5 Organizations Offering Animal Charity Jobs for Recent Graduates

Loving animals has always been easy, but stepping into the career field with the goal to improve animals’ welfare can be a bit daunting. But if your heart is in the right place and you know where to look, it is possible! Here are five organizations offering animal charity jobs for recent graduates:

Last Chance for Animals

Last Chance for Animals (LCA) is a non-profit animal advocacy organization located in the State of California since 1985. Since their founding they have focused on animal advocacy, investigating and exposing animal exploitation and cruelty. LCA is dedicated to eliminating animal cruelty through education, investigation, legislation and media attention.

This unique organization seeks to hire individuals to help further their mission of educating and bringing attention to the needs of animals that cannot help themselves. These roles can include investigators, case managers, social media managers, campaign managers and coordinators.


One of the most well-known organizations is the American Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). As one of the first humane societies to be established in North America, ASPCA is one of the largest organizations in the world. Their headquarters are located in New York City but manages to maintain programs throughout the country as a private funded not-for-profit corporation.

With such a large organization (2 million supporters), there are a number of jobs that can be found in this organization such as coordinators for foster care, communication directors and coordinators, admissions and match making managers, foster assistance, financial services administrators, relocation drivers and several veterinarian positions.

Wildlife Conservation Network

Established in 2002, the Wildlife Conservation Network’s objective has been to give effective conservationists the tools and resources they need to succeed. By working with other groups (Cheetah Conservation Fund, Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Project, Okapi Conservation Project, Save the Elephants, Small Wild Cat Conservation Foundation and Snow Leopard Conservancy), this organization has helped protect a number of species worldwide.

This organization has careers such as directors, campaign organizers, biologists, media managers, and more.

Best Friends Animal Society

For well over 30 years, Best Friends Animal Society is the nation’s largest no-kill sanctuary for animals. They have worked tirelessly to reduce the numbers of animals entering shelters through their many supporters and employees so that one day animals will no longer be killed in America’s shelters. By operating spay/neuter and trap-neuter-return programs, Best Friends has improved the health and lives of many animals.

Best Friends Animal Society offers the following kinds of jobs: dog caregiver, cat caregiver, community program coordinator, network engineers, security engineer, veterinary technicians, front desk agents, housekeepers, foster program coordinators, and many more positions. Given the size and satellite locations of this organization, there is a wide range of job opportunities.

Michigan Anti-Cruelty Society

Since 1935 the Michigan Anti-Cruelty Society has provided refuge to stray, injured or forgotten animals by promoting humane education, initiating affirmation legislative action, and working to provide sheltering and adoption services.

This organization is stationed in Detroit, Michigan but provides plenty of entry-level positions such as animal caregivers and facilities workers, with the potential of growth within the organization to positions such as adoption and care coordinators or shelter management.

Working with animals is a career that is both fulfilling and heartwarming. There is no doubt that as organizations grow, so will the demand for employees with new and different skills. You will often find that it is not what you know that makes you a valuable employee, but rather what you are willing to do and if you are willing to learn new skills. Organizations will grow and change with time, but their overall missions and views will not. At the end of the day, it is about the lives being saved after all.