covers tuition fees, travel and book allowances, health insurance, thesis support, and a living stipend. This can be a great opportunity for students trying to achieve an academic career in Southeast Asian region in the field of agribusiness.

DAAD Master Studies Scholarships, Germany

DAAD scholarships are one of the most renowned European scholarships based in Germany which provides attractive funding for students pursuing higher studies in Germany. This scholarship highly favors courses from the technical field of studies like Agribusiness and Agricultural courses.  The duration of funding is for 10 to 24 months depending on the program to be undertaken and the amount of the scholarship is 861 euros per month along with payments towards insurance, travel, and other allowances. The selection criteria are academic qualifications, quality of the study project and proposal, personal qualifications and experience, etc. The DAAD scholarship is recognized all around the globe and successful completion of your agribusiness Master’s program under this scholarship can lead to a number of career opportunities and leverage.

Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Science – OKP Scholarship

Van Hall Larenstein University is a Dutch university of Applied Science which offers a unique program called “Master’s in Agricultural Production Chain Management – Horticultural Chains”.  This program is supported by the OKP scholarship, known as Orange Knowledge Program, which targets professionals from specific countries starting to pursue this as well as other related programs. Funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the application procedure consists of selecting the mentioned course and contacting the University administration for further information on the details of the process. Furthermore, applicants must be employed at the time of application and their employer must provide an employer statement.  It is necessary to check your eligibility for this scholarship, based on your country and the specified countries for the scholarship.

Marcus Oldham College – Dr. Alastair Mackenzie International Scholarship Fund in Australia

Marcus Oldham College was founded in 1962 and is one of the independent agricultural and equine business management college which offers students several undergraduate courses in Agribusiness. These undergraduate courses are aided by a scholarship fund of $15,000 for both domestic and international students. The applicants must have completed at least 12 months in an industry placement following secondary school and must have a strong desire to pursue a career in the agricultural industries. A strong academic background must be accompanied by an essay, answering a specific scholarship question. A copy of a recent English language test certificate must also be submitted if English is not your first language.

Harper Adams University – SRH Agribusiness Scholarship

SRH Agribusiness Scholarship offers an engaging opportunity and assistance for students in the second year of their bachelor level study in Agribusiness, Agri-food Marketing, Agriculture with Farm Business Management, and other similar courses of Harper Adams University in UK. Interested students can first be admitted to one of the above courses to be eligible for application after the first year of study. A contribution of £2,250 is provided towards education. Additionally, the major element of this scholarship is the employment opportunity of one year with SRH agribusiness, with a potential of further employment extension. There is also a possibility of further funding for the scholar’s final academic year after the assessment of the initial phase.

Purdue University – College of Agriculture Scholarships

The college of Agriculture and its department of Purdue University, USA offers a large number of university and external scholarships for new as well as existing students. These scholarships can be assessed on the university website and can be selected based on the eligibility criteria according to your needs. They are also classified departmentally and according to courses, so scholarships, specifically, related to agribusiness and agricultural economics are also listed accordingly. The aid amount, as well as the duration of funding, varies according to individual scholarships and courses. College of Agriculture scholarships provide large sums of financial assistance every year, allowing for needy prospective students to pursue their career in agricultural and agribusiness fields.