Sunday , June 7 2020

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Top 5 free multimedia courses you can take anywhere, anytime

The use of multimedia is seen in several areas like education, entertainment, advertising, digital media and so many more. It is a field in which technology can be used to present computer information in the form of audio, video, animation, graphics, etc. Multimedia specialists are in constant demand and can …

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25 Free Online Courses Offered By The Imperial College London

The Imperial College London offers a number of online courses across various disciplines. Below is a description of 25 of those courses. Introduction to Android Graphics Introduction to Android Graphics is course 1 of 4 in Advanced App Development in the Android Specialization program. Prerequisite is a basic knowledge of …

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Top 5 free Courses in Change Management

Change is inevitable in businesses all around the globe as well as in life. Change management is a structured approach that helps to be prepared for such changes and deal with them proactively. The following courses will help change managers, innovation managers, and business development managers in all industries to …

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Top 5 Courses in People Management

People management is a subset of human resource management and can be defined as a set of practices comprising of talent acquisition and retention, developing teams, and managing people as well as their performance. The courses mentioned below will help first-time managers as well as experienced managers to navigate through …

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Top 5 free Patent Law Training Courses

Patents are a form of intellectual property rights that give its owners exclusive rights over their invention. Patents are created to prevent others from the use or distribution of the invention for a certain period but requires public disclosure in exchange. Patents have become especially important today as inventions are …

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