PhDs in Agribusiness

If you are focused towards academic or corporate research careers in the field of Agribusiness and related disciplines, there are a number of PhD programs designed to prepare students for more specialized niches of study and research in this field. Universities from around the world offer a range of options for prospective PhD students like fully-funded PhD programs, financial assistantships, scholarships, and so on. Here is an overview of 10 such PhD programs that you can pursue for doctoral education in Agribusiness.

Ph.D. in Agribusiness and Managerial Economics | Texas A&M University, Texas, United States

Texas A&M University, in collaboration with Mays Business School, offers Ph.D. in Agribusiness and Managerial Economics. This PhD program requires students to complete a core course work in applied economics and a chosen course work in any of the four fields-Finance, Marketing, Management, and Supply Chain Management. The former is done through the Agricultural Economics Department of The Texas A&M University, whereas the latter is completed through the Mays Business School.  The completion of this program provides the students with the ability of application of analytical skills in the economic and business disciplines of the agribusiness sector.

The successful completion of this doctoral program is achieved through preliminary and final examination, research and dissertation. The field of research to be undertaken should be agreed upon by the student’s advisory committee, formed by no more than 4 faculty members. Approval of the research proposal, examination evaluation, and the dissertation is all done by the advisory committee.

International Ph.D. Program for Agricultural Sciences in Göttingen | The University of Göttingen, Germany

The University of Göttingen, officially known as the Georg August University of Göttingen is a historic public research university, also reputed for its contribution to agricultural sciences. International PhD for Agricultural Sciences is a high-value program, through which students conduct impactful research, mainly in their home countries. Concentrating on the basic principles of natural sciences, production technology, and the economic and social structure of agriculture, the program studies the current and future state of agricultural production along with its effect on society, economy, and environment.

The first year of the three year long program features courses conducted to prepare the students on the methodology of the research. After that, students execute data collection or on-field research on their home countries or at the university itself. Lastly, in the last year, data evaluation is followed by the dissertation period. Overall, the program is divided into six semesters.

Ph.D. in Agri-Environmental Economics | University of Kent, Canterbury, United Kingdom

This PhD program in Agri-Environmental Economics, offered by the University of Kent is directed towards the production of qualified economists for the Agribusiness and environmental industries. Leading researchers in the field of agricultural economics, developmental economists, macroeconomics, and environmental economics make up the faculty. Additionally, each student is given individual supervision by a research-active staff member.

This four-year long program offers its candidate the opportunity to engage in assistantships and teaching activities as well. Hence, the program can open several career prospects of research as well as academic engagement in the economic aspect of the agribusiness supply chain.

Doctor of Philosophy-Agricultural Sciences | The University of Melbourne, Australia

The University of Melbourne, through The Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences, offers this PhD program which helps the candidates specialize in a key research area through research and thesis. This program offers an opportunity for both, students aspiring for higher qualifications and existing professionals in the industry to increase their career as well as earning potential by enhancing creativity, independence, and academic leadership.

This program offers a true learning experience to its candidates throughout the 4 years of study and research. The cost of the program is around $32,000 per year for international students. However, they are eligible to applying for both the Australian government and faculty scholarships and stipends.

PhD in Agronomy & Agro-ecology | Montpellier Supagro, France

Montpellier Supagro is a higher education and research public institution focusing primarily on the fields of Agriculture, Food, and Environment and offers PhD programs on several themes under these disciplines. This specific PhD program is aimed at the economic as well as the ecological aspect of the agribusiness industry. The program offers training and practical experience in high-end researches within large companies, institutions, and organizations.

This 3-year long program is carried out in close collaboration with other leading universities and research organizations and thus, students are exposed to knowledge and experiences of multidisciplinary fields.

Ph.D. in Agricultural and Resource Economics | Colorado State University, United States

Agribusiness management and finance is one of the key specializations of the Department of Agricultural and Resource economics of the Colorado State University. This PhD program has either agricultural economics or natural resource economics as the major areas of study to choose from and offers a variety of employment and financial aid opportunities for prospective candidates in this program. Successful completion of this program provides the ability to develop and execute innovative research programs as well as an academic career in teaching undergraduate and graduate-level courses.

The program is divided into seventy-two credits course and a dissertation of original research work.

Ph.D. program in Agricultural Development Studies | The University of Tokyo, Japan

The University of Tokyo offers Ph.D. programs in many research components- related to agricultural and natural sciences, management, and economics- under the International Program in Agricultural Development Studies (IPADS). This transdisciplinary program tries to close the gap between large scale agribusiness industries and smaller farmers by providing opportunities for research across multiple fields that constitute the fundamentals of agricultural development studies. Students from diverse locations, culture, and academic disciplines are engaged in this interactive course and given supervision of one or more of the faculty’s staff according to the research interest of students.

The PhD students take 20 or more credit points including IPADS advanced research seminars(8 credits) and IPADS PhD Research(8 credits).

Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics | University of Saskatchewan, Canada

This program offers an advanced learning experience of the advanced theoretical and empirical methods of applied economics in relation to the real-world agriculture and food industry problems. Students interested in the field of agribusiness can conduct research in farm business management, supply chain management, agri-food marketing, and agricultural production economics among many other specializations offered by the university department. Top-level research facilities and departmental relationships across a number of fields provide a unique opportunity to connect students and their research programs with other disciplines.

The program takes around 3 years to complete and costs around $5,000 per academic year. However, several scholarships and funding are provided for eligible candidates.

PhD in Agricultural Production & Food Sciences | Wageningen University and Research, Netherland

Wageningen University & Research is a public research university located in the Food Valley region of Netherland which combines the Wageningen University and a former agricultural research institute of the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture. Thus, the four-year PhD it offers focuses on the PhD research project under which students propose a research topic, set-up and plan the research, perform the research, write and publish it under the supervision of academic staff. This leads to thesis and publications. Along with the research, candidates engage in several training and education activities including courses, conferences, seminars, and workshops which help them to widen their knowledge and skills as well as increase exposure to the international scientific community.

Students choose their preferred PhD or research topic and are enrolled in one of the six graduate schools specializing in a specific research field.

Ph.D. in Sustainable Agriculture and Food | University of Warwick, United Kingdom

This PhD program is a fully-funded program under the Midlands Integrated Biosciences Training Partnership (MIBTP) program offered by the University of Warwick, which is a public research university for higher education. Sustainable agriculture and food is one of the MIBTP themes which primarily address the production and supply challenges of the required quality and quantity of safe and nutritious food. The program offers expertise in Plant and crop science and Agri-systems for candidates especially interested in Agribusiness careers among research expertise including microbial food safety, soil science, and animal health.

The program is flexible in terms of choosing a research project and also provides most of the fees, stipends, allowances, and other services required for the successful completion of the program.