Top 10 Self Empowerment Courses You Can Take Online

Self-empowerment also refers to self-development and self-reliance. It goes from managing your destiny to developing excellent interpersonal skills and more. Below are the top 10 online courses on self-empowerment with a shareable certificate from Udemy, Skillshare, Coursera, Futurelearn, and edx. They are available at a fee. Futurelearn, edx, and Coursera offer free versions with limited learning materials. Click on the link below each course to know their enrollment options and additional requirements.

1. Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness for Self love & Empowerment

Self-empowerment requires that you fully align your body, soul, and mind. Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness give you the power to reconnect with your inner self. Going for $ 29.99, this course prepares you for your next stage in life.

Claire Wilkinson will take you through different aspects of yoga and mindfulness and deepen your knowledge of them. She will also guide you through a holistic healthy eating plan besides sharing videos of yoga classes, guided meditations, and affirmations.

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2. Self Assessment – Developing Your Strengths

Aligning your passions with a viable career path enables you to take charge of your destiny. This self-paced and $149 course gives you an insight into how to select a career path that matches your preferences, goals, and personality.

Instructed by Jim Pautz, it will help you identify the roles and organizations that suit your strengths and create a professional development plan to achieve your career vision. You will learn to recognize your work style preferences and define your ambitions in a career vision statement.

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3. Introduction to Self-Determination Theory: Motivation, Development and wellness

Offered by the University of Rochester, this course focuses on the basic psychological needs that enhance high-quality motivation and wellness and what supports them in the social contexts. It requires approximately 21 hours completing it.

Professor Richard Ryan takes you through Self-determination theory with a special emphasis on how autonomy and competence affect behavioral persistence, quality relationships, and healthy developmental processes. He will also illustrate the practical applications of the Self-determination-Theory at work and in psychotherapy settings.

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4. Build Trust and Grow Your Self Confidence

A self-empowered individual is also a confident leader. Successful and confident leaderships require that you build trust in interpersonal relationships. This 4-week course will use an exercise called the DUO that emulates the mindset for building trustworthy relationships.

Delivered by Valerie Gauthier, it will take you through the premises of genuine dialogue, the key to effective communication, your first DUO, and the characteristics of a leader.

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5. Emotional Intelligence in Practice

Emotional intelligence contains a set of skills that can be nurtured over time. This four-week course features content from BigThink, and besides learning from experts in EQ such as Alan Alda, you will explore what constitutes emotional intelligence.

You will learn the four main domains of emotional intelligence including; self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management. Through them, you should be able to develop a mindset to innovate and empower yourself.

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6. Career Brand Development and Self-Coaching

This 15-hour course empowers you with skills such as self-assessment, skills management, self-coaching, competence, and competitiveness. All these will help you develop and strengthen the functional component of your career brand.

Among other concepts, you will learn how to develop and implement workable performance metrics for your career development activities and create and use your critical competency profile in assessing your competency gaps and competitive strengths.

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7. Professional Resilience

Offered by Deakin University, this course will enable you to develop a high level of professional and emotional resilience to thrive under stressful work and in general life situations. It’s a two-week course that requires 3 hours of weekly study.

Your instructors will help you build resilient capabilities and skills, self-care practices, and values and engagement. By the end of the course, you should be able to create a personal resilience plan and apply resilience frameworks in your professional career.

It’s endorsed by the CPD Certification Service.

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 8. Professional Development: Improve Yourself Always

Developed by Macquarie University, it will empower you with the skills to manage the ever-dynamic nature of the world of work today. Focusing on the nature of your self-development process helps you to continually develop your skills and abilities. It requires approximately 18 hours to complete.

Professor Paul Nesbit will take you through concepts like self-directed learning, self-reflection, self-change problems, and the action plan for personal change. By the end, you should be able to continuously develop and improve your capacity to learn and adapt.

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9. Build Self Control & Good Habits

Do you always desire to gain more power over your life? Well, this willpower course will show you how to stay focused on your personal and professional life by building self-control and good habits. Self-development also revolves around a healthy diet, body exercises, and other strong habits. It goes for $84.99

Your instructor is TJ Walker, and he will take you through mastering willpower fundamentals, which include how to develop and sustain strong health habits.

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10. Time Management: The Art and Skill

Seeing your future and planning for it accordingly requires that you manage time wisely to solve the most pressing problems more innovatively and pragmatically. This course will take 30 to 40 minutes of your time to make you understand the concept of time management and how it makes you a complete person.

Through the 40 min, you will learn about time wasters, best time management practices, how to complete what you’ve started, and others. If you feel lost and not focused on life, try this course.

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