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Top 10 Online Machine Learning Masters

Machine learning is a technological development through which artificial intelligence is applied in such a way that the system is able to learn automatically, and improve without any additional programming. Basically, this is a data analysis method that ensures computer programs develop and learn for themselves. This field of study …

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5 Top Stained Glass Courses You Can Take Anytime

Learn to Make a Basic Stained Glass Window Learn to Make a Basic Stained Glass Window is an online arts and crafts class offered by Udemy. Intended for beginners with no previous experience, the course teaches how to make a basic stained glass window from start to finish. To succeed …

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Top 5 Cheese Making Courses You Can Take Online

Farm Cheese Making for Beginners Farm Cheese Making for Beginners is an online food and beverage course offered through Udemy. Though the course, students will learn the seven basic steps that can be used to make their own natural cheese at home. The class also covers the tools needed to …

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Top 5 Crystal Healing Courses You Can Take Anytime, Anywhere

Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher Certification Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher Certification is an online esoteric practices course offered through Udemy. Through this course, students learn about crystal reiki, discovering both the history of the practice and various techniques that can be used to promote health and well-being. To enroll in the course, students …

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