Top Employers for Artificial Intelligence Jobs


This company develops algorithms, software and hardware used for self-driving vehicle technology. Their technology enables cars to utilize line of site for humans, automobiles and other objects on the road. Aeye’s relevance will be sustained as driverless cars become more popular. These types of automobiles are popular with delivery and pick-up services and regular consumers. The types of jobs they offer are mainly engineering positions such as electrical engineering and system engineering. More specifically, systems test engineers are the individuals that develop the hardware and software for these driverless cars


This company utilizes artificial intelligence to broaden keyword searches for investment firms, banks and other fortune 500 companies. The searches focus on financial information such as earnings reports, SEC filings and other relevant content pertaining to the financial world. AlphaSense’s future will be predicated on information provided to major financial companies. This can ensure they will have a place in the artificial intelligence arena for quite some time. The types of careers they offer include Account Executives for investor relations and software engineering positions.


This popular company utilizes artificial intelligence that are built on consumer products. This feature brings intelligent voice server services such as Alexa into the home. Amazon is a company that’s been around for over 20 years and with the ever-changing technology it utilizes to deliver products and services to consumers, there’s no sign of this company slowing down. The positions they offer include Senior Software Engineers and Research Scientist. Both positions focus on developing and creating AI solutions for consumers and businesses.

Blue River Tech

This tech company combines artificial intelligence and computer vision to deliver smart farm technology. With the smart technology, farming equipment can detect plants and effectively discern a weed from the actual plant. This is effective when applying herbicide to the weeds only. The artificial intelligence feature applied to farming equipment can ensure this company’s services for the future. Consumers continue to have growing concerns over the quality of food they receive from farms which makes this service essential for the future. The types of careers this company offers includes Machine Learning scientist and Field Data Capture Specialist.


This company is an artificial intelligence company that specializes in AI powered legal searches. The search engine feature specializes in gathering court case precedents and laws pertinent to legal cases. The artificial intelligence features of this service allows attorneys and lawyers to complete their research faster than with traditional search options. The future of this company is sure to be bright due to artificial intelligence features that allows attorneys to complete legal research in a shorter time.The artificial intelligence jobs for this company include Attorney Editor. This person is responsible for creating the content for the artificial intelligence features.


This company builds artificial intelligence apps for the health care, insurance, financial services and digital commerce industries. CognitiveScale offers AI problem solving solutions for business experts in their respective fields. With their features, this artificial intelligence system is able to analyze customer engagement, employee productivity and AI risk management. Their ability to help companies gain value and operationalize their artificial intelligence gives them a stronger platform for the future. The careers they offer include Applied Machine Learning Scientist, Lead Solutions Engineer and other marketing positions.


Cloudminds develops human augmented robotics intelligence for robotic platforms. In essence, they combine machines with a human element. In some scenarios, the robots can be controlled by humans. This robotic technology is ever-changing an ever-evolving which ensures its place in the AI industry for years to come. The types of positions they have available include Lead Cloud robot operator and sales manager.


DataVisor uses artificial intelligence to detect fraud and financial crimes. This technology protects companies from account takeovers and fake account creation. It is an essential tool for money laundering and fraudulent transactions in the financial industry. With money laundering and financial fraud being a hot topic for the financial and banking industry, this artificial intelligence technology is sure to have a substantial position in the artificial intelligence industry. They have careers in engineering, marketing and product design. More specifically their jobs include Big Data Platform Engineer and Financial Consultant.


This Google based company uses artificial intelligence to research everything from climate change, healthcare and finance. Their artificial intelligence platform uses systemic AI features that solve problems. With the software’s ability to screen for breast cancer, predict eye disease and research neuroscience topics, Deepmind develops AI solutions to help companies with long-range planning and analysis. With the invention of AI solutions, this company is making advances in scientific discoveries that are beneficial for the environment and personal health. They offer careers in research, engineering and science and have experts in the program management field for operational development.


This company uses artificial intelligence to spot signs of cancer earlier than with traditional methods. With this AI technology, users are able to conduct cancer screenings and diagnostic testing. By using non-invasive blood testing, this technology recognizes certain patterns to assess treatments. This next generation technology helps to detect cancer in its earlier stages which allows doctors to increase the likelihood of patient survival rates. The positions available at Freenome include Clinical Trial Manager and Senior Computational Biologist.


Google’s footprint in the AI industry has clearly set them apart as a leader in artificial intelligence. Their efforts are deeply invested and furthering AI capabilities and improving services. They implement useful technology by providing it on a large scale for the benefit of everyone. Their research team continues to make advancements in the area of AI that empowers individuals worldwide. Google offers careers for Research Scientists and Software Engineers.


This company has been a leader in the AI industry since the 1950s. More recently, they are concentrating their artificial intelligence efforts for cognitive services. Their artificial intelligence platform is the IBM Watson. With this technology, IBM is steadily transforming entire industries. One prime example is the fantasy football league. The IBM Watson platform is helping fantasy football businesses take their teams to the next level. Their services help companies create value for consumers. Their list of positions include Application Developers, Package Specialist and Back End Developers.

Iris AI

This artificial intelligence platform helps individuals search scientific words and other research findings for relevant information. It helps to refine searches and minimizes manual efforts. Iris AI allows researchers to search through an enormous amount of papers and patents to find the right document that’s pertinent to current research efforts. Iris AI offers positions in sales and research. More specifically, they currently have Business Developer positions available who are responsible for client interaction in contract negotiations. Research Engineer is another position that is available and is responsible for conducting fundamental research for artificial intelligence.


Microsoft has numerous consumer and business artificial intelligence projects. For consumers, Cortana is a digital assistant that comes with the Windows platform. They are incorporating this AI feature into smartphone usage. The smart features of this AI platform incorporates verbiage to simulate how teenagers speak. The Azure cloud platform has artificial intelligence services such as bot services, machine learning and cognitive services. Microsoft offers careers in Business Development, IT Operations, Sales and other professions. In the IT related field, the position of Service Engineer is available. This position is for any individual that is driven by technology and eager to work on artificial intelligence concepts.

One Model

One model is an artificial intelligence platform that assists human resource departments in how they handle employees, career pathing, recruiting, payroll and all other matters pertaining to human resources. It is also an excellent AI platform for human resource engagement and overall HR effectiveness. This platform enables individual HR technology to be scalable and applicable to a company’s hiring and people management services. Their list of jobs include Data Science Engineer and Business Intelligence Analyst.


Salesforce is an artificial intelligence platform that helps employees perform tasks faster and more efficiently. This AI platform allows companies to consolidate their marketing, sales and commerce with the entire technology suitet. Other functions within the company that can be included in Salesforce includes the technology and service sectors. Companies continue to use Salesforce as a means to grow their businesses for future development. They have jobs that include Senior Analyst, Senior Technical Program Manager and Software Engineer who’s responsible for designing and implementing major pieces of the Salesforce core database.


This company is a virtual personal assistant that allows users to incorporate multiple devices that help to predict the user’s needs. This allows the assistant to learn more about the user’s pattern of behavior and anticipate their needs in advance. Their services include digital assistants for cars and home devices. This type of technology is beneficial for busy individuals who are constantly on-the-go. It allows individuals to do much more with far less. The types of careers Sherpa has include Product Manager, Senior Java Developer and Senior Android Developer. All of these positions require experience and application development.

Sift Science

Utilizing one platform, Sift Science provides fraud management services that are consolidated on one platform. It uses thousands of data points to detect fraudulent behavior of customers. This allows businesses to grow their revenue while protecting their business. It is an unfavorable scenario for businesses to turn away customers, however, in today’s ever-changing environment for fraud it is necessary to have the ability to detect which customers are genuine and which are not. This science provides services that help businesses determine good customers from the bad ones. Their list of positions include senior machine learning engineer and senior software engineer.


This company uses artificial intelligence to fight cancer. It optimizes patient treatment by gathering large amounts of medical and clinical data. This data is used to provide the precise medical treatment based on individual patient need. The platform enables doctors to make quick decisions based on real time data to deliver personalized treatment and care for patients. Tempus has several positions available that include Data & Machine Learning Scientist, Translational Bioinformatics Scientist and Deep Learning Scientist.

Zebra Medical Vision

This artificial intelligence company claims that it can predict multiple diseases better than human accuracy by utilizing extensive medical images and specialized exam technology. It’s artificial intelligence platform is focused in the area of radiology. The company prides itself on taking patient care to the next level. With the increasing demand for medical imaging, Zebra Medical Vision is creating a demand in the medical and artificial intelligence industry. The list of jobs include positions in the R&D field that include Data Analyst, research Engineer and Senior Software Engineer.