5 Innovative TED Talks about Artificial Intelligence

Janelle Shane –The danger of AI is weirder than you think

Janelle Shane, who is an AI researcher, talks extensively about what she has termed as the danger of artificial intelligence. Surprisingly, the danger is not about how the technology is going against humans neither is it about harming us. But it is rather about how AI is capable of doing the exact thing that it has been designed to do. Using various easy-to-understand instances, she highlights the reasons why AI is still not as effective as the real brains. This Ted Talk lasts for over 10 minutes.

Kai-Fu Lee –How AI can save our humanity

This visionary Ted Talk focuses on the way we use AI today as well as how the US and China have continued to be the leaders in the application of deep learning to change the way the world works. Kai-Fu Lee provides a great idea on the way we can take advantage of creativity and compassion to become successful in today’s world that is being driven by AI. In this 15-minute talk, he notes that although AI will help us deal with routine jobs, it will let us realize the qualities that show that we are humans. Kai-Fu Lee is a computer scientist and investor.

Andy Chan – Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work

In this Ted Talk, Andy Chan kicks off his presentation with the definition of AI and sheds more light on its history. He dives deeper into the possible changes that AI will bring into the world as the technology becomes more applicable to various aspects of life. He cites examples of the future of work of AI in medical diagnosis, autonomous cars, communication, gaming and so on. Andy Chan is a leading professional who has worked in a couple of artificial intelligence companies.

Arnav Kapur – How AI could become an extension of your mind

TED Fellow Arnav Kapur takes advantage of this unique TED Talk to show the world his new invention, known as AlterEgo. As described by him, this wearable AI device has the ability to allow you to talk to other people without necessarily opening your mouth. This tool enables you to say anything you want silently, just like the imaginative voice that is in your head. Furthermore, Arnav Kapur explains the mechanism behind the functioning of this device and its possible ground-breaking impact on the communications between computers and humans.

Zeynep Tufekci – Machine intelligence makes human morals more important

In this 18-minute video, techno-sociologist Zeynep Tufekci takes a critical look at the ability of intelligent machines; thus, focusing on how these machines can fail without the patterns of human errors. During her smart talk, she cautions that the pattern of failure of intelligent machines will be unexpected and unprecedented. More so, she reminds everybody that machines are not meant to replace humans. Therefore, it is important for us to pay attention to the ethics and values that differentiate us from machines.

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