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25 Medication Courses you can study anywhere anytime

Medication courses deal with the health and well-being of an individual. They might be interdisciplinary courses i.e. employing approaches from other courses to deal with the subject matter. Medication courses are usually designed for healthcare professionals, students in health sciences or for the general public as the case may be. …

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25 best travel and tourism courses you can take anywhere, anytime

Travel and tourism is one of the world’s largest economic sectors and employs over 330 million people worldwide, generating about 10.5% of the world’s GDP. From hotels, to food and beverage, transport, tour operators and travel agents, this sector includes several other industries and provides livelihood to many. The following …

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Top 5 courses in Reflexology you can study online

Reflexology is a type of massage in which varying amounts of pressure are applied to the feet, hands, ears to promote healing. The underlying theory is that different organs are connected to these body parts and certain points corresponding to them can improve an individual’s health significantly. The courses mentioned …

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Top 5 free multimedia courses you can take anywhere, anytime

The use of multimedia is seen in several areas like education, entertainment, advertising, digital media and so many more. It is a field in which technology can be used to present computer information in the form of audio, video, animation, graphics, etc. Multimedia specialists are in constant demand and can …

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25 Free Online Courses Offered By The Imperial College London

The Imperial College London offers a number of online courses across various disciplines. Below is a description of 25 of those courses. Introduction to Android Graphics Introduction to Android Graphics is course 1 of 4 in Advanced App Development in the Android Specialization program. Prerequisite is a basic knowledge of …

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