5 Agtech Startup Accelerator Programs You Should Know

Agriculture has greatly evolved over the years to provide food for the increasing human population.  As one of the earliest occupations known to humans, new branches of agriculture have emerged in our contemporary society.

“Agtech” or “Agritech” is a relatively new field of Agriculture that has become important and essential for Ag-survival. Agtech, just like the name implies, is concerned with the utilization of modern technology to solve agricultural problems faced in order to increase food production.

Agtech startups are springing up to fill the technological void in the agricultural sector but just like other startups, Agtech startups need adequate support in funding, networking, and experience to flourish.

Many startups do not survive their first five years because of lack of support. Accelerator programs help startups to develop properly without the fear of failing in their first five years. Accelerator programs also help startups to grow at a speedy but effective rate.

Below are five popular agtech startup accelerator programs to look out for.

Thrive Accelerator Program

Thrive accelerator program partners with SVG ventures to help seed stage agtech startups from all areas of the agricultural value chain to grow.

This program supports seed stage agtech startups by giving them the opportunity to access corporate partners.

Agtech startups can take advantage of the high-profile network that partnering with Thrive accelerator offers. High profile networks are important to startups who seek investment opportunities, technical validation, and adoption.

Thrive accelerator program also grants agtech startups access to thousands of farmers for their field trials. The accelerator program has more than 6000 active farmers in its network.

Apart from providing opportunities where agtech startups can meet with potential investors, “thrive accelerator” also invests directly in Agtech startups. Thrive accelerator invests up to $75,000 in agtech startups.

Thrive accelerator program also offers founders of agtech startups the opportunity to meet with expert who will mentor them until their startups are able to stand firmly. Associating with Thrive accelerator is essential to agtech startups that want to  create a good brand image. Thrive accelerator is an award-winning accelerator program which gives prestige to agtech startups that associate with it.

Thrive accelerator is not limited by territorial barrier, it is a global agtech accelerator program.

Sprout Accelerator

The major objective of Sprout accelerator is to fuel the next generation of agtech startups.

Sprout accelerator supports agtech startups that are committed to finding solutions to agricultural problems that affect the world today.

Sprout accelerator focuses on four important areas. Sprout’s first area of focus is to help agtech startups create high margin business models. Sprout does not encourage mediocrity so it encourages agtech startups to adopt business models that will be useful in the present and viable in the future.

The second focus area of Sprout is market channels. The accelerator helps agtech startups identify channels to market their goods or services. Sprout connects agtech startups with farmers and other stakeholders in the agriculture industry who need the goods or services of the agtech startup.

The third focus area of Sprout is building world class teams. The accelerator introduces agtech startups to high profile individuals and experts in the agricultural sector who would be instrumental to the success of the agtech startups. The importance of having an experienced team cannot be overemphasized if agtech startups do not want to face growth difficulties. Sprout helps agtech startups meet agtech professionals who help agtech startups build world class teams.

The fourth focus area of Sprout accelerator is investment readiness and capital raising. Sprout assists agtech startups to access funds from investors and raise capitals to support their new firms.

Grow Accelerator

Grow accelerator is the best agtech startup accelerator in South East Asia.

The accelerator invests in agtech startups in Asia, sets up and funds the ideas of agtech startup founders that can revolutionize global agriculture.

Grow accelerator helps agtech startups grow and achieve their potentials through effective coaching. The program enables startup founders to have access to world class coaches who support agtech startups with their experience and professional knowledge acquired over years.

Grow accelerator gives agtech startups in South East Asia access to global investors who are willing to invest in agtech startups and ideas in agriculture.

Grow accelerator gives a global platform to agtech startups in South East Asia. The accelerator connects agtech startups in South East Asia to global players and stakeholders in agriculture globally.

Grow provides an ecosystem where agtech startups thrive and succeed. Grow accelerator puts everything in place to ensure that Agtech businesses grow beyond their countries of origin and serve needs beyond their region.

Hassad Agritech Accelerator

Hassad accelerator run three separate programs yearly to support agtech startups.

Application for the summer program starts in August, the Winter program in December and the spring program in March.

Hassad agritech accelerator supports agtech startups and helps them access funding to expand their businesses.

The accelerator program creates a network where different agtech founders who hope to grow can meet with themselves and also meet with world class experts who will help them grow.

Hassad accelerator operates a validation bootcamp where agtech founders learn the most important lessons about running and financing agtech startups.

The bootcamp training is succeeded by the accelerator program where participants are expected to take advantage of the quality networks Hassad accelerator helps them build.

The accelerator program is followed by a post accelerator program which is exclusively for the funding of agtech startups.

At this stage, agtech startup founders that participated in the validation bootcamp and accelerator program can access funding from investors across the world.

Agrifutures Australia

Agrifutures is an Australian accelerator. Agrifutures invests in agricultural technology and innovations which proffer solutions to the challenges farmers face in Australia and across the world.

The accelerator provides funding and support to firms and individuals driving technological development in the agricultural sector. The accelerator is the brainchild of the Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation (RIRDC) , Australia.

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