Early Career Jobs in Agribusiness

Agribusiness jobs in prominent organizations mostly require established portfolios and substantial working experience in the agribusiness sector.

However, several reputed organizations regularly offer specific positions and programs for recent graduates, young professions, and entry-level job seekers. These organizations recognize the knowledge, ambition, and skills that young agribusiness professionals possess. The jobs offered are tailored to suit their expertise and try to enhance their technical and practical skills.

10 organizations that regularly look for early career professionals in agribusiness are listed below:

Food and Agriculture Organization

The Food and Agriculture Organization is a global organization of the United Nations which essentially relates to the food and agriculture industry of the entire planet. In order to work towards its mission of achieving food security, FAO employs thousands of professionals of all levels in more than 100 countries worldwide. Offering international as well as local recruitment, FAO also regularly offers entry-level jobs for recent graduates with nominal or no working experience. More specifically, FAO has made a provision of Young Professionals Program, under which, young men and women from developing countries and countries in transition are provided employment and an active role in activities of the organization. The age limit is 35 and the candidates must have earned at least a master’s degree or a Ph.D., while no prior working experience is mandated.

International Food and Agribusiness Management Association (IFAMA)

International Food and Agribusiness Management (IFAMA) is the leading membership organization of the food and agribusiness industry where scholars, students, NGOs and policy makers come together to improve the agribusiness sector by solving critical management issues facing the industry. IFAMA has its three pillars set as fostering agribusiness talent, providing thought leadership in management of agribusiness and connecting academia, government and industry. For doing so, the organization offers several memberships and employment opportunities for students and professionals with high potential, at the start of their career. Additionally, a separate provision is set aside as IFAMA Young Board of Directors, which is a team of young, passionate individuals from several countries in the food and agribusiness industry.

World Food Program

Future International Talent Pool ( FIT) of the World Food Program seeks professionals, at any point in their career to build a pool of dynamic, motivated and qualified individuals. The World Food Program of the United Nations is driven by the goal of zero hunger and has offices in 80 countries with headquarter in Rome. As the largest organization of hunger and food security, WFP offers entry-level jobs related to agribusiness under the FIT scheme, which requires a university degree from an UN-recognised academic institution and a minimum working experience depending upon the level of the job and functional areas. The selection process creates a FIT pool of selected candidates, which are then contacted once there are suitable job opportunities. Furthermore, WFP encourages female applicants and qualified applicants from developing countries to apply. The positions are mostly based on mobility and emergency duty stations.

International Food Service Distributors Association (IFDA)

Founded in 1969, the International Foodservice Distributors Association(IFDA) is a trade association that serves the foodservice distribution industry. For someone trying to establish their agribusiness career in the foodservice distribution industry, IFDA regularly advertises entry-level positions from the warehouse floors to corporate offices and markets. Backed by highly competitive salaries and benefits, there is always the ability to grow, as competent and dynamic professionals are highly sought after in the industry. The opportunities are provided by member companies of the IFDA and agribusiness individuals are mostly considered for supply chain experts career paths. However, there are prospects for other career paths as well, like sales, marketing, finance, etc.

Asian Development Bank(ADB)

Asian Development Bank was established in 1966 as a regional development bank and since, has been working in the region to promote social and economic development. One of the organization’s key focus has always been the agricultural sector, but recently, it has shifted its strategic focus from agriculture to a comprehensive multi-sector food security engagement. As a result, ADB has been active in the agribusiness industry in Asia and the Pacific.

The Young Professionals Programs (YPP) offered by ADB requires a minimum of 2 years of professional experience and is established as an entry level recruitment program to attract motivated and qualified individuals. The period is set at 3 years and starts from the ADB headquarter in Manila. The young professionals are likely transformed into other positions in the organization, should they choose to do so. Along with this specific program, there are multiple vacancies throughout the year for which, minimum professional experience is required for promising candidates.

The Technical Centre for Agriculture and Rural Cooperation (CTA)

The technical center for Agriculture and Rural Cooperation (CTA) is a joint international institution that envisions agriculture as a vibrant, modern and sustainable business in the African, Caribbean, and Pacific countries known as ACP countries. As a result, CTA needs dynamic, qualified and competent professionals in the agribusiness sector, including young professionals. Funded by European Union, CTA works primarily in agriculture to create value for smaller farmers, entrepreneurs, youth and women and is driven by the mission of producing healthy, nutritious and affordable food in the region. CTA regularly opens vacancies and fellowship opportunities for professionals at all levels of their careers. Also, as CTA focuses on innovations in sustainable agriculture, it regularly seeks new and creative minds from the region, regardless of their prior working experiences.

Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN)

If you are interested in integrating your agribusiness knowledge into humanitarian efforts, Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition(GAIN) can provide an excellent platform and opportunity to do just that. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, GAIN is an independent non-profit foundation with a mission to make nutritious food more available and affordable. It has a presence in 20 countries and nine country offices with staffs from over 35 countries. As the core values for staff are teamwork, innovation, passion, and excellence, the organization offers entry-level positions for agribusiness personnel to work in the marketing and financing programs and contribute towards the main goal. In addition to the humanitarian contribution that comes with working for GAIN, the positions are supported with excellent professional development, annual appraisals and reward policies.

National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA)

National Agri-Marketing Association, commonly known as NAMA is a US network organization which helps to connect professional in marketing and agribusiness. NAMA identifies that the agribusiness sector is always changing and innovating and helps its members be connected to the leaders, creators and thinkers of the business. Although the organization regularly offers employment for motivated and talented early-career professionals with nominal working experience, the organization acts more importantly as a network to advance careers for young professionals. It always provides entry level job vacancies in many of its member companies and even provides the necessary assistance and support required for the job.

International Maize and Wheat Improvement Centre (CIMMYT)

With its headquarter in Mexico, International Maize and Wheat Improvement Centre is a non-profit research-for-development organization with the purpose of developing improved varieties and sustainable farming methods of wheat and maize in order to improve the livelihoods of poor economies. The organization has more than 1,500 professionals working in 40 countries. As an organization valuing and prioritizing scientific research, CIMMYT is constantly seeking fresh-minded entry-level professionals who are highly qualified and motivated towards the organizational theme. The job openings like Agribusiness development officer, which requires a minimum of 2 years of professional experience, are open at several locations throughout the year. Along with entry-level qualification jobs, there are also provisions for fellowship programs that may require no prior working experience. CIMMYT provides an excellent learning and developing experience in the field of maize and wheat research, production and marketing business.

International Fund for Agriculture Development(IFAD)

International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD) is a multilateral development organization with 177 member states and is involved in over 200 projects worldwide. With its headquarter in Rome of Italy, IFAD is actively engaged in the business sector of agriculture as well. To oversee the smooth functioning of all its operations across several countries, the organization offers several career opportunities for professionals at all levels of their careers and from all of its member countries. Entry-level job opportunities in the field of agribusiness include agribusiness consultants, project managers, analyst and so on. The institution also offers fellowship opportunities for recent graduates and researchers, which may require no working experience as well. These jobs, as well as fellowships, are often related to specific projects carried in partnership with several national and international organizations.